Demonstration: Epley Maneuver one way of treating positional vertigo

Have them sit in this position. We’re going to turn the head away. We’re going to put a pillow right in the thoracic region. I’m going to ask her to take a hold of my wrist, both hands, and keep your head turned and your eyes open and I’m going to lay her
straight back. Eyes are open. Let the head tilt and now
you get just slight extension and I’m going to watch for eye movement. Okay,
we’ll do this both sides with the head turned left, head turn right. Okay, so
take hold of my hand, back up we go, look straight ahead. To check the
opposite side, you turn to the right. Turn, turn, turn, turn and again same thing, let the head go. Eyes are open. Need to see what’s happening. Try to focus on one
point. Okay, come on back up. So, the maneuver’s going to be like this.
We’re going right back to the position that we tested in. We’re going to lay
straight back and we’re going to leave the head right there. Okay, you’re going
to relax. Going to stay in this position about a minute but we definitely want to
stay there until the eye movement has resolved. So, a minute in this position,
the eye movement has resolved. We’re going to turn to the opposite side. At
this point, never want to turn back. We’re always going to keep coming toward the
right. If it’s the left ear involved, we’re going to roll away from it. Same thing here.
Watch the nystagmus. Stay a minute. Now, you got your knees bent. You’re going to turn onto your right shoulder and put your nose right to the mat. So, basically
you’re about 270 degrees. One minute. Before I allow her to come up, I’m going
to gently do a little head shake. Try to help finish the procedure and then from that point keep your head turned. We’ll come back up. Keep it turned over that shoulder. Stay in front. To the front and tip down. And at that point, I’ll take, go
back and check it again and by and large most of the time we fixed it.

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