Delievering a Baby at Summa Barberton Hospital

This is my daughter Madison, she’s two weeks
old today, and she was delivered at Summa Barberton Hospital. Holding your baby for
the first time, there’s absolutely nothing like it, absolutely amazing, you’re just looking
at this little being that you created, that you had in your stomach for nine months, and
now they’re here, and they’re out, and you get to see them for the first time, and see
their little face, and their fingers. There’s just absolutely nothing like that. There are many reasons why expectant moms
choose to give birth at Summa Barberton Hospital. With one of the lowest C-section rates in
Ohio, Summa Barberton Hospital is one of the safest places to give birth in the region.
Offering spacious, comfortable, and private mother / baby rooms, Summa Barberton Hospital
has plenty of options for expectant mothers. I love my room, it was very big and open,
lot of space, my parents and my husband all slept there while I was in labor, so lots
of room. It almost didn’t feel like being in a hospital. Summa Barberton Hospital also offers the only
labor, delivery, and postpartum unit in the greater Akron area, which means new moms and
their babies remain in the same room throughout their entire stay. For women with low risk
pregnancies who wish to have a more natural birth experience, having a baby in a low risk
birthing room can be an attractive option. This program offers a more relaxed, family
friendly atmosphere, where medical intervention is kept to a minimum, and the entire family
can be included in the birth process, along with the security and peace of mind that comes
from knowing that medical intervention is just steps away if it is needed, comes the
freedom to work with your doctor to design your own unique birth experience. Other options include the use of a birthing
ball, and a portable hydrotherapy soaking tub to promote relaxation and reduce discomfort
during labor. Midwifery service is also available. There was a nurse while I was there that I
felt went above and beyond. I was having trouble nursing my baby, after she was born, and she
actually came in and sat with me for a very long time, in the middle of the night, and
just helped me get through it, helped madison do what she needed to do, helped me do what
I needed to do, and helped us kind of work through that together. Visitors can await the arrival of the newest
member of the family in our mother baby unit’s comfortable waiting area. Free wireless internet
and tv service are also available. Having a baby is totally awesome, having the
baby at Summa was just a totally great experience, and one that I would like to have again. Call 800 237 8662 today to schedule a tour
of Summa Barberton’s mother baby unit, register for a childbirth class, or to make an appointment
with a Summa obstetrician.

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