DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Miller Grove Primary Care

>>Eddie Whitehead, MD: I’m Dr. Eddie Whitehead
and I’m an internist working for a DeKalb Medical Physicians Group. My practice name
is Miller Grove Primary Care, located in Lithonia, GA. We have two providers in the practice,
Dr. Kinzi Shewmake who’s a family practitioner who relocated recently from Indiana, and also
Jerry Wilson who’s a physician assistant. Jerry has been with me for nearly 12 years.
He’s an excellent provider. He could probably run the place by himself if he had to.>>Dr. Whitehead: Dr. Shewmake does a lot of
women’s wellness care, which is a benefit as far as the practice is concerned, because
a lot of… especially our female patients, prefer a female provider.>>Jerry Wilson, PA-C: Dr. Whitehead is responsible
for a lot of the patients being here. He has such a rapport with his patients, and such
a history with them.>>Dr. Whitehead: Being a part of DeKalb Medical
Physicians Group allows us to concentrate on what I think we do best, and that’s patient
care. It’s a privilege for patients and their families to entrust their health and
well-being to us, and our practice, and we don’t take that for granted at all. We are
very interested in educating patients because we feel like that’s the hallmark, the cornerstone
if you will, initial patient care.>>Dr. Shewmake: Here in Lithonia there is
a lot of hypertension and diabetes. We do participate in local community fairs. We do
diabetic checks, we do blood pressure checks, and so we are doing our little bit to just
try and change the whole lifestyle of this community.>>Dr. Whitehead: It’s not work. As they
say, if you do something that you love doing, you’ll never work a day in your life, and
I’ve never worked a day in my professional life.>>Jerry: We put the patients first. So what’s
so nice about coming to Miller Grove Primary Care is, we’re not boring people. We like
to have fun. So when you come here, expect to laugh. Expect someone to listen to you,
give you what you need, and on the way out the door, there’ll be some handshakes, some
hugs, and see ya next time.

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