DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Lithonia Primary Care Convenient for South DeKalb Residents

>>Carmen Echols, MD: I’m doctor Carmen Echols
and I’m a physician at Lithonia Primary Care. We have four providers, including myself. Dr. Candace White is the newest addition to
the practice. She is very excited and very motivated to
be here. Nurse Practitioner Lee and Physician Assistant,
Ms. Pillot, both have quite a number of years of work under their belt. They, and Dr. White and myself work closely
together to make sure that patients get the best care possible.>>Candace White, DO: We treat a multitude
of conditions from acute to chronic, and we treat the whole person, from head to toe. I also empower my patients, and let them know
that they’re able to take charge of their health, and to help give them the tools and
resources to do so.>>Susan Lee, FNP: I’m the family nurse practitioner
here at Lithonia Primary Care. My job is to really get to know the whole
person, even if they’re coming in for a simple blood pressure check, they know that
I’m taking their whole well-being into the picture.>>Ebonique Pillot, PA: There’s somebody
for every need that we may have, so that’s very welcoming, and we’re all team oriented. Everybody with the same goal. Positive outcome, good experience for the
patient, as well as those who work there.>>Dr. Echols: Especially family medicine,
you never know quite what’s coming through the door, and every day is an adventure, so
every day I wake up looking forward to it.>>Dr. White: It’s very humbling, that physician-patient
relationship. And having that opportunity to take care of
patients, it’s a blessing, and I truly enjoy it.>>Nurse Lee: I have been very fortunate that
I continue to see some of the long-term patients, and then I get to continue to see their kids. That’s very, very rewarding.>>Dr. Echols: When a new patient comes to
Lithonia primary care, they can expect excellent service from the time that they check in to
the time that I see them in the exam room, as well as any future appointments they decide
to have at this office.>>Dr. White: Don’t be afraid to come to
the doctor. We actually care. And provide tools needed so that you can stay
out of the hospital and stay healthy, because it’s all about living a healthier lifestyle.>>Ms. Pillot: Our front-desk ladies, they’re
very open they’re very welcoming to each and every patient that comes in. All the way to our medical assistants. They’re very happy, they’re very helpful,
and we’re all working towards the same goal: to provide a great patient experience. That’s what I love about this clinic.

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