Deidre’s Story – Triplets – Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

(soft music) – I found out I was
expecting triplet girls. I was just totally shocked. I had to get the doctor
to point it out again, show me Baby A, Baby B,
and Baby C, all over again. I was having major complications
and had to be on bedrest. Totally disappointing to me, leaving my family and
being in the hospital for such a long time. Being here at Henrico
Doctors’ for three months was totally, absolutely, great. It was just like home away from home. All my activities, different things like
knitting, occupational therapy, getting out, going to the gift shop, it was not exactly what I expected. It was awesome. When my family came in to visit, the staff treated my family just as well, as if it was their family
or part of their family. During the delivery, I
was nervous, of course, delivering three babies at one time. The staff was so helpful
with staying by my side, all the way down to labor and delivery. They coached me. They guide me. They made sure I was comfortable, as well as prepping Dad
to be comfortable as well. The delivery went well. Everybody came out healthy. Of course, they were born two
months early ahead of time. My overall care after the
delivery was wonderful. I’d never seen so many nurses and doctors to come and greet you, and to make sure that you
are getting excellent care. I had people from labor and delivery that I’d never seen before
come up to the room, and to welcome me and the girls. During the girls’ stay in the NICU, we established a great
communication with the staff and the nurses there. They coached us with
trying to get prepared for the girls to come home. During our total stay
here at Henrico Doctors’ for four months, from bedrest to labor
and delivery to the NICU, we came across a lot of great doctors, a lot of excellent nurses,
and just overall, staff. The love, care, nurturing, support, even support when I got home,
and continued support now. With this overall experience, I had three healthy,
wonderful, beautiful girls, with the help and love, care and nurturing of Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. Thank you. (soft music)

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