Deepak Gupta, MD, Movement Disorders Neurologist, The University of Vermont Medical Center

I’m Dr. Deepak Gupta and I’m a
neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. The decision to go into medicine and
then neurology was essentially based on some personal experiences so having a
family member with Parkinson’s disease and you know, made it easy for me to decide
to become a neurologist and then a Parkinson’s disease specialist and that
also naturally translates to my approach to patient care. So when I see a new
patient or my patients in follow up, I always try to approach them and provide them individual care so I see them as a wholesome human being
rather than a patient with one or two diseases. And the second principle I
follow is that: I always think if I am in their place, what would I expect to
receive, how would I expect my physician to take care of me, or even that of my
family members. So I just remember that when I approach my patient and take care
of them and help them along with their family members. It’s a privilege to be working in an
academic medical centers such as the UVM Medical Center we not only have the
advantage of seeing patients with common diseases but also are able to take care
of patients with rare diseases. In addition, at an academic medical center, we can leverage all the possible resources one can have available. So
whether medical resources or social work or physical therapy; but importantly we
also have research resources whether latest diagnostic tests or clinical
trials. And to me as a physician scientist in the field of Parkinson’s
disease, I think that is very important. Because it allows me to not only help my
patients in terms of improving their symptoms but it gives me hope that one
day hopefully I can have helped cure their disease.

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