DEEP BREATH | Doctor Who Scene Reenactment

Where is the other one? There was another. Where is he? Where is the other? You will tell us, or you will be destroyed. Why did you say? –You will tell us.
–Yeah, I know… or what? You will die. Go on then… Do it. I’m not going to answer any of your questions. So you have to do it. You have to kill me. Threats don’t work unless you deliver. –You will tell us where the other one is.
–Nope. –You will be destroyed.
–Destroy me then. And if you don’t, I won’t believe a single threat you make from now on. Of course… If I’m dead, then, I can’t tell you where the other one went then. And you need to know. You need to keep this place down here a secret, don’t you? Never start with your final sanction. You got nowhere to go, but backwards. Humans feel pain. Bigger threat to smaller threat. See what I mean? Backwards. The information can be extracted by means of your suffering. Are you — are you trying to scare me? Because I’m already bloody terrified of dying. And I will endure a lot of pain for a very long time before I give up the information that is keeping me alive. How long have you got? All you can offer me is my life. What you can’t do is threaten it. You can negotiate! Okay, okay, okay. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes. I am crying. And it’s just because I am very frightened of you. And if you know anything about human beings, that means you… …are in a lot of trouble! We will not negotiate. You don’t have a choice. I’ll tell you what. I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine. We will not answer questions. We’ll take turns. I’ll go first. Why’d you kill the dinosaur? We will not answer questions. –Why did you kill the dino-
–We will not answer questions! Well, then, you might as well kill me because I’m not talking again unless you do. Within the optic nerve of the dinosaur is material of use to our computer systems. You killed that dinosaur for a spare part? No, hold on… You know what’s in a dinosaur’s optic nerve, which means you’ve seen them before… –Where is the other one?
–How long have you been rebuilding yourself?! Look at the state of you. Is there any “real you” left? What’s the point? We will reach the Promised Land. The… the what? The Promised Land? What’s that? Where is the other one?! I don’t know. But I know where he will be. Where he will always be. If the Doctor is still the Doctor… …he will have my back. I’m right, aren’t I? Please, please God. Say I’m right. Hello, hello. Rubbish robot from the dawn of time. Thank you for all of the information. Five-foot-one and crying. You never stood a chance. Stop it. That’s your power source over there, right? Feeble though it is, I can use it to blow this whole room if I see one thing that I don’t like. And that includes karaoke and mime, so take no chances. See Clara? I used that mask to disguise myself as a droid. Maybe you should have gotten a mask. Well, I didn’t have a lot of time! I was suddenly abandoned! Yes, I’m sorry. Actually, no I’m not. You’re brilliant on adrenaline. And you, sir. Way out of your depth. Never try to control a control freak. I am NOT a control freak! Yes, ma’am. Don’t forget to click below to subscribe to my unofficial YouTube channel.

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