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Morning! Erm, I hope you can hear me, it’s very loud… Welcome to a Day in the Life of a Medical Student video! Todaaay I got a lecture in the morning until 10 which is already a part of the new module haematology and oncology (blood & cancer). And then after my lunch break I got an exam about the last module, orthopaedics and traumatology Well actually it’s called something like “Basics of .. motion… injuriers and diseases” or so (Basic Interdisciplinary Overview on Injuries and Diseases of the Human Musculoskeletal System) Whatever, ortho. And afterwards I have a POL seminar, POL stands for problem-orientated learning. That’s in a group of 9 people, and you’re working on a patient’s case and then compare the results of your research a week later. What I’m doing in the evening I don’t know yet, probably something with my friends. I’m currently at Taubenmarkt in Linz, whenever it’s cold or rainy like today and I can’t go on my moped, I take the tram. It’s called “bim” here because of the sound it makes. And then I walk to uni which is the shortest way. Yeah. Enjoy ☀️ Are you still nervous? No comments in front of the running camera. Oh noooo Haha, oh yeah. When are they expiring? When are they expiring? Good question. Eeeer Okay, only 2021, New Year’s 2021. Good for consumption. I’ll leave the key here in case anyone gets hungry. (cue med student talk) When the children are like… And that’s… yeah so they’re coming in pronation and flexion. And you have to supinate and put your finger onto the radial head. And then you can put it back in. Wait how? Well, they’re coming like this and you have to do this. The reason for that is because the radial ligament with children is not yet in a cone-form so it luxates easier. It often happens when you take children like this and swing them around like that. I was sitting in the hall and realised that I legit haven’t eaten today. Give us advice! Flora: So generally not as sudden as at the end… Yeah, needs to be shorter. Even shorter, innit. Like a real stop. How do I do it at the very end? Pause or no pause? “Now I got a bellyache” brrrm Like, brrrm chuk Brrm chuk Next stop: Remise Km My mirror is still not up, hence why it’s so far down. Welcome to my bathroom, where there’s a hole in the wall :’) It’s half past eleven and I finally finally finally arrived home. Me, Jana and Flora decided to do a jam session and we recorded Billie Eilish’s “bellyache” and it sounds ffing amazing. I don’t come home that late every day, but three times a week I do. At least. Because I usually do stuff with other people in the evenings. Sorry for… that, I’m tired and I need to go aslee – what? I don’t come home that late every night, but most nights I kinda do. Depends. Exam was okay, We’ll see, I don’t want to say too much in case I didn’t pass but, yeah some questions were tricky, some were pretty easy. Now we’ve already started with haematology and oncology, we had the first lecture today and it was really cool actually. Tomorrow lectures in the morning again and then a practical in the evening, and during lunch break I’m gonna go gym with Flora. Yeah, sorry that I didn’t really talk much in this video, but I dunno, so much happened! And you can’t really film during POL because the group is so small and filming is just kinda not chill there haha. In POL you always have a patient’s case depending on what module you’re doing right now, so today we had (it’s made-up patients) Today we had a lady who had had a colon carcinoma in the past and now there’s metastases in the liver and that’s very suspicious for a returning colon carcinoma. Yeah, and next week we’ll compare what we found. What else… I need to go to bed, I’m tirreeed Thank you for your lovely response to my Freddie mercury Queen cover last week That was really nice, especially as with music or singing videos I’m always a bit like hrrng I don’t know if it’s good. My voice is not perfect and of course I can hear that, but yeah even nicer when people like it

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  1. Super Video! Kannst du auch mal einen Vlog drehen, wenn du lernen musst? Oder generell öfter Vlogs oder A Day in my lifes?☺️

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