Hey guys. I’m Siobhan, a 3rd-year medical resident. So you guys have asked me: what’s a normal day like when I’m not on call and I’m not there for 26 hours. So that’s what I’m gonna show you today, internal medicine, a regular day. Now it’s usually a little bit busier in the hospital, there’s more people around, so it is harder to film. So, let’s see. I will do my very best to bring you along for everything. Okay, so today I’m responsible for seeing new patients who come to the emergency department, who need admission. So the emergency doctors will consult us and say ”Okay, I think you guys from internal medicine need to see this patient and maybe admit them to the hospital.” That will be me and then we also see patients upstairs who are already admitted under our team. And I’m gonna be carrying 2 different pagers. One is the SMR pager and that’s a code blue pager. So if there’s a medical emergency it will go off and I’ll go running. And then I’m also carrying the team D pager. So if any of our patients need help, they can call me or any nurses or allied health professionals can get me on there. Okay, so we’ve got about 15 patients upstairs on the ward, so I’m gonna go up and see them now. *Pager goes off* Maybe I’m not. Okay, let’s see what that page is. Hi, this is Siobhan from Team D returning a page. How much bleeding? Okay, we’ll be right there. Thanks very much. Okay. Bye. So this is a middle-aged man who’s coming in with bloody diarrhea and a painful abdomen. Sounds like he hasn’t been traveling recently and maybe this has happened before, so I’ll get the whole story from him and we’ll go from there. After scanning through the patient’s blood work now it’s time to go and find him in the emergency department. I walk into the room and I find a middle-aged man sitting on the bed looking pretty uncomfortable. He tells me that he’s had abdominal pain and diarrhea on and off for a few months. And that actually his wife has been telling him to go to the doctor for a long time. Just recently, he started having bloody stools and that really scared him, so he came to the hospital. So at this point the diagnosis still isn’t clear. It could be infection, it could be inflammatory bowel disease, even cancer. So I’m ordering a CT of the abdomen, stool cultures and blood work and unlike in TV shows, we won’t actually get the results until later today or even tomorrow for some of the tests. * Pager goes off* Code blue, level 0 Diagnostic Imaging. I think after that code blue, I deserve to take an elevator. Anyway, so code blue went well. It was because the patient was having a seizure and I suspect that this seizure was probably due to alcohol withdrawal. So we gave a lot of benzodiazepine to help calm that down and then move the patient to a monitored setting. So ehhh… Okay, back to work. I’m gonna follow up on the patients upstairs on the ward and just keep on going. Alright, so back from the emergency department. Now I’m up on the ward and I can actually see some of our patients who are admitted. The first one that I’m gonna see is someone who has a bacterial infection in their blood that has gotten stuck on to their heart, so it’s called bacterial infective endocarditis. So I want to see if his blood cultures are still positive today. And so far there’s been no growth in the last 24 hours, so looks like things are going in the right direction. And we’re gonna continue on with the antibiotics. So we’ll actually see how he is feeling. Oh shoot… I had a feeling. First case of influenza this season. So guys, flu season is officially upon us. Actually a good reminder, I need to get my flu shot this week. I hope you guys do as well. Because I always think about it like yes, I’m doing it to protect myself. But I’m also doing it so that I don’t get the flu and pass it on to people who can’t fight it off themselves, like babies or your grandparents or people going through chemotherapy and who are immunocompromised. That’s who we’re trying to help. So anyway, highly recommend it! This patient needs some Tamiflu and some more puffers, because she’s pretty wheezy and now we’re just waiting for her to get a bit stronger so she can go home. It’s 11:02, I’m running late for multidisciplinary rounds. The focus of this meeting is to consider what barriers are keeping patients in the hospital and how we can set them up for success at home. That could be housing concerns, nursing support at home or even added physical support to help prevent falls. So taking care of patients is a lot more than just CT scans and prescribing medications. Okay, so… This next patient is a lovely lady who originally came in for a pneumonia. But while she was here, we realized that she was really struggling at home. She’s having a lot of falls and so we’re trying to find to her a nursing home placement, where she’ll be a bit safer and get her needs met. So it sucks that she’s got to be here for so long waiting for a bed, but she’s bubbly. I honestly I always love stopping by and seeing her. So it’s 1 o’clock now and I actually have a meeting. It is not typically what I do at 1 o’clock. But I have a really interesting opportunity to be able to go visit Guyana and I’m hoping that I can vlog and actually show you guys the experience what the medical system is like. So fingers crossed that this works out. I’m really excited about it! This was a great meeting. It looks like this trip is actually gonna happen, I’m so excited. And what the best part is, I think that I’m gonna be able to bring you guys along. Ok no more that fun. Back to the emergency department, looks like we’ve got a couple more patients to see now. One of them is an elderly woman who’s coming in really confused from a nursing home. They’re not quite sure what’s causing it and she’s become really disruptive and they’re worried about her safety, so that can be challenging because anything can set someone off from constipation to infection, so we’ll go and chat with her and figure out what’s happening. I’m gonna tell you that it feels good to be done at this point. But though the life of a resident is not done yet. Now I go home and I’ve got to study for a couple of hours, because I’m writing the Royal College Exam for internal medicine in about 5 months and already we start to study pretty intensely. So…. This is my crazy life, I don’t know. If you guys want to see more about it, if you’re interested in seeing what medicine is really like, then don’t forget to subscribe and send me questions below because I love to hear from you guys. Otherwise, I’ll be chatting be with you in the next video. So bye for now!


  1. People where I live (in India) don't usually get flu shots so if we get the flu we're like "aw shit here we go again."

  2. It's so cool to see what goes on in the hospital. I've been in the ER, and feel badly for the workers there. I appreciate what you guys do.

  3. flu shot in ontario is only available for high risk patients at the moment aka doctors or people that work with elderly people and elderly or immune compromised patients regular public will be able to get them start/mid November

  4. You're cute as hell! xD I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic and just got off a 60-hour shift. Got 2 of those this week, lucky me! 120 hours! LOL. Got a question (if you dont mind Doc). Ive had the Flu like 3-4 times this year, and ive had the flu shot (from last year). Would it be beneficial to get it again? Because it didn't really work last time LOL.

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  9. Having survived two cancers. (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and Thyroid Cancer), 3 strokes one moderate and two small. Double pneumonia twice and a bone marrow transplant, i could never have gotten through all of this if it wasn't for my doctors and team. Thank you for what you do.

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    I would also love if u did a video on how Mac does med school different and how pbl helped you learn.

  13. I love watching your videos!!!! I love the medical field (I am on the animal side of the things). I learn a lot from your videos and I hope the trip to Guyana works out for you!

  14. I never got the flu shot until I was informed about herd immunity and I realized it's not about me–it's about the people I care about and society as a whole.

  15. Got my flu jab this week too. They're in short supply in the UK (people say it's nothing to do with Brexit but I'm not convinced :P). Thinking of doing some day in the life vlogs on my channel and using yours for inspiration 🙂

  16. Just wondering, if a patient wants to be on your channel to talk to us, are you allowed to do that or not because of confidentiality? Always wondered 🤔 sorry if I sound silly

  17. Hi Siobhan,
    It is so lovely to watch your videos….they are so inspiring and motivating.Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I am 1 year medical student and doing MD1 from LAU Guyana.
    It would be my pleasure to interact with you in real life.
    Thank you
    Harsh Vardhan Singh

  18. I'm a student psych nurse in BC and I just recently finished my med/surg clinical placement. Really neat to see how similar the care and facilities are across the board!

  19. Well I got the flu after I took a flu shot,,,please please don’t give that advice. I’ve never been so sick for so long,,,

  20. Do you ever have days where you wondered what the heck was I thinking joining medicine? And then the very next day you're like "oh this is why!"

  21. Treatment for alcohol withdrawal: 1.) Rule out any medical complications (eg. hepatic dysfunction, Wernicke's encephalopathy) by physical exam and lab test. 2.) Start benzodiazepine taper for withdrawal symptoms. Lorazepam, temazepam, or oxazepam should be used if the patient has liver dysfunction. 3.) Give multivitamin (before Glucose) and folate. Counsel that Alcoholic's get depleted of this nutrients very important for most alcoholic's do not eat properly. Correct electrolyte imbalance abnormalities. 4.) Check vital signs and give fluid replacement if necessary. 5.) For patients with an alcoholic seizure history, give anticonvulsants and avoid neuroleptics, which decrease threshold. 6.)Alcohol dependence recommend group therapy. Caution that although bartenders make the best psychologists they might get temped to drink.

  22. Omg I have a question for you so I have been coughing for about 3 months now I’ve been to the hospital 3 times the last time they asked me if I had asthma and I told them that no and now I’m worried because I’ve tried everything and it won’t go away can you please help thank you

  23. Im only 11 and love your videos. I have been watching you since your 1st year. Know i got to go to my hospital and get to help people with transport and getting things in the ER.

  24. Omg! Thank you! I totally forgot to get my flu shot last week! Set a reminder to get it when i got pick up my medications later today!

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  26. Okay I had the flu shot last year. I ended up with the flu which caused pneumonia and sepsis. After a week on a ventilator I woke up.

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    Trying to be a future CRNA 🙂

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