Day in the Life of a DOCTOR: Vlogging IN HOSPITAL (26 hour call shift)

Morning guys today’s Friday Basically, I’m on Friday, and then I’m on Sunday again so today. I do a normal day of work I stay I’ll call after 5:00 p.m.. See in the hospital Leave in the morning, and so I’m gonna try something new and to document while I’m there and you guys can see what it’s like So I just got down to lobby my building and I realized that some of you might be wondering Why am I wearing a black zip-up and not the scrub that you normally see? but we’re actually given the option to wear full scrubs our top and bottom or To wear you know part scrubs And if you want to wear your own bottoms like some people will some black pants in the bottom I personally like to have comfy Scrub bottoms, and it just feels more like a pajamas all day Probably one really really good thing about call Alright, now. I really really have to go to hospital So just finished attending Grand Rounds which is basically when you go when you listen to a lecture by a Specialist and med students residents and most of the staff actually attend as well So just did that now. I’m heading upstairs going to meet with my team to make a plan of the day All right So we just divided up the list so basically we know who’s going to be seeing who? I’m heading down to the emergency department to see a new patient that was admitted overnight And I head back up to the wards to see some other patients and I’m new to the team so I’m learning everyone For the first time which is always kind of fun, but a little bit extra work So I just saw that patient and she’s doing really well So I actually just sent her home sent up prescriptions and dictated notes so you have to talk into the phone and then Transcription services writes up a note, which is really nice and a time saver so that note will go to a family doctors So family doc who knows what’s been going on? anyway now going back to the ward and Off to see the next patients that is kinda how the day goes. Lots of stairs duing the day You get some of your exercise in which is good Because when I’m on call there is no way to go to the gym honestly really hard to be active sometimes so I just finished seeing the five six patients that are assigned to me this morning and I Think they’re going a little too easy on me because i’m new to the team and all the patients are new to me so it takes a little bit more time to review and to get to know them and what their issues are so Now I’m just in our resident locker room and getting some food before going for some teaching Which we have from noon until 1:00 every day, which is awesome to get some dedicated teaching time each day All right, so I just finished getting handover, so I’m now carrying pager for another team so I’m officially covering two teams Plus my own personal pager if I get called to go and do something And now I’m gonna take this minute where no one’s page me yet to go and check out my call room So let’s go check it out So usually I just put my key on my lanyards, and then I don’t lose it when I get called in the middle of the night So let’s see what this room looks like all the rooms always a little bit different Oh excellent I actually get a bathroom not all the rooms have that and This is basically in a patient room or the same layout as a patient’s room although We get wood bed get a phone so I can answer pages sadly this room does not have um a computer so that sucks but overall I cannot complain this is not bad at all So i’m in my call room. I figure I just show you I usually wear this black zip-up. I pretty much wear it every single day I’m on call and just throw in the wash after Usually it gets cold in the middle of the night Got my lanyard and my key is attached to it so that If I have to run out of the room in the middle of the night I won’t get locked out Stethoscope my two pagers I’m really lucky tonight because I have a medical student with me So I don’t have three pagers like I usually do Yay! And I usually basically just walk around with my bag keep all my stuff in there Little cheat sheets and notes so that I know what to do if the patient is really sick That’s about it got my scrubs on the bottom ready to go start the evening Oh man it’s actually bad signs it’s only like 6 p.m. and I’m already feeling tired I think sometimes I get really dehydrated at the hospital, so I’m gonna have some water, eat some dinner And then I’ll be ready whenever the first console comes I’ll get paged and I’ve go down to the emergency department and basically assess a patient and see if they need to get admitted to hospital and if they need to get admitted, then I need to try to figure out what’s wrong with them and give them a diagnosis and start treating them, so it’s kind of fun part but it’s not always fun when it’s super late at night Few moments later So well sometimes. I’m good about actually bringing food to the both days (Pager Beeping) Ah man in the middle of my food so that’s what it’s like when a pager goes off super loud and super annoying okay, looks like I’ve got a consult in the emergency department didn’t even get to finish my sandwich, but I’m gonna go down. Hopefully it’s something interesting, so we’ll see All right, so now it’s 8:45 I just finished an admission in the emergency department It’s actually a really interesting case then some other little things came up on the ward you know patients with abdominal pain One family one an update and patient is
fairly sick, so I you know is happy to call them and let them know what was going on So now I’m finally back in my room, and I’m gonna finish that sandwich for dinner All right, it’s 11 p.m.. Now and During this time I’ve probably had three or four pages From the ward that I could deal with in my room Just able to do it over the phone. Which is really nice. But now I have another Consult, so I’m heading down to the emergency department to see a patient Honestly feeling really tired But I’ll wake up especially once I get down there and see the patient I’ll be as awake as I can All right so it is now 3:15 in the morning I’m actually super wired I just was dealing with a patient in the emergency department who had an overdose and so I think when it is stuff like that which is exciting and you’re thinking and you’re actually involved We’re putting in arterial lines For me, and it keeps me way more alert and I don’t know, engage and so I don’t really notice what time it is so Finally I think back to my call room now And Which is nice and so I’m just going to Take a nap and we’ll see if I get called down to the emergency department again In the meantime there’s you know been a bunch of different calls From the wards dealing with little things, but the biggest issues have been the emergency department today so yeah exciting learned a whole bunch and Met some really nice make patients but bed sounds really good too Good morning, so it’s 7:30 a.m.. Right now and honestly I’m so shocked because I just got like four hours of sleep without being interrupted at night, which is Unheard of when you’re on call, so I’m not sure what I did to be treated so well But I’m really happy I feel fantastic and now I just have to go downstairs to meet with Staff physicians who are coming into the morning and we hand over and tell the story about the new patients we admitted to our teams And then I meet up with some of the residents and just let them know what kind of overnight issues we had So that they can be aware that when they’re seeing the patients in the morning So I probably won’t get out of here for another hour, hour and a half but Compared to usual I’m feeling great one eternity later Finally out of the hospital walking home now. Honestly. It feels so good to be out getting fresh air makes me feel more human again So on a really tough call day. You know there’s a chance that you won’t get any sleep for 26 hours It was amazing to get four hours straight But I guess to put it into context still work for about 21 hours And then I got four hours of sleep, and it felt glorious So normally I go home, and I go to sleep right away. I’ll probably do the same thing again because if I don’t Guaranteed I will be exhausted later in the day, and I’ll just crash so I’ll take a nap But I think I can actually get something done today, and enjoy the day. It’s beautiful day so pretty nice Finally made it home It feels so good to be back, but the thing is I’m actually on call again tomorrow So I was just on call Friday night today’s Saturday morning, and I’m on call again Sunday until Monday morning So it’s sort of a brutal weekend anyway I should definitely get a lot of rest because I go through it all again tomorrow. It was actually really fun documenting and sharing With you guys throughout the day, so let me know if you like this kind of vlog style It’s yeah, it’s fun. I can imagine doing this again, so let me know what you think if you have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and comment below To let me know what you think so I will chat you guys later and good night

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