Day in the Life of a DOCTOR: NIGHT SHIFT!

Hey guys, I’m Siobhan a second-year medical resident today is a huge day for me. It’s my first day on night float basically what that means I’m gonna be going in tonight and I’ll be the most senior medical resident on call so Actually the most senior doctor for the internal medicine service in the hospital Basically, that means that I’m gonna be responsible for all the new patients that come in from the emergency department and get admitted to internal Medicine and honestly since I was in medical school, I looked at the residents on night float and thought wow They just know Everything they can handle anything. I had such confidence as a medical student and I’m totally having impostor syndrome right now. I’m like am I as good as those presidents were oh my gosh Can I handle this? Honestly, I think it’s just that nervous excitement that happens before you try something new All right, so let’s head to the grocery store I want to pick up food for myself overnight But then I also want to get some snacks for the team because there’s nothing that boosts morale like some free food in the middle of the night when you’ve been working for like 20 hours. So let’s go do that now I figured I would walk. It’s probably the only time I’m actually going to be outside today Oh, wow, this is the most Canadian thing. *Looks at a different bag of popcorn* Actually maybe this is But then I have to get something unhealthy for these guys. At like 2 in the morning it’s just not fair to be too healthy Okay. This will probably do it. All right, heading out now I guess a bit of a different outfit than usual during scrub tops on the top my just black regular pants and then toms. So, I don’t know new look for a senior resident Okay, so it’s 4:20. I just got to the hospital Obviously a little bit keen and didn’t want to be late actually don’t have to be here until five o’clock So I’ll just get the lay of the land. So here’s the consult room it’s right beside the emergency department so we can get all the consults We’ve got a whole bunch of workstations right above here It’s a board where we have all the patients that get admitted patients names I certainly can’t show that to you. But this is our work area It may not look like much but this is like headquarters the hub of activity Overnights may filled with residents and medical students doing consults and then I’ll be in my little corner actually I’ll show it to you and this is where you’ll find me most of the night except when I’m reviewing And going to see patients things like that cuz I still have to see all the patients who get admitted tonight Okay, so it’s 10 to 5:00. So I’m gonna go head upstairs to the consult room where the team meets. Get to meet my team *Beep* This is the main conference room it’s where we’re all gonna meet and it is five o’clock but no one’s here yet Oh, well. Hope I have a team tonight Just officially got the SMR pager This is like the hottest pager in the hospital anyone with an issue have calls this pager. So it’s hanging around my neck So that I can’t ever miss a page. All right 545 still nothing I know the pages on So I’m just maybe I’ll just go check out the emergency Department and see the tracker and see what the complaints are for the patients and I’ll get an idea if any of them are coming our way Hmm, okay So it looks like they’re probably maybe six patients who have reasons for coming to the hospital that could land them with us So there’s one in their 90’s who fainted has syncopal event so they could come to us And there’s another couple with chest pain cardiac stuff during their 60 70s so though that could be real Heart problems they might come to us, too So I guess it’s just waiting waiting for the emerg doc to come through those doors and hand me a name *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* Okay, so it’s coming up on eight o’clock I just got first consult So it felt kind of cool to be on the phone getting the consult. I’m sure later in the night I’ll be unhappy to have more consults, but for now feels exciting It’s a patient on the surgical ward who’s feeling kind of short of breath. So I’m going up to Assess them first and then if the patient’s stable I’m gonna get a medical student to come up write the full note do a full assessment and then they’ll come down and review with me Hopefully by that point I’ll have an idea of the plan already. And yeah, that’s that’s I’m gonna go do now All right, saw the patient Gave the consult to the medical student because the patient’s doing just fine just on more oxygen than we would have expected we’ll make sure we think about the scary things that like a pulmonary embolism or Fat embolism things like that, but most likely Patient just got too much fluids in the operating room And now it’s just backing up into their lungs so we can make them pee it out in problem solved but while I’m up there I Get called Here’s another consult just give you a heads up. This is sick patient two floors down So I’m just gonna walk by that patient didn’t see what’s going on, but the excitement of the night starting All right. So, this is Henry. He’s one of the medical students here. Hi and So I just I have a consult for you. I know you’ve had time to have dinner, right? Yeah. Yeah. I did. Okay, that’s critical So, um, we’ve got a patient looks like they’re having an enstemy. So type of heart attack So I’m gonna go take a look But I’ll get you to get started and kind of do the consult and then we can review it when you’re done Sounds good. Sounds good. Yeah. All right. Let me know if your’re worried. Oh, okay. Okay, sounds good an important part of my job is to make sure that I’ve seen the patient and that any urgent treatment has been started before a medical student starts the consult so in this case The patient has already received the blood thinners that they require so we’ve got some time to do the rest of the work. All right 9:40 we’ve had about four consults now not about we’ve actually had four consult and I’m just gonna grab some food now I just warmed up my chicken and I realized last time I showed you guys what I was eating. It was chicken with mayonnaise I swear that’s not all I eat but it is why I brought again today so anyway, I think the medical students can be ready to review that consult and Yeah, let’s see if we we can keep on top of these consults Hi, this is Siobhan the SMR. Mm-hmm. Sure, yep, okay 2 new patients Man such a good team. Everyone’s so hard at work in the middle of the night The food was definitely a hit and man. They really deserve it Ready to review. All right, excellent, okay, let’s figure out this is the Who is quite delirious right? She is definitely delirious Okay, so for her what’s wrong there? So for each patient that I review with the resident or the medical student, I write an SMR note Which really focuses on summarizing the plan It’s 5:00 a.m. We’ve had 10 consults and I’m just waiting for three of the junior medical residents and medical students to finish up and we will review them before the staff coming in and some of the staff actually come in starting at Like 6:30 in the morning. So really we’re almost done one eternity later 8:30 now made it through the night We had a total of ten patients that we admitted and in the morning the staff come they review what we did and it’s sort of the moment where you sort of feel like oh do they agree with what I did overnight am I gonna get criticized but People seemed happy and but I did get learning points and that’s the most important thing right you learn and you grow each time Anyway, this feels way better than 26 hour call shift. I must say I like night float a lot. It’s actually very exciting I like reviewing with people I like being able to do this So I’m looking forward to tomorrow night. As long as I get home. I can get some sleep and feel rested again. Oh There is nothing like getting home after a long day Huh? It’s nothing like home. Sweet home. If you’re interested in seeing what it was like last year I was doing 26 hours and nothing to deal with all this stuff up in the ward take a look at this video up here Or if you want have a throwback and see what it was like when I was First a dog with my very first date take a look at this video over here Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching. I would love to read your comments and see what you think about this new role I have in second year, and otherwise, I’ll be chatting with you guys next week. So bye for now *Waves*

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  1. what sort of permissions do you have to get to film and from who? How do you phrase it when you ask? How do you know what's appropriate to film and what's not? Just curious.

  2. how do you stay mentally sharp during/after such a long shift? I start to lose focus if i'm sleep-deprived and a headache with too much caffeine. I don't see how you guys do it! Also, how far in advance do you get your schedule?

  3. I have little to no medical knowledge/experience, but I stumbled upon your channel and Iโ€™m hooked! Itโ€™s so interesting from your perspective and you seem so passionate about your work that your enthusiasm radiates through these videos! So much respect to anyone in the medical field or in nursing/med school ๐Ÿ™Œ

  4. I just started watching your video's yesterday. But it's so interesting to watch! I had no idea of what is going on behind the scenes of a hospital! Thanks for letting me know! <3

  5. Night shift= drunk Bois= bar fight= more people in hospital= busy doctor boi= tired doctor boi
    Moral of the story, don't get drunk

  6. Man….I really wish I wouldve graduated HS and went to college….I really would LOVE to become a Doctor. I am 35 though now and by the time I got my HS diploma and everything Id be too old to be able to handle doing all this ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž Advice to the younger people watching….STAY IN SCHOOL AND follow your dreams!!

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