Day in the Life of a DOCTOR: HEART ATTACK!

Because I just got paged about a patient he’s got heart rate about 30 and They’ve got ST elevation. So it looks like they’re having a heart attack right now Hey guys, I’m Siobhan, a first-year medical resident. It’s now just after 5:00 p.m I finished a day of oncology clinics, so cancer clinics of different kinds and Now, I’m just heading over to start my night on call an internal medicine So let me you bring you along for the night and see what happens and then next week I’ll tell you more about being on a cancer service So I just dropped my stuff off in my call room And I’m heading down to the emergency department to do my first consult of the night Just done with that first consult and heading back to my call room now So um that first consult was a patient who was incredibly short of breath to the point that They were waking up actually gasping for air had to be sitting upright. They had lots of swelling in their legs So this is really a classic case of what we call heart failure. So giving this patient some IV diuretics So basically a water pill through the IV making them pee off lot of this extra fluid that they’re accumulating Now maybe I should actually grab some food at this point. It’s probably gonna get to be a little bit busy later All right, so it’s 8:30 now. I’m just heading to the cafeteria to grab some food before the cafeteria closes All right, so got myself some soup and Actually got a treat for the team This yummy popcorn chips for later tonight But of course before I can eat I’ve got to answer this page Hi, this is Siobhan, I’m from team D turning a page Okay, um, what’s her blood pressure like? Okay and her heart right now Okay, that’s pretty fast yeah, has she been like that for a while What kind of fluids is she running Okay, so let’s give her another 500 milliliter bolus now of the ringers lactate And then I’m gonna come down and see her to see how she’s doing. Yeah Okay, perfect. Yep. Thanks very much Oh! Again Hi, this is Siobhan from Team D returning a page And, um what are her sugars normally like? Mm-hmm Okay, and what lantus dose is she getting tonight? Oh Sure. Okay. Yeah, let’s decrease it from 15 down to 10 and you just put to reassess that tomorrow as well Great Thanks Okay, finally those pages are done Now
you just have a little bit of soup and I figure I can just catch you guys up a little bit because I was just on vacation I had two weeks off, which was amazing. I went to Greece Santorini for five days makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t just live there because it’s incredible and then hiked around Mount Olympus and then flew off to Norway to one of my best friend’s weddings, which was absolutely beautiful and It was really acclaimed to be one of her bridesmaids and really keep that friendship going So anyway, it was a fantastic time So it’s just ten o’clock now, so I am gonna take a nap and try to get some rest before my next consult No, not already! Alright, heading down to the emergency department for my second consult of the night. We’ll see what it brings Right, so just done with that second consult and so it was a patient who has end-stage Liver disease so basically their liver is failing and coming in with complications of that. So treating them for a lot of edema Some confusion and bringing him them into hospital for that reason It was I just got paged about a patient who’s got a heartbeat about 30 and They’ve got ST elevation. So it looks like they’re having a heart attack right now when I assess the patient, he was complaining of chest pain and This was as ECG clear signs a heart attack Because his heart rate was so slow. I called a team to bring in pacer pads to the bedside These are pads that actually get stuck on to a patient’s chest and can deliver electricity Directly to the heart so that we can control the heart rate I then called my senior medical resident for backup and we started something called triple therapy So three different types of blood thinners to treat the heart attack Then we called a cardiologist and arranged for an ambulance to actually transfer the patient to a different hospital where the cath lab is located Because the patient was so unstable an ICU nurse and myself went with the patient in the ambulance between the hospitals. I sat there watching the monitors with epinephrine in my hand ready to act in case his heart actually stopped Luckily that didn’t happen and he arrived safely to the cath lab The cardiologist then incredibly threaded a wire up into his heart and managed to open up the blockage in the artery Saving his life So my work was done and I was able to hop back in a cab and go back to the other hospital So just getting back in from the General Hospital How’s a crazy trip? Let me tell you a little bit about it in just a second But I mean, I’ve just got to go to handover and handover to the team Wow, what a crazy experience I’m super awake and excited about it because if that person had been at home when this happened He may not have actually made it. So, um Wow! It was it was phenomenal to actually see them go in Open up that artery save that person’s heart and their life. So very very cool. Um just to be clear So most times when people have a heart attack They’re at home and then they get brought to the emergency department for that heart attack So it’s really unusual that once someone’s already had been admitted for a different reason that they have an acute heart attack like that anyway Okay, feel the adrenaline Kind of wearing off now Thank you so much for watching guys. It’s so awesome seeing your comments. I’m looking forward to them Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and if you want to be in one of these videos Check out the description below for your opportunity to be part of it So I’ll see you guys next week and I’ll be telling you all about my oncology or cancer rotation. So bye for now

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  2. take some ambulance rotations and experience a stemi coding the in the back of the truck going to the hospital. Youll have a new appreciation for medics and prehospital care. Nothing is easy in the back of a moving vehicle.

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    "Dooo…do da do….do da do da do…"

  4. Hi Siobhan I am Ian i’m 13 I love your videos they teach me so much I want to become a trauma surgeon at Mass General since I live in the suburbs of Boston. I love your videos

  5. I've been watching your videos and was thinking that hospital looks familiar. 😆.I did one of my nursing clinical rotations there. (Actually at a few hospitals in Hamilton).

  6. your nails are soo pretty… I want to be a pediatric oncologist one day and work in a hospital. and thanks to you I will know a little bit about the hospital and how it works!!!! Thank you!!

  7. What happens in situations like this when you have to get a cab for work purposes (getting back to your hospital after riding there in an ambulance)? Do you pay and then get reimbursed? I’m assuming you don’t carry your wallet on you when working. Can the taxi charge your fare straight to the hospital? I know it’s a small and irrelevant detail, but I’m just super curious. Thanks! P.S. Love your videos, and I’ve been binge watching from the beginning since finding your channel two days ago.

  8. My nephew is 16 an he's already in college starting pre med ..!!! Shared your videos with him..!! Because he did home school he was able to finish early he's so excited..!!

  9. Awesome video! What hospital do you work in? If I may ask. In one of your videos one of your co-workers was wearing a McMaster university sweater which I know is in Hamilton. I live in Canada. What is a pacemaker? Thank you

  10. I like watching these videos. They are very educational. And, I like to listen for medical terms, cause I'm in my biology unit in my science class, so that in case any questions come up about any medical terms, I can answer them.

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  13. hold up you can take a nap there??? I thought nurses and doctors have to work through the whole 24 hours with no sleep..
    Also I thought during a heart attack the heart rate would increase not decrease.. I learned something new..
    I do know blood pressure increases.. at least I believe so

  14. Wow. Great job. You saved a life, I hope the feeling is everything you hoped it would be. I also love that you mention the nurses, that help so much. This gives me so much insight into why the doctor hasn't called me back. I also love that you have mentioned the handwriting of dr. orders. that makes me so happy. We should never be aloud to practice in an unsafe way. There is no excuse for not writing well. Anything preventable should be policy, for everyone. Thank you I love these vlogs <3

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  16. I think I'm the only somali here I watched all your videos I'm third year medical student you always motivate me when I watch your videos hope one day I will save life's such like you

  17. You may have answered this, but I want to know whether I was anywhere close to the right infarction artery. Was this a mid LAD occlusion? Was the LAD a type 3 wraparound? I’m shooting in the dark a bit but I’m so curious what the artery was/how much myocardium was at steak.

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  25. Any advice for me? I want to shadow my dad for a day who's an ER doc to see what he goes through on a daily basis

  26. When doctors are going in the on call rooms to take a nap for a bit- are they assigned to you? Or do you find one that’s not occupied?

  27. Anything and everything that you are able to share with the world thru this is amazing. Even the terms you use and the different procedures you may talk about sparks something to be learned or researched further from your viewers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  28. It´s amazing even if you are a resident you still have time to edit these videos, your work should be appreciated and really I admire you so much because you actually managed to go to med school, something I didn´t do because I feel like I don't have the brain for that even though I understand all of the medical terms you use.

  29. Idk how this came on my feed but I work in Cardiology for several hospitals and cath labs with a team of EP and Interventionists and when my STEMI pager goes off it’s crazy town. You are so positive and bright I need some of that everyday 😂

  30. Unfortunately I have "witnessed" 5 heart attacks. All mine. Had a CABG 4 years ago, but have had 2 more heart attacks since the surgery. Very high cholesterol 28 measured last week, probably 6 is on the way soon, I can feel weird chest pains all the time. They can be painful, but sometimes not so much. Pretty weird. I do fear the worst, but live each day. Age 48.

  31. I'm a med student and sometimes after days upon days of examinations, I just go to 'okay, I've suffered enough, I'm getting ONE day off' and I watch videos like this and it reminds me that learning should have no "breaks". Resting is definitely deserved but we really owe it to our patients to 'know' well. Happy to see an enthusiastic doctor like you 💕. Gives me a jolt back into my reality/dream. Thank you! 💕

  32. Hi Violin Doctor:

    be careful when you shoot the video inside the hospital because it may violate the HIPPA and your hospital social media policy the lead you to loose your job and your MD license even your career!

    And it is NOT acceptable to hold the camera when you run to a code blue or share your shift report and your patient information in front of the camera and post on YouTube ! In addition to violating HIPPA, holding a camera will distract you from your patients and your clinical tasks! Remember: you are a Doctor facing the vulnerable lives but the actress facing the eye-grabbing cameras!

    Meanwhile, You put yourself, your patients, your co- workers, your leaderships as well as your hospital in a vulnerable position by shooting and publishing the real world videos! They suppose to stop this violating behavior right away as our patient advocates! As a professional Doctor, You need to focus on your patients but the camera during your work ! These sharing probably make a lot fun for your audiences but NO FUN at all for a medial professional and any Heath organizations !! !

    As a professional RN with 22years clinical experiences and patient advocate, I urge you to delete all your work related videos ASAP and stop violating our patient rights by shooting videos during your work! I will keep checking your channel and make official report to your licenses board as well as YouTube media platform if you won’t take my advices seriously ! 09/13/2019 6:24pm

  33. Doctor You are a angel from happen May God Be with you always Without doctor my wife would not be here today I would like to say thank you to all doctor you All my Angel

  34. How do you even have time to film while rushing to an emergency? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate doctors and their service to this country, and I am NOT trying to be rude. I am just curious if you respond to these emergencies first, and then re-enact them later. Let me know! I HAVE TO KNOW!

  35. I'm in medical coding college. And your videos help me understand my case studies and how to interpret doctor documentation.

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  37. St Joe's emergency is the worst other than juravinski. Waited 11 hours to be seen for a perforated ear drum at juravinski. A woman brought her kid to st Joe's emerg because its lip was stuck between its teeth and it was a tiny amount of skin which could have easily been pulled out with some sort of lubrication, people like that who waste time and space in a hospital are morons. It's super unfortunate that mac is only for kids now or I'd go there every time I needed to go to an emergency room.

  38. As it is with all doctors of today…..they are educated in treating problems …. not solving them. ALL cardio problems are the result of inflammitory foods…….NOT CHOLESTROL. The medical profession is under direction by an organization that is not interested in your health. They are interested in revenue. I have a question for Violin MD to demonstrate what med school has taught her. The question is this…… Why dont hospitals give frequent coffee enymas to cancer patients and most other "toxic" problems of the body (blood infections etc.) Hint……… do the research on whether the Merck Manual EVER had this treatment listed in its manual for physicians and research if it was removed by the people controlling the manual. Also……. what is the medically proven fact of coffee enymas with relationship to how it affects the liver and how MUCH it affects its ability to remove toxins from the body. To learn more about the truth concerning many illnesses that the medical profession does not want you to know……research Charlotte Gerson and this link……..

  39. this vidoes are boring I don't see any hands on vidoes with working w pople or doing stuff all I see is texts calls and being on the phone lol

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