Day in the Life of a CVS Pharmacy Technician

I am so proud to be a CVS technician
because I think that CVS cares about people. They care about their staff, and
then that rolls over into our customers and how we treat our customers. As a technician working at a pharmacy that fills hundreds of prescriptions a day, we need to treat every prescription as though it were dropped off by a loved one or family member. I have a connection with just about every single person that comes in this door. What I do on a daily basis along with my
co-workers is we come in, we make sure that our prescriptions are printed in a
timely fashion so that we can get them filled for our customers before they
come in. My role is trying to organize the pharmacy so everybody knows where everything is. Doing a lot of keying prescriptions, counting of the pills. We take prescriptions from the doctors, we fill over 700 scripts a day. We need to make sure that every prescription is filled accurately and safely and make sure that that patient receives the medication that the doctor intended. We
need to make sure that every prescription is counted accurately, and
double counted, before giving it to the pharmacist to be checked. I also communicate with our customers to make sure that they’re taking their
medication, that they’re refilling it and you have to remind them that you’re not
gonna get any better if you just take it for one month. It could be something that
saves their lives. One of the biggest hurdles patients face with adherence is the cost of the medication. Some of the ways we as technicians can help save
patients money are by working with doctors directly to ensure prior
authorizations get approved in a timely manner, working with insurance companies to get co-pays down. We also have many money-saving programs available such as
the pharmacy health rewards program. We can also help patients apply for
manufacturer coupons to help bring down the cost and help patients stay on track
with their medications. We are very close crew here. They are my second family. The most exciting part of working for CVS is my customers. They make my day. Sometimes the customers – they just need a friend. And they just need you to listen. And we all just connect, with just a smile. We’re in a health care profession and what we’re doing is helping people on their path to better health.

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