Day 3: I Had A Miscarriage

okay hey everybody I’m Gen and then I wanted to start this new YouTube channel to let you guys know about what I’ve been going through and maybe that will help some of you too hmm so this is I think Day, Day 3 of the miscarriage so Greg and I, (Greg’s my husband) – Greg and I have been trying for like, 10 months now and then we got pregnant about like 6-7 weeks ago. So in any case, just three days ago, I had a miscarriage and the fetus was about 6 weeks old. So what happened was, we actually had a second gynae visit on Thursday and then we actually heard like this flickering, not heard, but saw a flickering fetus heartbeat and then on Thursday night when I had dinner and after coming home there were like brownish stains which then escalated to cramps and a lot of blood. The whole of Friday I was just experiencing cramps but I didn’t think much of it and yeah and then after Friday, around 11p.m. onwards all the way to Saturday morning It was just really really bad cramps. When I went to the toilet it’s like you know, blood clots coming out, so that’s when I knew,
for sure, that okay I’m having a miscarriage the point in time I think was
like 4a.m. on Saturday morning we made an emergency call to the doctor but then actually after that I fell asleep i think in my heart I already knew that it’s
a goner, it’s a gone case so then on the same Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., we went back to the gynae, did a scan and he confirmed that it was truly a
miscarriage since I I was already bleeding he
recommended me to just naturally let it bleed out and he said to try again because the first six months after your pregnancy you’re the most fertile,
after giving birth so yeah, that’s that. I think
I am doing better now, (at) Day 3 because I’ve already heard of a lot of
friends who had miscarriages and I was reading up on it even before I was
trying to get pregnant, why miscarriages or even stillbirth happens. I know that it’s also because of some chromosomal misalignment or chromosomal issues (defects) and therefore, the body just naturally rejects the fetus because they just can’t
support life. So I told myself that if ever a miscarriage happens and I need to be
okay with it and so it truly happened to me. I have to say that I was, of course I was sad but what I didn’t expect was the pain that came after and I don’t mean
like emotional pain but physical pain yeah that was really bad. I have been experiencing a lot of cramps since Day 2 and the cramps are worse than period cramps. I don’t usually have very very bad cramps, they are bad, but not super bad. But this was another level of pain. I was just curling up into a ball yeah it was just that the pain of, the pain, the physical pain that
eclipses over all of my emotional pain so it’s really the physical pains that kept
on reminding me that – Oh I’m experiencing a miscarriage and, or rather, I had experienced a miscarriage. I very much wanted to get my life going after you know the mis carriage and then okay let’s just go on, let’s just go on with life, i can live with that, let’s just move on but seems that nature don’t allow me to move on didn’t allow me to move on. I was stuck up in bed, It’s a lon g weekend here at Singapore and yeah I really can’t wait for the cramps to be over, yeah so.. I’m gonna attempt to do some light walking later so hopefully that helps hopefully, I will be in a better condition I will also share with you
what my friends, what my family my mom and Greg’s mom they’ve been doing for me what helped and err, what else can be done so stay tuned

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