David Swift, MD, Family Medicine Physician, University of Vermont Medical Center

Hi, my name is David Swift and I’m a
family medicine physician. One thing I’d like my patients to know
about me as a physician is that I really emphasize the relationship between the
patient and the provider and I want to make sure you feel comfortable in your
office visits. I really enjoy the interaction. If you have questions or if
you don’t understand something I’ve said, and you can ask and say “I didn’t quite
get that, can we talk about it a little bit more?” My whole goal through the
interaction is to make sure you know what’s going on with your health and
that if you have any questions I’m here to answer them. I’m a resource for you and I want to make sure we’re working together to
improve your health, however we can. So I work up in Milton family practice
so we take care of people from all age ranges. Our specialty is the specialty of
people so whether it’s coming in for an acute visit for something like a cold or
a cough, or whether it’s chronic care: taking care of your diabetes,
hypertension, high cholesterol we specialize in all of that. Our whole goal
is to make sure we know who you are as a person and how I can best take care of

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