David N. Krag, MD, Surgical Oncologist – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

(bright music) – Hello, I’m David Krag. I am surgical oncologist, which
means I am a cancer surgeon. The breast center is just one
of the most amazing places to work in and to come as a patient, because it’s a very sophisticated place. In the old days you come and the patient was left to their own devices to decide well I’ll go here and I’ll go there and I’ll do these things. When they come to this place,
they just park all that stuff. They’ve arrived. And all their care comes
wrapping around them and they don’t have to worry
about scheduling anything or anything, it all comes to them in a very cohesive manner. It’s a model system, it’s just fantastic. The patient always comes first. Whenever there’s a
problem and you’re trying to sort it out in your
mind, just stand there and imagine the patient in front of you. And everything falls in place. (bright music)

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