David J Diaz, MD, Ophthalmologist – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

(serene music) – I’m David Diaz and
I’m an ophthalmologist. (serene music) I’m an ophthalmologist. That means I diagnose and
treat diseases of the eye and perform surgery on the eye. I specialize in care of
cataracts and glaucoma. I’m an ophthalmologist
and I’m also a writer, a former history teacher, a weekend farmer of
chickens and apple trees, a hiker, a lover of dogs
and detective fiction and a native New Englander. My philosophy of care is simple: You come to me with a problem. I try to discover what’s gone wrong to help you understand the problem and to help you find a path forward, whether that means medical
care, surgical care, or simply observation. I’m an ophthalmologist
and a professor of surgery at the University of Vermont. Thanks, and I hope you choose our team for care of your eyes. (serene music)

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