David Cain, DPM – Podiatrist in Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name is David Cain. I’m a podiatrist
specializing in foot and ankle surgery for McFarland Clinic. I began practice in 2019,
and I am located in Ames. Growing up I had my own problems with foot and ankle issues.
Podiatrists or foot and ankle surgeons spend four years in postgraduate study and then
three years in residency specializing in the treatment of conditions that affect the foot
and ankle. These conditions can range anything from conservative to surgical. So I would
treat in-grown toenails, bunions, arthritis, flat feet, ankle fractures. Or I am specialized
in arthroscopy treatment as well, utilizing a small video camera to scope, say, the ankle
joint, similar to a knee scope. A typical patient visit starts with a comprehensive
history of the issue that the patient presents with. And then it goes into a detailed discussion
of what that problem is with the patient, so the patient has a full understanding of
what’s going on. And that discussion then will also focus on conservative treatments
for that problem all the way up to surgical intervention if necessary. And then a treatment
plan is developed with the patient so that they can choose what’s in their best interest
or what their goals are longterm. I think some of the biggest rewards are working with
patients and having them come back in and telling me that they were able to go back
to the sport that they were playing, or they were able to get back to an activity that
they used to do daily, or just their return to everyday things that maybe they weren’t
able to do with the problems that were affecting them. I think Extraordinary Care, Every Day
means listening to patient concerns, addressing those concerns, and working with the patients
to develop a treatment plan that’s in their best interest and can get them back to the activities
of their daily living that they want to achieve.

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