David Ansell, MD, MPH

I take care of the whole patient. I look at what I do as, if you’re not sick,
what can we do to prevent you from getting sick. If you have an illness, what can we do to
get you better. But it’s not just the care I provide, I’m
a big believer in holistic healthcare —that is your diet, it’s your exercise, your community,
your family, your psychology, your spirits, as well. I’ve been in Chicago now for 30-plus years. I have patients who have followed me around
in these 30 years, and I have three generations of some families. So I would just call myself a family doctor
for adults because I do like to see members of the whole family. It’s a real privilege and honor to be a
primary care physician and to be able to take care of both the patients individually and
the families that I have for many years.

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