Dave Cary Urgent Care Experience | Kaiser Permanente

we like to hike a fair amount and in
crossing the stream at one point I felt it was a dramatic and hard fall and I’d
hit my leg on a sharp edge somehow of a rock when I looked I could see a bone
Nancy called the advice nurse at Kaiser so the advice nurse and go to our urgent
care we got a fantastic nurse and the doctor we got was exceptional it really
made me feel even better about Kaiser than I had before
she worked hand in hand and removed a lot of debris cleaning it out I don’t
know how many staples you ended up getting in all these multiple wounds but
we were in and out of there in a half an hour I just couldn’t believe it how long
would we have waited and what kind of care would we have gotten if we had gone
to an emergency room I really could not believe it
I received a bill from Kaiser for $40 for that visit which is just amazing
they are just treating you they care that’s the kind of medical care I want
and when you get good care when you’re vulnerable like that you really
appreciate it you don’t forget it I would highly recommend Kaiser Permanente
I get some comfort from knowing that I’m with this remarkable organization it
makes life much easier you

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