Daryl Handlin, LCSW, Behavioral Health – The Corvallis Clinic

Yeah, I think one of the things that’s
really highly rewarding is when you see people make change and you see the
excitement that they have when they feel better, they feel differently and
they’ve done things differently in their lives and they’ve made
meaningful change. One of the advantages I believe
with social workers, social work really looks at, takes a broad approach to
looking at challenges in our lives and so social work looks at kind of all
levels from relationships, to there again to help, to healthcare, to nutrition,
exercise, and so I believe social work really takes a macro approach to care. I believe you know change is possible when we really, when we individualize our
approaches and look for strengths and people’s interests. I think that’s the
best way to to really come through with meaningful change, just to really channel
those inner strengths. I believe you know a purpose of a behavioral health specialist is really more guiding if you will as opposed to instructional or giving
advice they’re really trying to pull things out of people to help them along in their journey. My wife is an assistant principal in the middle school and I have 21 and 28-year-old daughters who are both in college. My oldest daughter
actually transferred to Oregon State so she’s a Beaver now and my
youngest goes to University of Wyoming. We have a corgi which actually lives
with my daughter in Wyoming now, so we have a dog and we also have an 18 year old
male cat named Cinderella. Both of us we’re very much into art so we like both
visual art, music, we enjoy going to festivals we actually went on our second
date to – it’s called the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival, it’s a national
festival that happens in Kansas and we we’ve gone a couple times to Oregon Country Fair, Scandinavian fests and things like that.
I believe the patients would want to be seen by me because of the approach I have. I think they’re welcomed, that there’s a warm response when they come into to see me. I think they would also, I believe patients will find that the approaches are very tailored to
their individual interests and their needs and so a customized
approach, a friendly approach, and there again one with some guiding. The thing that I’ve noticed with Corvallis Clinic is that there are
wonderful clinicians who really are taking a person-centered approach. The
integrated medical model really works well. I believe that there are great opportunities to interact with others with different
specialties and look at behavioral approaches to medical care.

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