Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center – Lauren Gilstrap

– Doctors and hospitals
are increasingly being paid based on the quality of care they provide. That sounds great, right? Well, it all depends on
how we measure quality. In order to be able to measure quality for lots of doctors, and lots of hospitals across the country, and make it fair, payers are increasingly
turning to claims data to make an assessment. They way in which claims
data measures whether or not you get a drug after
you leave the hospital, it turns out presents some challenges. When patients leave a hospital and go to a post-acute care setting, like a skilled nursing facility, or a long-term care facility, often they’re prescription drug use isn’t captured in claims data. So unless we account for this, quality metrics may inadvertently
disadvantage providers who care for large
numbers of older, frailer, sicker patients who
require this kind of care. (logo chimes)

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