Darth Vader is Alive and Working at a Memphis Hospital

My name is Darth Vader Williamson and I’m a surgical assist here at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett I’ve been here for the last ten years I’ve been a surgical tech and assist for the last twenty-one. When I was born my mother wanted me to be named Junior, which was after my father Anthony Lee Williamson but him being a Star Wars buff he was so enamored with the character Darth Vader he was like “this would be one bad name for our son” and under the affects of anesthesia she would have agreed to anything she’s like “yea, okay, fine” when she realized what she’d done afterwards, she was like, “uhh” “what have we done??” And he’s like “no, no, no, it’s cool, it’s cool he’ll be okay” And it just stuck It’s always been Darth Vader And it is on my birth certificate I took the military entrance exam And I scored pretty high This was one of my choices And uh the recruiter pushed real hard for me to go into surgical technology I went after I graduated from high school in 1996 and uh, the rest is history That’s all I’ve ever done There’s nothing not to like about it I love every aspect of surgery I enjoy the fact that we are giving people a better quality of life and I enjoy the fact that we’re helping I enjoy being a part of a team there’s just so many different aspects that I actually love about doing this and I take my work personal I actually enjoy it It’s not an assembly line one in and go, it’s you know, It’s just hard to explain the feeling of being part of something that is really meaningful to patients outcome There are some people that go really overboard They say, “oh my god, your name really is Darth Vader!” They’re like, “can I get an autograph?” I’ve been asked for autographs I’ve been asked to take pictures I’ve had people say, “the opening of Star Wars is coming up. Can you go with me? Cause I want to be the first person to say Darth Vader went to see the new Star Wars It’s both good and bad It has its good and bad points I have not seen Star Wars past Return of the Jedi All the new ones that have come out nope, never seen them Videographer, “Do you have a favorite character?” (Darth Vader laughs) Actually my favorite character is the bounty hunter named Boba Fett That’s my favorite character Videographer, “not Darth Vader. Go figure” (Darth Vader laughs) This guy here was actually knitted for me This is a you can’t buy this in the store a young lady who actually works here in surgical tech She knitted this for me And its, I call him Mini V for Mini Vader Sometimes I put him in the truck and we ride And he’s just, just me I mean, you can’t, it’s a one of a kind piece you can’t just go our and buy it So she took her time to make it for me so this is one of my most cherished possessions right here May the force be with you!

10 thoughts on “Darth Vader is Alive and Working at a Memphis Hospital

  1. I saw him on Fox 17 this morning.  I just LOVE that Darth Vader is a cute black man.   LOL   Seriously, very cool name.

  2. I really enjoyed it. as a Saints Superfan . and working with kids. I appreciate what you do.. Sincerely Saint Vader…

  3. holy shit bro, if his parents can name their kid darth vader, i can name my kid anakin
    i dont give a shit what others think, i think both are awesome names

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