Daria Krivosheya, MD | Cleveland Clinic Neurological Surgery

My grandma was a pediatrician and since I was growing up, I was watching her take care of their sick kids and seeing some of those kids and hearing some of those stories and seeing how happy she was for her patients doing better, really inspired me. I really deeply care about my patients and I have a very innate sense of wanting to help and make their symptoms better. That prompted me to go into a field where I could make a difference. Every single patient that comes through my door is a lifelong patient. I treat a variety of conditions and some of them can be treated with surgical intervention, sometimes minimally invasive approach. Just a short follow up and they are able to return to their original level of functioning and do not require to see a neurosurgeon on a regular basis. However some conditions require a very longitudinal treatment. For example, if somebody comes in with a brain tumor, they are going to be seeing me in the office and discussing the care at every step of the way. Seeing somebody who comes through to your door and, for example, cannot move a leg or having difficulty with speech, or is in a lot of pain, and to be able to lead them through the experience of surgery or other treatments and see them get better, be able to speak to their family and their loved ones, sometimes go back to some of the activities that they haven’t done in a long time time, it’s exceedingly rewarding.

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