Danilo Vitorovic, MD, Neurologist – Burlington VT, The UVM Medical Center

(gentle calming music) – Hi, I’m Danilo Vitorovic
and I’m a neurologist. (gentle calming music) I chose to go into medicine
because it’s both tradition and inspiration for me. Tradition, I’m coming from a family where both of my parents are physicians and also inspiration
because it let me connect all my passions in one vocation and also provide me
with opportunity to make a difference in people’s
lives and that’s something that’s really, really fulfilling for me. (gentle calming music) I am seeing epilepsy patients
almost every day of the week and the most rewarding
experience for me personally during this interaction
is to see my patients leading normal lives, being able to drive to work, to have fulfilling social relationships. Sometimes that is not completely possible but that is something
that we are striving to and seeing my patients doing well, seeing this change is really
something that fuels me to continue doing what I’m doing. (gentle calming music)

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