Daniel Katz, MD – Rush University Medical Center

As a vascular surgeon, I treat a variety of
vascular conditions. I deal with blockages in arteries, problems
with aneurysms ballooning out of the blood vessel which may need treatment, conditions
that relate to veins — the varicose veins. I deal with dialysis access to allow dialysis
to be performed. With my 25 years of experience as a vascular
surgeon, I think I have a good idea about the natural history of vascular conditions
— what likely is to happen. And that will help guide a decision about
whether a particular problem can be treated in a nonoperative, conservative fashion — potentially
with medication. Or whether a patient can be potentially treated
with a minimally invasive, balloon-stent atherectomy, or whether a patient needs open surgery. The aspect I try to create for the patient
is tailoring their therapy for what they themselves need, not what a patient in general needs.

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