Daniel Feddersen, MD | West Ames Family Medicine | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name’s Dan Feddersen. I am board certified in Family Medicine. I joined McFarland Clinic in 1996, and I practice
in the West Ames Family Medicine clinic. I chose Family Medicine as a specialty because
I enjoy working with the entire family, connecting the relationships from one family to the other. I found that I really enjoy working with babies
and young children all the way up to people that are in their nineties, hundreds. So I remember in medical school it was “need
to see four generations of patients” and I enjoyed that a lot, so that’s probably the
biggest reason I chose Family Medicine. I feel my main focus in Family Medicine is
to be available to treat patients on an as-needed basis. We try to keep an open schedule where we can get
people in the same day. I really enjoy treating all aspects of patients
and try to meet the needs they have when they come up with a need, so that’s my primary
focus is availability of appointments. I think the most rewarding aspect of my job
is seeing patients move through an illness and come out on the other side feeling better
or being treated. The meaning of Extraordinary Care for me is
not just treating the disease but seeing the patient as a person who has concerns and worries
and as a Family Medicine doctor seeing how that affects their spouse or their children
or parents and tying all that together, and just remembering how would I want to be treated
or how would I want my family to be treated when they’re patients, and just remembering
to focus on that emotional aspect as well.

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