Daniel Barrett, M.D., Family Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic

I decided to get into medicine because I
got, my family’s actually in medicine. My mom is a nurse, she worked in the
emergency room, and my stepfather was a physician so I got into medicine because
of that. I enjoy biology, always have, and I also enjoy helping people, I
mean I guess that was the answer that I gave when I decided I wanted to be a
doctor. And I think it’s the same now. We have five kids, and so, and they’re all
now, the twins just turned 18, and going down to college. And so we’ve got,
we’re looking, at the end, but they still got college to do,
so we’re there to support them through that too. I enjoy a lot of outdoor
activities, I do enjoy going and jumping on my bike, whether it’s a road bike or
mountain bike, seems lately I’ve been doing a lot more mountain biking. So I
enjoy that. I also like taking the kids out and we go camping a lot, now the kids
are all older now so, it seems like it’s my wife and I. So we do outdoor stuff, we
camp, and we like to bike, and hike. I think my patients describe me as being
friendly and accommodating. I think that they,
I think they enjoy our interactions, hopefully they think of me as family.
I think when you come to my office we get you in, and when you’re one of my
patients we try to make accommodation for you. And it’s fairly quickly. I also
think people want to see me because of our staff, I think not only am i that
way, I think everybody in our staff is that way. I do a variety of things, so
they’ll get an answer when they come to me, or they’ll get an answer from one of
my colleagues, here at the clinic. I do enjoy my patients, I enjoy the
interaction with my patients, I enjoy the relationship. And I try to think of my
patients as family, or myself and so I treat them that way, and I think if I did
it any other way, I don’t think I would enjoy it. And so I think that’s what
makes it satisfying.

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  1. Believe every word this man says on this youtube clip. He's the real deal! He's a real good doctor, smart, takes the time needed, and will make sure you get what you need. I feel blessed to have him as my doctor.

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