Dangar Doctor Jelly | Ravinder Grewal, Geet Gambhir, Sara Gurpal | Comedy Punjabi Full Movie 2018 |

Jelly, how many times
have I told you.. ..close your mouth
while eating your food. You are chewing like a cow. Now you cannot even talk to me? You want me close
my mouth and talk too? If anyone can do both
these things at the same time.. ..then Dr. Jelly (Quack) will leave his
house and start living near the river. I’ll become a hermit. Okay, slow the fan. I am feeling cold. Do you think you have done
me a favor by slowing the fan? Lord Almighty! Tell me something.. Are you preparing to go
to the hospital or somewhere else? You are quite well dressed today. What do you want? Should I go to the hospital
in a vest and pajamas? Then will you believe me? Oh God! Find me a well I
can fall into wherein.. ..I don’t die but she
could never find me either. Jelly! You will say such things to me? I left my father for you. I left my house for you. – I dishonored him.
– Pushpa.. You are taking this to the
wrong direction for no reason. Yes, now you think
everything I say is wrong. What do you lack for in this house? Shall I tell you what does it lack in? This house lacks in love. Do you know what your problem is? It’s the fact that you
don’t know what your problem is. You don’t need love,
you need a psychiatrist. Puspha! Puspha! Puspha! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord Shiva! Praise the Lord! Sage is at your doorstep. To help you get rid
of all your difficulties. I have rubbed rare herbs
together and formed a unique kohl. Praise the Lord! Give an offering to the sage. Give an offering to the sage, son. Coming, sage. I seek your blessings, sage. Here’s some flour for you. Flour and lentils can
be bought with money, son. I have anyway forgone food
since the past three years. Why, sage? Are you surviving
on glucose these days? I eat only fruits. Okay then I will get fruits for you. – Stop!
– Okay. I can feel that this
house belongs to Dr. Jelly. Sage, this doctor isn’t a fake one. Surely, he doesn’t have a degree. Villagers address him
as Jelly just for fun. Don’t interrupt. You are over there? Who? You will get it, lady. You will surely get it. – The mistress of this house..
– Yes? She is staring at me from over here. It is true! Whatever you say is right, sage. You know everything, sage. There is a dark shadow
hovering in this house. There is darkness everywhere. Sage, are you talking about the DSP? He drinks alcohol 24/7. And when he runs out of alcohol.. ..it feels as if he
got possessed by someone. – I know everything.
– What? Son, go and get some raw milk. Which animal’s raw milk do you want? We have buffalo,
cow, goat, calves too. Stop blabbering! Go and get me some raw milk. I’ll go and get it right away. I’ll get the milk right away. Raw milk.
Sage wants raw milk. Go. Go. Here, take this. Animal! Why are you staring at me?
I think I’ll have to beat you up. Why are you getting so upset, Lajjo? How about mopping my
heart for a change sometimes? I think I should
mop your face instead. Why? Is there marble laid on my face? Milk, I brought it, sage. Very good! I know, son. That dark shadow is
here in the form a snake. Do you remember when was
the last time you had a bath? You have been wearing this
shirt since the past three months. You will later complain to brother Jelly
that the shirt was ruined from before. And the way you are behaving,
I think I’ll have to beat you up. Monkey! Snake! You are holding a snake in your hand! – I am doomed!
– Go away! Throw the snake away! Snake! It looks poisonous.
Snake! Damn you, throw it away! Have you gone crazy. Throw it away. It will bite you.
It is such a big snake. Someone save him.
Someone please come here. There is such a big snake over here. Throw it away! It’s a snake! Get rid of it! Oh no. Stay back. – Calm down.
– Oh great Lord of snakes! Praise the Lord! Don’t be scared. Don’t worry.
We won’t do you any harm. Son, I have this dark
shadow under my control. Now I will take it to
the dense forest in Himalayas. Get a barrel full of pure
clarified butter and Rs. 5500 cash. I will offer prayers in your name. Sage, what’s the use of
the barrel in the mountains? Can I get a box instead? Go and get the box. Sage, I heard it’s quite
cold up in the mountains. Shall I also get a blanket for you? – Get whatever you want, son. Go.
– Okay, sage. Pundit, what’s happening out here? Son, there was a dark
Shadow hovering in our house. Sage has caught it and nailed it.
Look over here. Pundit, there were not
one but two dark shadows in here. Sage.. Look, which one of them is yours? – Look at that!
– Oh, God! No. No. – Where are you going, sage?
– Let me go, son! There you go. Have fun. Jelly! Jelly! I went looking for
you at the hospital. – What happened?
– Rajjo isn’t well. – Rajjo?
– Yes. – Hop on, quickly.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. – What happened to Rajjo?
– I don’t know what is wrong with her. – Really?
– She isn’t talking. I’m getting worried about her. Don’t worry.
Nothing will happen to her. – She is very beautiful.
– That she is. People have cast an evil eye on her. It’s okay, Chamkela. Don’t worry. – I’ll treat her.
– I love Rajjo a lot. All she has is me, in this world. Hurry up. Rajjo, look the doctor is here. Look Jelly,
what’s wrong with my Rajjo. Rajjo? Hey Rajjo? Don’t you recognize me? Look.. It’s me, Dr. Jelly. Rajjo? Do you remember,
last year when you had fallen ill.. ..you moved back and hit me
when I was about to inject you? Right? Come on, try doing that again. I won’t say anything to you. I’ll get the lethal weapon out. Get up already. Then you cannot complain to Chamkela
that Dr. Jelly is stonehearted. Get up. Your wish. This is your last chance. Okay, as you wish. You won’t listen to me, right? Here, then. Jelly.. do something. Let me see till when will she pretend.
Here you go. Rajjo is fine.
My Rajjo is fine. I am so pleased.
I am so pleased, Jelly. Jelly, tell me, how can I help you? Come on, Chamkela.
What are you saying? Have I ever charged you for
her medicines that I will today? If you love her like your own.
I too consider her like my own child. Go. Take her along. People call you
Dr. Jelly unnecessarily. I think the world to
be fake and you to be right. I am so happy. God bless you. “Jelly is well-versed in pharmacy.” “Jelly’s medicines
are world renowned.” “Jelly is well-versed in pharmacy.” “Jelly’s medicines
are world renowned.” “Only a few can understand
Jelly’s handwriting.” “He is thoroughly
rustic in character.” “Renowned, far and wide..” “Your animals’ doctor is!” “Jelly, the animals’ doctor
is renowned, far and wide!” “Your animals’ doctor is renowned,
far and wide!” “You..” “You haven’t paid us a visit,
it has been a week.” “Come and have a look,
my calf isn’t well.” “When a heard your motorcycle’s horn.” “I smiled, after so long.” “Check what’s wrong with me.” “I start heaving after a short run.” “My stomach hurts and I get cramps.” “What do I tell you, Jelly?
I cannot defecate.” “Damn you, you goat.” “We trust Jelly immensely.” “Jelly loves us immensely.” “He has taken up every
animals’ responsibility.” “Jelly never ignores us.” “Animals’ Doctor.” “I stay awake at night
thinking about you.” “During the afternoon my horn throbs.” “I stay awake at night
thinking about you.” “During the afternoon my horn throbs.” “When I start thinking about you..” “I start injecting
calves immediately.” “My style, my pride, my attitude
are like that of an inspector.” “Renowned, far and wide..” “Jelly, the animals’ doctor is!” “Your animals’ doctor is renowned,
far and wide!” “Jelly, the animals’ doctor
is renowned, far and wide!” “I cannot do..” “I cannot do without
meeting you, Jelly.” “If I don’t meet you, Jelly..
My heart beats faster.” “Your animals’ doctor is
renowned, far and wide!” “Animals’ Doctor.” Move! Move! Move! Oh no, Jelly!
What are you doing, Jelly? You idiot, you broke my leg! I won’t spare you! Pushpa! Naina! It’s 7 o’clock! Wake up! Oh shit! It’s 7 o’clock! I’ll use the bathroom first. You can use the bathroom first.
But I will meet father first. Sorry, daddy. I was ready.
Sister got us delayed. – Okay.
– She is still in the washroom. I know that. She is
an irresponsible girl. Pushpa, come down. Come on, you lazy girls. Now change. I will be back in two minutes.
Keep going girls. The one who stops
will be court-martialed. Keep in mind. Naina, if papa sees you,
you’ll be court-martialed. Sister, you are so boring. He won’t be back
for another 20 minutes. – Chill.
– Really? Okay. Sister, I was in no
mood to wake up today. Why? I dreamed of a very
handsome Sardar today. You know how cute he was? He was very cute. Then daddy woke me up. Naina, what will you do
if you fall in love with a Sardar? Then I’ll tell him,
“Sardar, I love you a lot.” “But I cannot get married to you.” “You don’t know about my father.” “He will shoot us both. So sorry.” Pushpa! What’s happening? You are a disobedient girl. Learn something from
your younger sister. Come on, come on. Look at how obedient she is. I am proud of you, Naina. And change, stretch. Sir.. Rakesh Sharma has
taken over our bungalow. What? What do you mean? You do the math. It has been 20 days overdue.
He still hasn’t paid the rent. I have called him ten times.
So it’s this a takeover? Shut up. He isn’t paying the rent
and you are laughing? You two will be own
my property after I die. Come with me. You too should know how
to look after your property. – Come on.
– Hurry up. Come. Come on, fast. Come. Come. Pushpa, open the door. Yes. – What happened?
– Well, Naina is stronger than me. So Naina, you go. – Go, Naina.
– You go in first. Greetings, brother. When I gave this
house on rent to you.. ..you remember we
had signed a contract? – Yes.
– No. – You forgot.
– No. And I don’t like people
who tend to forget. Fifth. You are supposed to pay
the rent to me on the fifth. What’s the date today? I had told Mr. Omprakash that.. What’s the date today? 26th. Please listen to me. I don’t want to listen to anything. Do one thing,
pack your bags and leave. Otherwise, I’ll throw
your things out. No. No, no, no. Don’t get up. Remain seated. You couldn’t come to
my house to give the rent. Now you want to beg me? You want to plead? I’ll come to you. Remain seated. Okay, here. Here you go. Come on, touch my feet. Come on, do it. Well, I’ll tell you the truth. A girl and a boy were
romancing on a bike. They hit me. I hate liars. – Don’t lie.
– I never lie. – Omprakash, do one thing..
– Yes, sir. – Throw his things out.
– No! Mr. Omprakash. Listen to me. Sir, a dog! Hans! Hans, stop. A dog in my house? – How did a dog enter my house?
– A dog! – What’s happening? – Pushpa,
go and get a gun from the car! I want to kill him! – Uncle! Uncle, please don’t..
– I hate animals! Please don’t do that, uncle. I had written it in the contract.
No dogs. I’ll kill him. Isn’t she the girl who
was romancing with that boy? Yes, that’s her.
She is the same girl. Both of you are liars. My daughter
cannot romance with anyone. No uncle, I am telling the truth. If you don’t believe me then ask her.
You can ask her. Pushpa? What are they saying? Answer me! Why aren’t you saying anything? This means they are telling the truth. And my daughter is lying. I’ll kill you! Kill you! Pushpa! Don’t worry.
Nothing will happen to you. Congratulations, you are
about to become a father. What? Are you mad, doctor? Do you think she
is Jai Bharadwaj’s wife? If she was JB’s wife, he would
have been in a five star hospital. She wouldn’t have
been in this LS hospital. – Do you understand?
– Doctor, please.. How dare you touch.. The amount JB spends on one shirt.. ..is equal to the amount
you spend on clothes in a year. Doctor, please, my wife is serious. Please check her first. – Okay.
– Wait a minute. My appointment is on. Look brother,
it’s every doctor’s duty to attend.. ..the more serious patient first. Who are you to tell a doctor her duty? Because I too am a doctor. If you are a doctor then
why don’t you check her? I cannot do that because
I am animals’ doctor. An animals’ doctor! You aren’t an animals’ doctor. You are an animal. And you don’t have
the status to talk to JB. – Out! Out!
– Please. Please. You go out. I am coming
in two minutes. Please. Doctor, I think you are
getting what I am saying. I just don’t want this child. JB.. You promised to marry me. I made promises to many, Simmi. Doctor, just take care of her. Sister, remove that.
And you come with me. Jarnail Singh, do you know that.. ..your wife’s and your
child’s life is in danger? In danger? What happened, doctor? So much depression in the eight month? She should be happy instead. As her husband,
you should be looking after her. She is your responsibility. She doesn’t need any medicines.
She needs your love. Are you okay? Sorry! Jelly.. I am missing my parents a lot. I want to meet them. Pushpa. No, enough. Don’t cry. Pushpa..I hate tears. Look, I promise you.. Before our child is born, I will
resolve all your parents complains.. ..and bring your family back together. How? I don’t know that. But I know that I can
do anything for you. We will go to meet your
parents tomorrow itself. – Really?
– Yes. I like your style, son. I often say that a person’s status can
be known from his shoes and watch. Thank you, uncle.
That’s what I say as well. If you aren’t wearing
a Rolex in your hand.. ..and Gucci shoes in your feet
then you shouldn’t wear anything. Too good. – Papa..
– Yes, son? I like the girl. – Mr. Meghnath..
– Yes. We really like your daughter. – Excuse me?
– Yeah. Can you come with me, please? Please excuse me. Naina wanted to talk to you. Tell me. Papa.. Tell him, Naina. Think about it some more, Brigadier. Naina didn’t like the boy. Okay. You should have told me. I’ll tell them. Isn’t that great, son? Mr. Darshanlal,
our daughter likes your son a lot. There is just one condition. There shouldn’t be
any dogs in your house. Done. – Brigadier, congratulations.
– Same to you. – Bloody dog!
– Who, I? Dog! Which rascal left the gate open? Ganesh! You are sleeping over there? I’ll kill you. Bloody dog! I won’t spare you! Ganesh! – Sir, no..
– You let a dog inside! – I didn’t! There he is!
– You let a dog inside! I won’t spare you. You let a dog inside! – Sir..
– You let a dog inside! Ganesh! – Stop.
– Sir! Sir! Come here! Sir? Madam! Madam! Madam! Yes? I wanted to meet
Brigadier Meghnath Sharma. He got a heart attack. – Really?
– Yes. – When?
– They just took him to the hospital. Mom.. – Yes?
– Sister. Sister. Why are you repeating
the same thing again and again? I told you, I won’t talk to Pushpa. I won’t go to her house either. Doctor said that both the mother
and the child’s life is in danger. Brigadier, she is our daughter. That child is our grandson. We cannot let them die. How can we wait idly for them to die? I don’t care. Papa, I don’t like the
boy you selected for me. It has been a year since
I spoke to anyone over the phone. I didn’t even meet any of my friends. I did whatever you asked me to do. This is the first time
I am asking something from you. Sister’s life. Please, don’t say no. Please, let’s go meet her. She is our daughter. I don’t know what
kind of people they are. I don’t know their status. I don’t even know the boy’s religion. What are you saying? Pushpa is our daughter. She must have surely married a Sharma. Pushpa! We will come to your
house in a few days. – Okay.
– Take care of yourself. Okay, mom. What happened? Jelly, my parents are coming over. – Really?
– Yes, Jelly. They are coming to our house. I cannot believe that my
parents are coming to meet us. Thank you, Jelly. – Thank you so much, Jelly.
– Pushpa..I hate tears. “Baby, it can be either of these
two things. Either yes or no.” “Baby, it can be either of these
two things. Either yes or no.” “You are Beauty Kaur who
belongs to Mr. Amazing Singh.” “I am not lying to you.” “You are Beauty Kaur who
belongs to Mr. Amazing Singh.” “I am not lying to you.” “There isn’t going to be anyone like..
your Mr. Jatt.” “It can be either of these two things.
Either yes or no.” “Baby, it can be either of
these two things. Either yes or no.” Jelly, there is a
very big problem. – What?
– Papa hates animals. What will we do now? “You are having the time
if your life after getting married.” “I have given you the whole world.” “You are having the time
if your life after getting married.” “I have given you the whole world.” “Tell me, didn’t I do fulfill them?” “All the promise.. I had made to you.” “It can be either of these two things.
Either yes or no.” “Baby, it can be either of
these two things. Either yes or no.” – Sir..
– Yes. – Can I try these goggles on?
– Shut up! Keep the glass down.
Keep it down, come on. “You are a diamond,
gold won’t do you any justice.” “I’ll buy you a diamond necklace,
my love.” “You are a diamond,
gold won’t do you any justice.” “I’ll buy you a diamond necklace,
my love.” “You look good in my lap.” “I enjoy this feeling a lot, my love.” “Always keep smiling..” “Always keep smiling, never feel low.” “It can be either of these two things.
Either yes or no.” “Baby, it can be either of
these two things. Either yes or no.” Pundit! I don’t feel like going there at all. Why do you feel so? Go there once.
You will really like it. Look, even this has started jerking. It too doesn’t feel like going there. It wants to,
but you don’t want to sell it. You have been using the
same car since the last 20 years. You too have been
with me since 20 years. Shall I leave you as well? Call her up and ask
where we need to go. Okay. Idiots, all of them. Check it. Hello. Yes. Pushpa? Yes, mom. Where is in village Poorewal
do we need to come, dear? Mother, you can ask anyone
where Dr. Jarnail stays. Jarnail? What have you done, dear! What will we do now? This will make him get another heart
attack as soon as he reaches your house. I will be doomed.
I will be ruined. What’s wrong, mom? Why are
you getting so worried? Tell me. I have a reason to worry. You got married to a Sardar? How do you know
I got married to a Sardar? You just said that your
husband’s name is Jarnail. Mom, I said that my
husband’s name is Jarnail.. His name is Jarnail Sharma. Are you sure? Yes, mom. Okay, great. Then I got scared for no reason. We will be there in some time. What are you doing, Pundit? Daddy is still lying over here. You didn’t wake him up? We tried. He just doesn’t wake up. He cusses. Bad ones. He didn’t even spare
the females of my family. If you are interested in getting
cussed then you try waking him up. You shut up. Jelly! Jelly! Jelly! – What happened?
– I have gone crazy. I forgot to tell you
the most important thing. What happened? My father has a problem
with inter-caste marriage. If he finds out that my husband is a
Sardar then he’ll have a heart attack. What is wrong with your father! First I had to keep all the
cattle upstairs because of him. I had to lock Sheru in that room. What else should I do now? He has a problem with Sardars? Now should I turn into an animal? Shall I go and stay
with the cattle upstairs? Now it is also a crime to be a Jatt! If it is a crime to be a Jatt then
what’s the punishment for that? I hope the government doesn’t make
all Jatts take a dip in the Haridwar. Pundit, please go way from here. Go and clean up.
I wonder where Lajjo is dead. Lajjo isn’t dead.
Her elder sister’s husband is dead. That’s why she is on leave. Pundit! Pundit, please go away from here. – Please go away.
– Hey! What did I say? – Daddy.. get up.
– Jelly. Jelly, I have made a mistake. – What have you done now?
– Please don’t get upset. Jelly, I told mom that my
husband’s name is not Jarnail Singh. It’s Jarnail Sharma. Sharma? Do you have any brains?
Have you lost your mind? Let’s do one thing. Let’s forget
about welcoming your father. Let’s go to Amritsar’s mental asylum. Jarnail Sharma? I don’t understand how
did you even think about that? I heard that her old man is crazy. Meshi, mind your tongue.
He is my father. He isn’t my brother-in-law
that I’d be jealous of him. Don’t make me hit you. Stop blabbering. Son, I think your guests have arrived. Let’s go. – They are already here.
– Do something, Jelly. Jelly, think of something, quickly. – Shall I go and lock the gate?
– Sure. We are already in trouble
and you go invite some more. What do I do? – I have got another idea.
– What? I’ll wait outside
the gate with a stick. I’ll hit anyone who enters it. Don’t make me hit you instead. – I..
– Let’s take him inside first. Daddy.. Help me lift him up. – Help me.
– How do I help you? – Get up, daddy.
– You need a crane to lift him. Hurry up, they are here. – Their car is here. – Pundit,
first let us take daddy inside. We have reached. Come, sir. Oh shit! What the hell! Omprakash, I won’t enter this house. What happened? Brigadier, you have kept
your feet at the wrong place. What’s their fault? Come on, let’s go. Let’s go, come on. Omprakash, find a fault in this
house or its members within two hours. Two hours is a lot, sir. I’ll find a fault
as soon as I go inside. Let’s go. – Puspha..
– Mom.. My baby. – How are you, mom?
– I am fine. – How about you?
– I am absolutely fine. – Where’s Naina?
– Naina had an exam. Omprakash will go
and get her tomorrow. Okay. Hello, papa. – Come on, mom.
– Yes. Tell us, what should we do now? Will you keep quiet for ten minutes? Let me think of something. Everything is fine, dear? Yes, uncle. Everything is fine. Sarla, ask her where her husband is. Papa, he.. he will
be here in two minutes. Jelly, I will cut
the main power switch. Your father-in-law will leave
as soon as he starts sweating. You won’t let me think, will you? Can you keep quiet for some time? What does your husband do, dear? He is a doctor. What kind of a doctor? – Animal.
– What? Brigadier Meghnath’s son-in-law
is an animals’ doctor? No papa, I meant that
our servants are animals. They don’t get anything
until I ask them to. I will be right back. What huh? Shut up! Jelly, papa is waiting for you. What will we do now? If he leaves now,
he will never come back. If papa looks at you,
he will know that you aren’t a pundit. But dear what’s wrong
in being a pundit? – I too am a pundit?
– But you aren’t his son-in-law. Pundit, you have served us a lot. Now it’s our turn. To do what? To serve you. That’s fine. But I don’t have any
money to give you a salary. Pundit, you will get a salary too. That too double. That’s Goddess’s blessings. What will I have to do? Acting. Of being my father. You have to be DSP Kabal Sharma. Jelly.. The owner of this house. Forever? Have you lost your mind, Jelly? Only for a day or two. If DSP finds out, he will kill
both you and me with just one bullet. Why are you scared? I will take care of that. Who fulfils a responsibility
after being shot? Then it’s people responsibility
to perform our final rites. That too on woods. We have woods, don’t we? You die, I will burn over dung cakes. -Wait, I’ll..
– Hey, evil mouth. Don’t scare him. Please agree to do this, Pundit. We don’t have any other option. Okay. But I have a condition. What? I want DSP’s.. ..dark goggles. – Done.
– Jelly.. But who will be Jelly? I have an idea. Get our brown buffalo down. We will let it loose and
it will attack your father-in-law. Why do we need to
let the buffalo loose? You are like a calf. You can attack him and
carry him on your horns. Come on Pundit, be serious. Pundit, you are saying
such smart things today. Meshi.. From today you will
be Dr. Jarnail Sharma. That is me. I will be you? Have you lost your mind, Jelly? He will be Jelly? Have you heard the way he talks? I knew that I am making
a big mistake by coming here. It’s 11:25am. I haven’t even waited for the prime
minister for more than five minutes. Sarla.. Get up. Papa.. Which idiot came
inside with dirty shoes? I just cleaned the house. You got the house cleaned, daddy. – Actually, daddy loves cleanliness.
– Yes. Papa, he is Jarnail’s father. Retired DSP Kabal Sharma. Daddy, he is my father
Brigadier Meghnath Sharma. How are you, DSP? He’s inside. Shall I ask him to come outside? What do you mean? Don’t mind him, papa. Daddy has a habit of cracking jokes. Let’s go, daddy. It’s a joke. I was joking. This newspaper is a month old. Go and quietly touch daddy’s feet. You can look at its
pictures or read it. Yes. Why are you touching my feet? Go and touch your in-laws’ feet. What are you doing? Hello, sir. I have heard a lot about
you from madam Pushpa. Today, I finally got to meet you. I am pleased to meet you. You look good, sir. – You are wearing nice shoes.
– Who are you? Myself Meshi. Your servant. A servant in this house. A servant? How dare you talk to me? Okay, I won’t talk to you. But don’t hesitate
if you need anything. Shut up. And mind your own business. I don’t know. Pushpa, why is your
husband talking like that? Sorry, mom. I forgot to tell you. He cannot talk. Six months ago,
he lost his voice in an accident. God will guide you, dear. Be patient. Pundit! – Pundit!
– Yes. – Where are you, Brahmin?
– Brahmin? Who is that? This voice.. This voice.. TV? The television is
on in the other room. Yes. The Sholay movie is going on. Pundit, do you have a death wish? Oh, no. Pundit! Who will give me alcohol, your father? Sheru! You are sitting over
here wearing a coat? Remove it. Come on, remove it. – Come on, you dog, remove it.
– Daddy, let him go. Remove the coat! He ran away! You cannot escape me. – Come here, you dog!
– Calm down, daddy. What’s happening? Daddy.. What are you doing, daddy? – Let me go.
– Daddy.. Who are you? – I am the boss here. I am the boss.
– Daddy, calm down. – Ask him to remove the coat.
– Daddy..What is this nonsense? Ask him to remove the coat.
There.. Remove it. Remove the coat. – Remove the coat.
– Listen to me, daddy. – He is running away.
– Daddy. – Listen to me, daddy.
– He is running away, coward. You.. Hey you.. I’ll kill you. – Remove the coat and pant.
– Jelly.. – Don’t let them wear it.
– Let’s go. Have you lost your mind? I will be a servant in my own house? He’s a servant’s father! How dare he! This is ridiculous. Leave this house. Papa, please listen to me. – No, papa.
– What? Please don’t do that. He is soon going to die. Goddess has been very cruel to him. Yes. His brain is riddled with cancer. Sister, his brain is riddled
with cancer, poor soul. We don’t know when he might drop dead. We took pity on him
and let him stay here. Let the poor soul
do whatever he wants. We don’t know when
his clock stops running. Great. You have such great principles. You are so cultured. Yet so down to earth. Sit down. – Please sit down.
– Yes, sit down. – DSP, I don’t understand one thing.
– What? What problem does he have
with Jarnail wearing a coat? You know I have arrested Pinda Dattar. I have arrested Pinda Dattar. – Look daddy, I beg to you.
– Don’t do that. Don’t do that, son. You know how critical
Pushpa’s condition is in. The situation in the house will get better
if the whole family is together. It is a very sad story. Really? He used to have a dry cleaning shop. Do one thing, don’t be a servant. But for my sake,
stay in Meshi’s room for one day. You can do that, can’t you? Here? – On one condition.
– Okay. I shouldn’t run out of alcohol. Okay, I’ll get you a bottle. Sit down. The day he got a cancer attack.. ..Goddess played
such a bad joke on him.. Some men entered his
shop and stole all suits. Now whenever he sees
anyone wearing a suit.. ..this poor soul thinks
it was stolen from his shop. We have given him 300-400 suits. But Brigadier,
he still isn’t satisfied. May Goddess keep him happy. – All hail Goddess.
– Hail! What’s this? Yes! There’s something inside. There’s a shackle back
there and a wire out here. Omprakash, get prepared.
Something is fishy. There’s a dog in the house? A dog’s food bowl! I found an evidence! This is DSP Kabal Sharma’s room. Welcome. From today, it’s yours. – Yours.
– Where’s the bathroom in this room? Over there. Outside. A common bathroom.
A common bathroom. There’s just one bathroom
in such a big house? – We will make a new one for you.
– Sir! – We will dig a well for you.
– Come here. Idiot! Look at this. A dog’s food bowl!
There’s another one over there. – Where?
– Next to the bathroom. And.. let us go for a walk. No, I have never eaten eggs. Oh no. Papa wants you
to show him the house. – Okay.
– Go. Let’s go. – DSP..
– Yes? You have built a beautiful bungalow. I didn’t build it.
Masons have built it. – I just painted it.
– What? No, daddy means that
he got it painted. He is very choosy when
it comes to color combination. – Yes.
– What? Look sir, a dog’s bowl. Hey! Why are you eating in this bowl? Why? What’s wrong with it? – Here, you too have some.
– Idiot! I.. Retd. Brigadier Meghnath Sharma.. Will eat in a dog bowl? Don’t call him a dog. Don’t call him a dog. Don’t call him a dog. He was my friend. My best friend. My Dabbu passed away 3 years ago. I still cannot forget him. I still cannot forget him. There were just two things
that belonged to Dabbu. Some idiot stole one away. Dabbu! People don’t even let
your things be with me. The thief will get infested by worms. Be you be doomed, you thief. Dabbu! Calm down, son. Calm down. We will have a prayer meet.. ..for the departed soul next week. You too.. You too are requested to come
along with your family, brother. DSP, never talk about animals
in front of me. I hate animals! – All hail Goddess!
– Hail! – DSP..
– Yes? Tell me one of your cop stories. Cop story? As a cop.. I have been in dangerous situations. – I used to be very powerful.
– Sir.. Yes. – The renowned goons and
hooligans of Punjab.. – Yes? I have arrested them. – Pinda Dattar.
– Pinda Dattar? Yes. I have read about
him in the newspaper. – You arrested Pinda Dattar?
– Then what! – I arrested him.
– Sir.. Wonderful. Amazing. What a brave man you are!
I am impressed. Keep it going. – What?
– The story. The story. Have your drink. Yes! Oh yes! What happened was I was
going to Dhura from Ludhiana. Enough. I was alone,
and I had two goons with me. Pinda Dattar and Dharma. Suddenly I looked at the window.. ..and I saw 40-50 dacoits on horses.. ..traveling parallel to the train. Dacoits on horses at this day and age? Some of them might have been mares. DSP sir is a very funny guy. Yes. He addresses motorcycles
and scooters as horses and mares. – Yes.
– DSP sir.. Come on! I took care of 15-20
of them then and there itself. Wonderful. And then, a few who were close,
I sliced them like potatoes. Really? I grated a few of them. I got hold of one dacoit. I kept on slapping him. – I kept on slapping him.
– DSP sir? – On seeing that both the goons,
started begging me. – Oh. They said, “You are great, DSP sir.” “We have seen your bravery.
Give us a chance to help you.” As soon as I heard that I
shot a bullet and untied their cuffs. Pardon me for interrupting. But this story sounds
very familiar to me. – True stories always sound familiar.
– Yes. – DSP sir..
– Watch the drink. – What?
– Watch the drink. Meshi! Pundit! And then the station came. We got out. There was a girl waiting
there on a horse cart. She asked, “Where do you want to go?” I said, we want to go to Ramghad. She asked,
“Whose house do you want to visit?” – I said, the Chaudharys.
– Okay. She asked, “do you mean the same
Chaudhary who has lost both his arms?” I said, yes. Yes. Do you know her? – She said yes.
– I said take us there then. She said, “Let’s go, Dhanno!
Let’s go, Dhanno!” Dhanno was her horse’s name. Animals! Hey Animal doctor! Where’s my bottle? Give me my bottle. Damn.. And as soon as we
reached the mansion.. Chaudhary was so pleased to see me. He folded his hands and greeted me. DSP, he didn’t have any hands.
How did he manage to greet you? Greet me? – Meshi, you dog!
– Hide! – Where’s my alcohol?
– Hide! – Move aside, son. I won’t spare them.
– Daddy.. Move aside. I’ll teach them a lesson. – Come here, I’ll teach you a lesson.
– Daddy.. Daddy.. – Daddy, listen to me.
– Wait, where are you running away? – What are you doing?
– Daddy? At least let me finish my story. Pushpa, you still
haven’t gone to sleep? How can I sleep? I am worried. Jelly, what will happen now? Pushpa, you should thank God. At least your parents
are close to you. They finally came to our house. See, whatever could go
wrong has gone wrong today. What worse could have happened? Come on, take some rest now.
Don’t worry. Go to sleep. Oh no. Oh no. I have told Brigadier
to get rid of it. He doesn’t agree.
I get into trouble because of it. This is a mess. What’s wrong with it now? I think the engine
caught some air in it. Oh God. How many times have I told
daddy to change the car. I don’t know why he doesn’t change it. No, no, no. Don’t say that about Brigadier. You know that Nepal’s Maharaja
give it to him as a gift. He loves it. He can leave this world,
but he cannot leave this car. Shut up, Mr. Omprakash.
Fix it and then let’s get out of here. She is right. – Please wait.
– What have I gotten myself into? I’ll go and find a mechanic. You won’t find any mechanic over here. Let me see. Please wait. There he is. Wait! Wait! Do you have any car
mechanic over here? – There’s one at some distance from here.
– Let’s go, brother. Hurry up. Look after the car.
I will be right back. – Hurry up.
– Let’s go, buddy. – I’ll be right back.
– It’s so hot out here. What’s that? A fair? Let’s see. Sorry, Sheru. You have to
stay locked in a room because of me. You are yet to meet my father-in-law. He is a very stubborn person. If you meet him, you’ll wonder
what kind of a person he is. Why did you stop?
You are already scared? Sheru! No! – Sheru!
– Doggie! – Doggie! Doggie! Doggie!
– Sheru! – Help!
– Wait Sheru! – Help! Help!
– Sheru! Sheru! Help! – Sheru!
– Save me from this dog! Doggie, no. No. Go! – Sheru, go there.
– Go! Send him away. Come on! Go! Come out. He won’t hurt you. – Come on.
– I am scared of dogs. He has gone away. – Sorry.
– Come on. Come on. You got scared for no reason.
He doesn’t hurt anyone. Come on. Come on. You were in quite a hurry
to jump into the water. I was going to the fair. And you sent a dog after me. I missed the fair. That fair?
The one taking place in my village? Okay. Can you take me there? It’s not a big deal. – I’ll take you there.
– Really? Yes, let’s go. “I feel like pinching your
cheeks and letting you know.” “You have stolen
my peace of mind away.” “I feel like pinching your
cheeks and letting you know.” “You have stolen
my peace of mind away.” “How do I tell you?” “The feelings I have
in my heart for you.” “Sardarji, I swear..” “..you have been paying me
a visit in my dreams since yesterday.” “Sardarji, I swear..” “..you have been paying me
a visit in my dreams since yesterday.” “I want to match my
veils with your turban.” “I swear, I want to belong to you.” “I want to match my
veils with your turban.” “I swear, I want to belong to you.” “I want to get our names
engraved on a fiber plate.” “My heart stays restless.” “It is difficult to spend
each moment without you.” “Sardarji, I swear..” “..you have been paying me
a visit in my dreams since yesterday.” “Sardarji, I swear..” “..you have been paying me
a visit in my dreams since yesterday.” “You have been paying me a
visit in my dreams since yesterday.” “You have been paying me a
visit in my dreams since yesterday.” “You have been paying me a
visit in my dreams since yesterday.” – Sister!
– Naina! Hi, sister! How is my sister doing? I am good, sister. Tell me, how are you? Forget that, sister. – Guess what?
– What happened? You remember the Sardar
who used to appear in my dreams? Yes. I met him. – Really?
– Uh-huh. Where does he live? I don’t know. But he stays close by. He was taking his dog for a walk. That’s great. But it would be better
if you don’t think about it. Papa has already
found a match for you. Sister, forget him and
introduce me to brother-in-law. Come on. Tell me,
how did you fare in your exams? They were great. Sit. Sit down, Jarnail. Naina, he is Jarnail. Jarnail, she is Naina.
My younger sister. Hello, brother-in-law. Jarnail.. Jarnail.. Leave it. Leave it. Leave it. Sister, you left us for him? Why? What is wrong with him? There are many things wrong with him. But I cannot pinpoint at one thing. How are you, brother-in-law? Why isn’t he saying anything? He cannot talk. He had an accident six months ago. – He lost his voice in that.
– Oh. You have made me sad by saying that. He looks like Doraemon
and he doesn’t talk either. Let go of her hand! Forget it. It’s okay. “You have been paying me a
visit in my dreams since yesterday.” – Sister?
– Yes? That’s the same Sardar-ji! “You have been paying me a
visit in my dreams since yesterday.” Him? He is a servant in our house. So what? Aren’t servants human beings? Introduce us. Come on. I won’t be washing
my hands for another year. Her hands are so soft. “..in my dreams.. Meshi! Meet her.
She is my younger sister, Naina. Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you. It wasn’t pleasurable
when we met for the first time? You are behaving as
if we have never met before. Well.. I met her outside. One deserves to be introduced
to a beautiful sister-in-law twice. Right? – Whose sister-in-law?
– Brother Jelly’s. Come on, stop your drama.
Go and make tea. Forget it.
You don’t talk to the servants. Come on, sister. He says such beautiful things. Such words had got your
sister into trouble too. – What?
– Nothing! Go and freshen up. He will get tea for us. Let’s go inside. “You have been paying me a
visit in my dreams since yesterday.” Hi! I was wondering.. You were all alone out there. Where’s your doggie? – Doggie?
– Yes. It wasn’t mine. It belonged to my friend. – He took it away.
– Okay. It belongs to your friend. What are you doing? I am making tea. For you. Have a seat outside.
I’ll get it. Can I help? Madam, please go outside. I’ll get it. Eh! Why are you
addressing me as madam? You should address me with my name. Naina. How can I take your name? I am a servant. Madam. Again, you are addressing me as madam? – Naina! Where are you?
– Daddy! – Hurry up.
– Bye. Listen.. This turban suits you. Jelly.. what have you
gotten yourself into? Jai Hind, sir. Yes, Jai Hind. DSP sir, this is Jagdeep
Singh from Patiala Jail. Pinda Dattar has escaped. Be a little alert. – He will surely come after you.
– Oh. Jai Hind. Jai Hind. Omprakash! Omprakash! Get up. I can hear noises
coming from the roof. Something is surely fishy, sir. I too hear a dog barking. But I cannot find the dog. You always hear a dog bark. Hey, Pinda Dattar! Pinda Dattar! Quiet.
Stupid. We are getting a chance to
have an adventure after so many years. Yes, sir. Look, he will try to
escape through the gate. – You do one thing. Guard the gate.
– Okay. – If he comes your way, nab him.
– Don’t worry. – Go. Go.
– Come on. Doctor! You are sitting there
with a lot of attitude. – Come on, today’s movie is over.
– Okay. Come on, very good. How are you doing, beautiful? I didn’t get a chance
to meet you today. Oh! You don’t have time for me. You were having a pleasant
conversation with Naina. Stay away from her. Someone hit me with a stick. This is my own house. You! Here. Here. Wait, you Pinda Dattar!
I’ll teach you a lesson. Where will you run and go?
Come on, try and escape. No matter where you go,
I won’t spare you. – Here you go. Come on.
– Get him. Get him. Hit him! Hit him! – Teach him a lesson.
– What happened? What’s this commotion about? What happened, Brigadier? Look, we caught Pinda Dattar. – Pinda Dattar?
– Yes. Keep holding him.
I’ll call the police. – Don’t let him escape.
– DSP sir, you are the police. Oh yes. In my anger,
I forgot that I am the police. Switch on the lights. Jarnail, you? Brother-in-law Doraemon? Why did you run away when you saw us? Couldn’t you have said it was you? How can I tell you, I am mute? – But you are talking.
– Yes. I think he will get us into trouble. I am talking? I am really talking? This means I can talk again. Miracle! Miracle! Brother Jelly got his voice back. – Yes, it’s a miracle.
– It’s a miracle. – A miracle.
– A miracle. – Jelly got his voice back.
– A miracle. – Praise the Lord.
– A miracle. Thank you, Goddess. I had pledged that when
he will get his voice back.. ..I will offer You a golden cenotaph. Today I realized how
much my father loves me. But which language is he talking in? Yes, which language is he talking in? Which language is he talking in? I don’t understand whether
you are asking me or telling me. I think you have hit
his tongue by mistake. He got his voice back but
his accent is that of Rajpura. Yes. He is telling the truth. Thank God, he didn’t
get beaten up black and blue.. ..or else he would have started
speaking with Haryana accent. Come on, come on, come on. Thank God Jarnail got his voice back. – Don’t thank God, thank daddy.
– Yes. I think we should thank
not daddy but the stick. You got your voice back but
you better keep your mouth shut. – Let’s go.
– Have voice, will speak, bro. Shut up. Jelly.. This mess is getting
even more complicated. Meshi too has started talking. Our lie won’t last for long, Jelly. What if papa learns the truth? He will get a heart attack. Pushpa.. He won’t get a heart attack. What if he gets it? Then what, Jelly? Oh God, where did all the animals go? I cannot even see Sheru. What happened out here? Meshi! Omprakash! Get the newspaper and by
the time I am back from the toilet.. – Meshi!
– Yes. – Go.
– I’ll get up? Go. Who is in there? Open the door! Who is it? Meghnath! – Yes, how can I help you?
– Oh, no.. Sir, the newspaper. He does it on a newspaper?
Then he can even do it outside. What can you help me with?
I need to use the toilet. Open the door. I cannot come so soon. I am right in the middle of things. It’s 6:00am.
It’s time for me to go to the toilet. – Open the door.
– Wonderful. Nature’s call comes at the
right at time, just like a train. If you are in a hurry
then you should.. God bless you, the fields
on the other side of the house.. You can go and sit over there. They are our fields. This isn’t a time to joke, DSP. I have got the pressure. I don’t understand. Why does such a big
house have only one toilet? No, not one. We have two toilets. There’s one over there, for us. You can use that one. How dare you! Brigadier Meghnath will
use servants’ washroom? – Yes, you can..
– Shut up! You idiot. Don’t use so much pressure. Your condition is
already quite critical. Get lost. Otherwise, I will kill you. If you want,
I can get a red underwear for you. A red underwear?
Why a red underwear? Even a big train stops
in front of a red cloth. So this is nothing in front of it. Everyone is an idiot in this house. – Omprakash!
– Yes? Get this toilet’s door opened. I am doomed. I think they have guests at home. What’s wrong with you, brother Jelly? Are you alright? – I am fine.
– I’ll be damned. What is wrong with you? Why are you sitting
over here dressed as a boss? You have made a lot
of progress after I left. Progress?
I didn’t join the security forces. Hey, what is happening over there? – Sir, I think they are fooling you.
– Show me your watch. What are you saying? Proof? I think I’ll lose
my heart to you today. Behave! What is wrong? You used to always come after me. And today you aren’t
even letting me touch you. Hey, what is this maid saying? Forget what she is saying, sir. Look at what she is doing. Jarnail! How dare this maid touch you? She is his sister. She is his sister. They love each other a lot. His sister is expressing her love. You servant, you shut up! So? She is your sister? Huh? Lajjo, we have a lot
of work to do outside. Come with me. Let’s go and work. – Let’s go. – Wait, brother.
Let me tie him a Rakhi first. Stand up. Come here. How is she related to you? – She..
– You can talk now. Start talking. – She.. sister.
– Hey you! I had warned you! Meshi, you dog! You dog, come here! Come on. Give me my bottle. What happened, sir? – Listen to me.
– Come here and I’ll tell you. – Wait you..
– No! You didn’t give me my bottle. No! Where is my bottle? Give me my bottle. – Pundit!
– Daddy! – Give me my bottle.
– Daddy! His attacks are unpredictable. This is a limit. How many days more
is he going to live for? I cannot say when he will die. But if he keeps attacking like this.. ..then we are bound
to die in a few days. Listen.. If he behaves like this again
then I’ll run away from this house. – Let me go, son.
– Come with me. Let me go. What nonsense is this! Oh, no. Idiot!
Open the door. I am in big trouble. Same here, sir. – Daddy..
– My bottle? – Sit over here.
– Give it to me. Daddy, it is having no effect on you. You don’t know what’s going in this
house and what I am going through. Give it to me, son. – Give me the alcohol.
– All you can see is this. You cannot see your son? You cannot see your daughter-in-law? – This is all you want, right?
– Give it. Take it. Drink it all. It will have no effect on you. Drown yourself in it. It will keep it locked now. You are looking quite
beautiful today, Rajjo. Can I say something. I don’t like anything
in this house without you. This house bites me without you in it. Honestly speaking, I love
you from the bottom of my heart. Get lost, Romeo. I will hit you. I am your sister. What snake has bitten you? – Sister..
– Yes? I need to tell you two things. A good news and bad news. What should I tell you first? Give me the bad news first. I think brother-in-law is
having an affair with your maid. Naina, didn’t I tell you,
Lajjo is his sister. Really? Brothers and sisters
don’t meet in secret. What rubbish. Okay now, give me the good news. Good news is that I think
I am in love with Meshi. What? That’s bad news. Very bad news. Hey, even this is bad news? Sister, you too had
fallen in love, right? So what’s wrong if I too fall in love? Yes? Oh God, did you too have
of fall in love with him? Who else is in love with him? I don’t know. But you should have looked
at your status before falling in love. Find a suitable boy for yourself. Really? He is much
better than your husband. Jarnail looks like a monkey. Shut up, Naina. Anyway, papa has found
a suitable match for you. Really? I don’t like that boy. I don’t like him at all. I want Meshi. – Naina!
– I won’t marry anyone else. Naina! She wants Meshi! Let me see how she takes
my Meshi away from me. Come here, listen to me. – Where are you taking me?
– Come with me. By the way, you look good in a shirt. – This?
– Yes. Oh yes, you know Budhewal’s
fair starts tomorrow. It’s a big fair. I’ll wait for you at four o’clock. You are saying such
sweet things today. Did you by any chance consume
alcohol assuming its water? No. I am in love with you. – Really?
– Really. Meshi, you know, I don’t
like Pushpa madam’s sister at all. Order me, my darling. If you want, I can throw
her out of the house right away. Yes. – You know what she was telling, madam?
– What did she tell her? She said that she
was in love with Meshi. Meshi means me. Yes. Then you better get lost. Why are you leeching on to me? This is great news for me. Now I will go to the fair with Naina. Naina! “- Naina, my love..”
– Meshi, listen to me. Come, JB. Come on, my boy. Come on. – Hello, uncle.
– God bless you. – So, how are you feeling now?
– I am good. Fine. Now that you are here,
everything is good. Where’s Naina? Naina? She is waiting for you.
Come with me. – Come with me. – You should
look after yourself, uncle. – Don’t worry about my health.
– Be fit. – Pushpa..
– Yes, papa? This is the first time
you are meeting JB, right? Yes. He is JB. – Jai Bharadwaj!
– All hail Bharadwaj! His name. I thought he is praising the Lords. Naina’s future husband. This is how sons-in-law
should look like. Look at his status. Steel factory. Sugar mill. Construction contractor. And what not. Thank you, uncle. So, she is the one you
had thrown out of the house? Just kidding. Servant! You still haven’t
served tea and refreshments. Naina, don’t take the
wrong decision under pressure. – Marry the one you love.
– I am here. There will be many
boys crazy about you. Here you go. You? You? Uncle.. Where is the washroom? – Take him.
– Come with me. I will show it to you. Come along. What a game! And you are deceiving
my uncle in such a big way. Shall I go and tell him? He will tear your clothes right away. You shouldn’t worry about my clothes. You should worry about
your expensive shirt. What will you tell him anyway? I will be the one telling him.. About the condition of the
girl you have brought to the hospital. And you think my uncle
wouldn’t listen to JB.. ..and instead listen
to a servant like you? Why? Got scared? Look you animals’ doctor.. You and I..
We both are on the same boat. If the boat gets a hole in it,
both of us shall drown. It would be better
if we both keep mum. So, deal? But let me warn you. I won’t let you marry Naina. You are challenging JB? I like it! I like it! I will get married to Naina. And Mr. Servant, you will be
the one decorating our wedding car. What happened, uncle?
You seem to be too quiet. No, nothing.
I was just having cold drink. You should drink the cold drink. Sorry. Sorry, sorry. Servant.. You should get a mop,
when the floor gets dirty. What are you staring at? Get a mop. These servants don’t do
anything until they are scolded. Uncle, I think servants here
haven’t been taught how to work. You are right. They are lazy. No, you don’t do it. Lajjo! No, Lajjo had some work.
She has gone home. It’s okay, I’ll do it. Servant, not just the floor.. Even my boot is dirty. Italian leather. It’s expensive. It gets soiled quickly. Clean it as well. Hey you servant! Hello! Why are you staring at him? Clean it quickly. Sister, did you see
how he is behaving? I won’t marry him. I won’t let you marry him. Exactly. I will marry Meshi. That’s final. A dog! A dog! – Sir..
– What? – I found the dog.
– Where? – There. Outside.
– Okay. I’ll be right back. Why aren’t they letting me out? The dog was right here. Where did it go? Where did it go? Where did it go? Over there. It is behind that door. Over there.
Sir, it is over there. Sir.. Open it. Quietly,
the dog shouldn’t realize it. – Idiot!
– Close it! – Open it!
– Do you think he is a dog! – You idiot, he is a lion!
– Sorry, sir! You will get me into trouble one day. – Understood?
– Sir! You idiot! What happened, Brigadier? Did you disturb a beehive
that you are running scared? No. Retd. Brigadier Meghnath
Sharma isn’t scared of anyone. Sir, what about a lion? Sorry uncle, I needed your permission. Yes, tell me. If you permit,
I wanted to take Naina out. – Sure, why not. Go. Go.
– Dad.. Brigadier, to let the boy
and the girl to go out alone.. ..before marriage
is against our culture. If you want, I can go with them. What are you saying, DSP sir? Make use of your servants. Why do you need to take
the trouble when I am here? Just order me. I’ll go with them. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is in accordance to our culture. Then why are you waiting here? Go and get the car ready. Go. ‘Oh God, please forgive me.’ Naina, why did uncle send him with us? You know, I wanted to
spend some time alone with you. Look at the clothes he is wearing. Why? What is wrong with my clothes? Problem? We are going to a mall. We aren’t going to
the fields to harvest. Get down, I will drive. I will drive the car.
Get down. Daddy has sent him with us. So he will come with us. What the hell is this? What is wrong with it?
Check it quickly. – Patience.
– Get down. Let me check. Naina, even my servants
don’t have such a car. Your daddy’s great luxury car! Why don’t you sell it and buy
a second hand scooter on installments? Naina.. Naina! “I want to tell you
that I really like you.” “I want to tell you
that I really like you.” “I want to make you sit
in front of me and just stare.” “I’ll hide you in my eyes.” “You’ll dwell in the kohl, my love.” “I’ll hide you in my eyes.” “You’ll dwell in the kohl, my love.” “I spend my days looking at you.” “I spend my days looking at you.” “Calm down, dear.” “I’ll hold you tight,
if you permit me, my love.” “I’ll hold you tight,
if you permit me, my love.” “Even the moon borrows
brightness from you.” “I cannot look away from you.” “I keep chanting
your name all the long.” “Give me your support.” “I’ll hide you in my eyes.” “You’ll dwell in the kohl, my love.” “I’ll hide you in my eyes.” “You’ll dwell in the kohl, my love.” “The ground quivers when
you hit your heels on the floor.” “Like a falcon, I keep
an eye only on you, sweetheart.” “Like a falcon, I keep
an eye only on you, sweetheart.” “Sing a sweet song, dear.” “I’ll hold you tight,
if you permit me, my love.” “I’ll hold you tight,
if you permit me, my love.” I won’t spare you. Hey! Hello! I’ll see you. You idiot. Brigadier, I think you lost your
hair because of the heat and dryness. We are there.
We have come to the doctor. – Almost there. Almost there, Rajjo.
– It’s a tried and tested treatment. – Use blackberries.
– Calm down. Calm down. There is a blackberry
tree right behind you. Yes. – Blackberries are cold in nature.
– Yes. – You should eat them.
– Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Yes? Why are you saying yes? Where’s the doctor? Do you think he is a chef? He is a doctor. What work do you have with him? People visit doctors to
get medicines or injections. What else can you do, perform prayers? Pundits can perform prayers too. – Right?
– Yes. If you are pundits then
why does Jelly wear a turban? – Turban?
– Jarnail? – Yes?
– Do you tie a turban? Yes? I tie a turban? Brigadier,
why does Jelly wear a turban? DSP, shut up. Why do you wear a turban? He has lost his mind. After listening to Chamkela’s
songs he has lost his mind. Tell me what’s wrong. My Rajjo is about to deliver. She needs an injection.
Her legs are weak. She cannot stand at all. She is standing. Her legs don’t seem weak. Do one thing. Take his wife inside. Then call up Jelly and
ask what medicine to give. Give her an injection
or two if needed. Hurry up! Damn you! Are you crazy? She is Sukho, my wife. Rajjo is my goat’s name, you idiot. – I’ll teach you a lesson.
– DSP! – What the hell is going on?
– I’ll teach you a lesson. This man brought a goat to your house. Goats are allowed at home? – I’ll teach you a lesson.
– What are you doing? You idiot. Go away from here. Stupid. You don’t have any shame. This isn’t animals’ doctor’s house. This is a humans’ doctor’s house. You are great. We have never let a
dead goat enter our house. And they brought a living goat here. Get lost from here. – You have ruined my mood.
– But.. You idiots! Get lost from here. Take your goat away. Jarnail, I find this hard to digest. Brahmins find hard
to digest even legumes. How will they digest a goat? Shut up! Really? Naina! – What the hell was that?
– Excuse me! What were you saying? You are crossing your limits. Do you even know who he is! Who is he? A servant? I don’t care. I hate what you are doing! And I hate you! Naina! Naina! This animals’ doctor.. Hey! Where are you going? Listen! Listen up! You bloody animals’ doctor. Don’t you have any shame? She is your sister-in-law. You are crossing your limits. That’s it? You got scared so soon? You had said that you’d make
me decorate your wedding car. JB will still make you
decorate it with flowers. Sheru! No! Let him go. I know it’s because of you. Enough. What happened? You are crying like a kid. – Come on.
– Uncle, look at this. – Sit down.
– A dog bit me, uncle. A dog bit you? How did a dog bite you? Let’s send him out again. He will know how it bit him. Shut up. Son, why did you go near the dog? How many times have
I told you to beware of dogs. Why don’t you try to understand?
I didn’t approach the dog. There was a dog in their house. – There was a dog in their house?
– Yes. A dog in our house? He means a dog came from outside
and bit him in our house. – Yes.
– Yes. Yes, it just came. Yes. It’s okay, son. It’s okay. Everything will be
fine after an injection. – Yes, of course.
– There is a doctor at home. I won’t take an injection from him. – Not him, he will give
you an injection. – He? Wait. Uncle, how can he give
me an injection? Uncle? – How can he give me an injection?
– No, no. Absolutely not. You can make me wrestle Bahubali. But I won’t let him
give me an injection. Why? Is my injection defective? – I won’t get injected.
– Look son, it’s for your own good. – You will have to get an injection.
– Doctor? – Shall I get the injection?
– Go and get it. – Get it loaded with medicine.
– Where are you going? I told you, I won’t let
him give me an injection. Brigadier, we don’t know
which wild dog has bitten him. You are going to get
your daughter married to him. I say you should call it off. Otherwise, people will say that
his son-in-law was bitten by a dog. I say, you stop your blabbering. Son, DSP is absolutely right. You will have to an injection. Uncle, try to understand. I cannot make him
give me an injection. An injection! Such a big syringe. Doctor.. Here you go. Such a big syringe? Look, a dog has bitten
me and not a dinosaur. Go. Stay away. Stay away. He is still a kid. – He is scared of an injection.
– What do you mean by he is scared. Brigadier Meghnath
Sharma’s to be son-in-law.. ..is scared of such a small syringe? – Try to understand, uncle.. try to..
– Shut up. Doctor, inject him. Shall I I won’t.. I won’t let him inject me. Let me go. Let me go, please. – Even your father will get injected.
– Let me go. I won’t spare you. You don’t know who
are you messing with. It’s okay, doctor. – Sometimes the vests are torn.
– My vest isn’t torn. – Make sure it go right inside.
– Really? – No.
– Okay. Here you go. That’s it. Here, it is done. Damn you! Did you have to make it over there? Hello? Doctor, why did you take
so long to answer JB’s phone? How I am? People call their doctor
only when they are in a problem. I have been bitten by a dog. Are you mad, doctor. Now will I go and ask the
dog whether it has been injected? I don’t have a problem with the dog. My problem is that an
animals’ doctor servant.. ..gave me an injection
meant for animals. And it’s paining. Doctor.. I will call you right back, doctor. Mr. Jelly, now you are done for. Game over. Enough. I know you are hungry. Hey! What the hell is this? This is too much! Omprakash! I won’t stay here for another minute! What happened, sir? You are asking me what happened? As a servant how do
you dare to question me? Your father, a servant here,
chases people over small things. I can hear a dog barking
in this house, 24 hours a day. And what is this? What is this? So many animals? So many animals?
Shame on you. You should feel ashamed. But there is nothing
to be ashamed in this, sir. Keep your big mouth shut. Do you know how many types
of diseases cow’s dung causes? If not about yourself, at least think
about the pregnant woman in the house. Being a pundit, you hate cows so much? Brigadier, people consider
them as their mother. Don’t you know how much
Lord Krishna loved cows? Nandi, the bull is
always with Lord Shiva. And if they are kept clean, there
isn’t a cleaner animal than them. What diseases can they cause? Even their urine cures many diseases. I don’t want to argue with you. – Let’s go.
– Meghnath. The coffee you need
to open your eyes.. If not for them,
you won’t even get that. We can never repay them. First, they nurture us
with their milk. And then they lie under our feet,
as shoes. And if you hate animals so much.. ..then you should
also remove your shoes. He is right, sir. – Listen..
– Yes? Does Jai Bharadwaj stay here? Yes. – Ask him to come out then.
– He has gone out. Where is he? You escaped by address
the cow as mother. Now I will get how you
will get out of this mess. You saw! There is also a dog in this house! Now you will make your
dog with this Brigadier? There is a limit to shamelessness. DSP! In my entire career,
I have never seen.. ..anyone who is cheaper,
disgusting, liar, cheat than you. You should feel
ashamed about yourself. All of you have become animals
after staying with animals. All of you are animals. Brigadier sir, learn to love animals. If needed they will even die for you. They aren’t selfish like human beings. Hey you shut up, bloody servant. Sarla! You.. And you, Naina.. Pack your bags. I am leaving this house for good. I will never come back here again. And I will never see her again. Please don’t do that, papa. I beg to you. Please mom, say something. Please don’t do that, papa. Please don’t do that. – Mom, you should say something.
– Uncle, I too wanted to say something. Ever since I have come to this house.. ..I have been noticing that
Naina has been crossing her limits. Before it’s too late.. – ..you should get her married to
me as soon as possible. – Papa. Okay. As soon as we leave this place.. ..your and Naina’s
court marriage is fixed. Sarla, come on. Come with me! “Broken dreams..” “Broken hearts..” “In the world of pain,
sorrows rejoice.” “Days and nights
filled with separation.” “How will I find peace?” “Even happiness will shed tears.” “Listen, my yearning eyes.” “Even happiness will shed tears.” “Listen, my yearning eyes.” “Oh, my yearning eyes.” “How do I face myself?” “I feel scared.” “How do I dare to dream?” “I feel scared.” “My destination is lost in solitude.” “In the world of pain,
sorrows rejoice.” “It is even difficult to die.” “How do I live?” “Even happiness will shed tears.” “Listen, my yearning eyes.” “Even happiness will shed tears.” “Listen, my yearning eyes.” “Listen, my yearning eyes.” – Papa, please listen to me.
– Brigadier! – Brigadier, please listen to me!
– Papa! Brigadier! – Let me check, sir.
– Brigadier! – What’s wrong with the car now?
– I am checking. There, it has to breakdown now. Sir, I think the
engine has caught air. I don’t know anything. Repair it right away. – Uncle..
– Hmm? If you don’t mind,
I’ll drop you in my car. Okay. JB’s car won’t be taking you anywhere. Two tyres are punctured. What? What the hell! Who did this? I think someone had done it purposely. And I know who did it purposely. I don’t understand one thing. Why do you keep such a trashy car? Idiot! DSP, keep your big mouth shut. Heed my advice, it’s quite late. Let’s go to sleep. In the meanwhile,
Omprakash will get the car repaired. – Yes.
– Sarla.. I can sleep in my car tonight. But I won’t sleep there, with them. Brigadier, it’s okay if
you don’t want to sleep with us. You can sleep inside.
We will sleep outside on cots. Yes. Yes. This should be fine. – Let’s go.
– Come on. Please go inside. Yes! There, it has started working. It has started working.
It has started working. Thank God. Thank you very much. – How much do I owe you?
– Rs. 2500. – Here you go. Rs. 2300.
– No, I’ll take Rs. 2500. Take it. – Okay, give it.
– Don’t refuse. – Otherwise, I’d not offer that much.
– You’re very miser. Meshi! Meshi! Meshi! – Naina, you?
– Yes, me. What happened? Let’s go inside the car.
I want to talk to you. What is wrong? It’s urgent. Let’s go inside the
car then I’ll tell you. Naina, quietly go inside.
And let me sleep. If you don’t get up
then I will start screaming. Get up quickly. Have you lost your mind? Keep quiet and stand up. Hurry up. – Quickly get inside.
– But where are we going? Who made ladyfingers with gravy? Give it to me! – You are useless.
– Pushpa.. Pushpa.. Rajjo? Rajjo? Rajjo? She always troubles me. Rajjo? Rajjo? Where did she go? There! What are you doing
on the road, you fool? You trouble me a lot. Come here, you stupid girl. Come here, my child. Rajjo! Rajjo! – Have a seat.
– What happened, mom? I am ruined, Pushpa. Naina ran away with the car. She ran away with the car?
But with whom? Someone was with her.
I don’t know who. Mom, not you, I got ruined. – What do you mean?
– Yes. Naina ran away with Jarnail. But Jarnail is sleeping
outside in the courtyard. I mean Naina ran away with Meshi. Naina told me that she loves Meshi. – Meshi?
– Yes. – Your servant?
– Yes. My daughter is in love with a servant? Damn, it too had to stop working now. My name is Pinda. And I don’t give another opportunity. A loaded pistol is
pointed towards your head. Remember whichever God you want to. Oh Lord, Almighty.. Naina, where are you taking me? We are running away
from the house, Meshi. – We are running away?
– Yes. But you are the one
who is running away. I am running away with you. You are running away with me? Just a second. Let me understand the matter. – You don’t want to marry JB.
– No, I don’t. – That’s why you are running
away from the house. – Yes. But then why did you disturb my sleep? Because I love you, stupid. What? – You love me?
– Yes. Stop the car, Naina. – What? Why?
– I said stop the car. – What happened? What happened?
– Stop the car! Have you lost your mind? If you love me, it doesn’t
mean that I too love you. – You love someone else?
– Yes. – Whom?
– Your sister, Pushpa. Meshi, don’t you have any shame? You are eyeing a married woman? You are betraying the
people who trusted you? Don’t talk in phrases with me. – She is my wife.
– She is Jarnail’s wife. – And I am Jarnail.
– You are Meshi! Meshi is our servant. Okay Meshi, you think that there
is a difference in our status, right? Meshi! Meshi!
Meshi! Listen to me. Meshi, these things don’t
make a difference to me. – So you too don’t worry
about these things. – Naina! – Meshi! Meshi! We..
– Naina! Listen to me! Meshi! – Listen, no.. Please..
– Naina! I am your brother-in-law.
Jarnail Singh. Do you understand? Stop it now. I made a mistake
by asking you to pray. You just won’t stop praying now. – Meshi! Meshi! Get up!
– What happened? It is raining? It’s not raining.
I think someone is in trouble inside. – Hurry up.
– Let’s go. Hurry up. – Come on.
– It is the black underwear dacoits? Sheru! You dog! Damn.. The great Pinda Dattar!
Come on! I’ll break his skull. – I’ll hit him with his own pistol.
– Come on. – Come on. Hit him.
– Hit him. Sit down or else I’ll blow your head. – Sit down!
– Come on. Tie him. I will tie him tightly. Look Brigadier, it’s
an animal that saved your life. He looks like your photocopy. – It is just a little darker.
– Idiot! – Uncle!
– What is happening out here? Who is he?
Are you alright? – Are you alright?
– I am okay. Fine. No problem. – You two had run away.
– Auntie? – Uncle!
– You ran away? – No! – How dare you
run away with my sister! We didn’t run away. Your sister
wanted to go for a morning drive. So I took her for a drive. I will kill you.
I am JB. Jai Bharadwaj! – All hail Bharadwaj!
– That’s my name! Change your name. Otherwise, people will end up
praising the Lords at odd situations. Come on! Alcohol! Your father will give me alcohol now? – What happened?
– What is going on? I’ll tell you! You scoundrel! JB isn’t scared of anyone. – Wait, wait!
– You aren’t scared! – Your whole family will be scared
of me. – Why are you hiding? – Panda Dattar, you?
– Daddy.. I had sent you to prison. What are you doing over here? Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen to you, Rajjo. – I won’t let anything happen to you.
– Let me go, son. – Doctor!
– Doctor! Doctor! – Daddy, stop it.
– I sent him to prison. Look, someone hit
my Rajjo with his car. Jelly, look, my Rajjo isn’t talking. I don’t know what is wrong with her. Take a look at her, Jelly.
Take a look. Look at my Rajjo. Save her, Jelly. Look, she is hurt. Hey you crazy man,
you came back to this house? This house doesn’t belong
to any animals’ doctor. It belongs to a doctor
who treats humans. I might be crazy. But I know that Jelly doesn’t
treat humans, he treats animals. Yes. Animal Doctor,
please save my Rajjo. I have nurtured her like my own child. I beg to you. What are you thinking about? What are you thinking?
What are you thinking about, Jelly? Save her. Don’t worry, Chamkela. Nothing will happen to your
Rajjo as long as Jelly is here. – Yes.
– Let’s take her inside. – Yes.
– Yes. – Let’s go, Rajjo.
– Rajjo.. – Rajjo, nothing will happen to you.
– Rajjo, it’s me. Doctor will treat you. No, Rajjo. What is happening out here? If you want to know
what is happening here.. ..then keep mum and listen. That boy who went inside,
Jarnail Singh. Animal Doctor Jarnail Singh.
He is my son. And I am Retired DSP Kabal Singh. Pushpa is my daughter-in-law. But I love her like my own daughter. She is the pride of our family.
She is our honor. And the two people
standing behind you? They are my servants. A true example of loyalty. Pundit has
been with me since the last 30 years. Meshi has been working
for me in this house. What? This is ridiculous. I thought that these
servants are my relatives? Oh shit! Aren’t servants human beings,
Brigadier? How are we any different? – Oh you shut up.
– You shut up, Mr. Brigadier! Aren’t we rustics human beings? Cows, buffalos, dogs, cats are
a part of our life, our human lives. But you won’t understand
because of your ego. You have a stick stuck inside you. Mr. Brigadier,
we did all this drama so that.. ..it doesn’t put your life at stake. You won’t understand. You were trying to teach me a lesson. You got me locked
in that room like a dog. – Yes, I did!
– You shut up! I’ll tell you what a dog is! – No daddy, don’t.
– Move aside, dear! – Pushpa!
– Sister! – My child!
– Pushpa! Are you hurt? – Get up, dear.
– Mom! – Sister?
– Pushpa? Dear, Pushpa.. You deserve what happened with you. This is what should
have happened with you. – You deserve that!
– My Rajjo.. Love marriage! That too inter-caste!
Out of caste! Pushpa! Now you know what happens
if you marry outside your caste? Did you realize it now.. What’s the difference
between Jarnail Singh and JB? Jai Bharadwaj! – All hail Bharadwaj!
– Shut up! I didn’t ask you to praise the Lords. I am asking which one
of you is Jai Bharadwaj? – He is Jai Bharadwaj.
– No, I am not Jai Bharadwaj. – Son, you are JB.
– Hey girl, is he the one? Yes, it’s him. Who is she? – I don’t know her. – I have
an arrest warrant against you.. ..on the charges of raping Simmi. – Arrest him.
– Hold on! – Arrest him.
– Get him. – Take him.
– Don’t touch JB! – Come on. Come on.
– Take him along. Pinda Dattar is over here? Come on. Look at him hiding over here. – Take him.
– Come on. And he was carrying this pistol. Damn you, you hooligan! Let’s go! – Let’s go from here!
– Leave me. Mr. James Bond! My legs hurt. – Sister!
– Pushpa! – Pushpa!
– Daddy.. Mom.. Sir? – What is wrong with him?
– Sir? – What is wrong, sir?
– What is wrong, sir? – Pushpa?
– Let’s take her to the hospital. – He is having a heart attack.
– Hurry up! Hurry up! – Take him to the hospital quickly.
– Take him quickly. – Hurry up and take him there!
– Nothing will happen. – Nothing will happen to you, sister.
– Pushpa. We will be there soon. Please drive faster. – Don’t worry.
– Sister will be fine. Hurry up. Now what? How many times have I
told daddy to change the car! I don’t know why he doesn’t change it. Daddy! It has broken down again. – Daddy.. sister, it’s okay.
– Naina! Daddy! Hurry up! Look, there is nothing to worry about.
Brigadier is absolutely fine. He just had a gas problem. There, in the village
won’t get enough gas.. ..and Brigadier has
excess of it in him. Strange. – Thank God! Have mercy.
– Oh Goddess! Congratulations, you had a calf. – Calf?
– Sorry, I mean you had a son. You can go and meet
your son and your wife. – Congratulations.
– Congratulations. I became an uncle. Her eyes are like mine. Hey my baby.. Congratulations. Give the child to me. Son-in-law,
won’t you give my grandson to me? Careful. He is so cute. Sorry. I was at fault. I was wrong. Please forgive me, son. No papa, it’s okay. What are you looking at? Every alcoholic needs
72 hours to kick his habit. I needed just two. And I got them. Pundit! – Here you go, brother.
– Hand my grandson over to me. Here’s your junior animals’ doctor.

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