Dalton Family Practice Medical Center, Dalton GA

Hello, Im Dr. John Antalis, and Im a Board
Certified Family Physician here at Dalton Family Practice We’ve been practicing here in Dalton Georgia since 1980 on Professional Blvd We see patients as young as 7 years of age
and up to as old as you want to be in our office And we see patients from locally in Dalton
and from our surrounding communities We have a wide range of services. They include: Physicals Routine checkups Gynecological exams and treatments Breast cancer screenings Cardiovascular checkups Screening for cancer and other diseases Cholesterol and blood sugar level checking Pap Smears and Immunizations And Full Digital X-Rays We specialize in the diagnosis and treatments
of many chronic conditions like Diabetes Hypertension Asthma Allergies and Chronic Pain We pride ourselves on being the friendliest
and most helpful practice in Dalton From the moment you walk in our doors, you’ll
be greeted with a friendly smile And a very helpful atmosphere and a attentive staff member that will make
your visit very comfortable and relaxed as possible We are affiliated with one of the most prestigious
hospitals Hamilton Medical Center of Dalton Georgia The technology that we at Dalton Family Practice
have invested means That we can offer a full range of efficiency
with instant access to information and diagnostic care We take your privacy very seriously and all
patient information is secured and HIPPA compliant and we’ve had the honor of receiving many
rewards from renowned medical societies and organizations And work with highly compassionate teams of
healthcare professionals To find out more information or schedule an
appointment Visit us at DaltonFamilyPractice.com or give
us a call at 706-278-0138

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