100 thoughts on ““Daddy’s coming home!” | Closing Time | Doctor Who

  1. Rule number one when on Earth never ever threaten someone’s child or you will bring upon you the wrath of a thousand suns

  2. And looks what has happened, now we in America has to put up with his lame humor and car skits on late night TV as well as lame ass coffee commercials!

  3. You can’t use someone as noticeable or charismatic as James Corden and still keep the screenplay detached and immersive!!!

  4. People remember that james cordan is in this but the lady holding the baby is lynda baron from come outside just without her dog

  5. "I believe in you! I believe you can do this! I've always believed in all of you, all my life!" Started as a pep talk towards Craig and ended as a pep talk to humanity as a whole.

  6. When doctor who had moments like this. That gave you goosebumps. That made you feel. That showed the good in humanity. Not some little white woman lecturing us for 40 mins

  7. Cyber men bad sure… But if you stop and realize those are normal every day people having there heads explode from the realization of what they have become… It's sad

  8. This is like the best Cyberman story , when eventually in the far future the Cybermen are render obsolete , they can no longer out pace other races , who over come them and eventually force them to change their mission and who they are . Cybermen CANNOT adapt to every race or environment . Be nice if the writers remember that once in a while !!

  9. Reports say the cybermen rejected Corden due to the sheer amount of metal his drone would use up.

    And him having the smallest brian that would slide out of one of their suits, if they're in brain slicing into standard suit mode

  10. So, James Corden made it, but Bill Potts didn't?! I mean, I know she was 10 years with the Cybermen, but she was a companion, not just a guest star. #ijs

  11. Shame this didn't happen to Corden in real life, then he might have had enough additional processing power to be able to drive a car and talk to somebody…

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