D. Ryan Willingham, MD – Georgetown Medical Clinic

(upbeat music) – I’m Dr Ryan Willingham,
I’m a family practitioner at the Georgetown Medical Clinic. We see all types of patients, we see kiddos from very young, adults, and even the very old. And that’s part of what, it’s the most exciting part of my job is being able to see all
generations of families. You know, we only have several families that we see as little kiddos, and their parents and their
grandparents in some phases. We treat all variety of conditions. Blood pressure and diabetes
are probably our most common. We treat thyroid
disorders, skin disorders, I do joint injections and
sometimes minor skin procedures with, even minor surgical removals. We really try to have compassion
at staff, in physicians, all of over staff have
actually worked here for several years, and I
think they’re very friendly. I’m excited to come to work everyday just to meet the patients
that come in the door, and maybe a variety of illness that bought them in to see us, but it’s always an interesting
person that has a story. (upbeat music) georgetownmedical.com/home
(512) 763-4000

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