Cyst Sprays Across the Room!

(upbeat cheerful music) – Hey it’s Doctor Carter
here at Lexington Podiatry. Today, this young lady has
agreed to let us look into her foot and see what’s
in this big, huge knot on the side of her foot. So let’s get started. – [Dr. Carter] All right my dear. Everybody’s going to stand back, I guess. Oh it’s just clear fluid. (gasps) – [Patient] Fluid! – [Dr. Carter] Oh I just shot Amber. – [Amber] Oh, that’s okay. – [Dr. Carter] Look at it! It’s like a waterfall! (gasps) Shoot, I’m sorry. I’m just doing that for the camera. And the cold stuff. Sorry. – [Patient] I didn’t even feel it. I was just bracing myself, just think ice. – [Dr. Carter] And it’s still squirting. – [Amber] Mm-hmm. – [Dr. Carter] We’re going
to (muffled speaking) Just keep your mouth closed
at all times around here. – [Patient] (laughs) – [Dr. Carter] I’m going to spray it. Did I spray it a second ago or no? I forgot, sorry. – [Patient] I need a
turn my foot back over. – [Dr. Carter] No, you’re all right. – [Amber] That is (faintly speaking) – [Patient] Did it go down any? – [Dr. Carter] It is. It’s
just still coming out. – [Patient] Okay. – [Dr. Carter] Can’t even see
it leaking out, but it is. – [Amber] So what kind of fluid is that? – [Dr. Carter] Just serous fluid. So it’s not ganglion. It’s just fluid that
would form in a cyst, in an arthritic joint. – [Amber] Lord. – [Dr. Carter] Mean look,
there’s your ankle bone. How about that. – [Patient] Yes! – [Dr. Carter] It was hiding
under there all this time. All right, it’s still moving. And we’ll pull up and see what
the exact path report said. Maybe if we have that. All right. Well there’s your ankle bone. – [Patient] All right. – [Dr. Carter] So that wasn’t as eventful. I could have squirted it
half way out the hallway – [Amber] No kidding. (laughs) – [Dr. Carter] but I didn’t. – [Patient] (laughs) – [Amber] That was cool. – [Patient] She said it was cool. – [Amber] Yeah. – [Dr. Carter] Amber likes to see stuff. – [Amber] I do. – [Patient] But she wasn’t
here the first couple times. (chuckles) – [Dr. Carter] Mm-mm, no.
She started in April, right? – [Amber] Yeah. – [Dr. Carter] Yeah. So you were– – [Patient] Oh yeah. – [Dr. Carter] We thought
you were done by then. She’s like that’s cool, let’s video this. Sorry. If you liked the video you saw today, make sure you like and
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11 thoughts on “Cyst Sprays Across the Room!

  1. I'd like to hear an update on this. I'm very curious exactly what the contents was. I have experienced more cyst pops and extractions then I would care to share. LOL and have never seen anything like this. I'm also wondering if there was any odour. On this end it looked like a yellowish type of liquid almost what would come out of a blister. Anyway thank you for sharing. A job well done lovely bedside manner.

  2. You could have your video removed for copyright infringement due to the music in the background. Just thought I'd let you know great video

  3. You just answered my question… I wondered about a ganglion cyst, but it is usually a much thicker gel like substance…

  4. A little trick, is to make more than one incision, to placate the squirt factor. Lol, you found the secret youtube password~squirting cysts!!!πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ˜„ Btw, you look like Elizabeth Moss!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  5. It didn't look like a cyst to . There was no spray across the room. What do they call this, Click bait.
    Shame on you 😑

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