Cute Animal Rehab at VCA!

We’re at the VCA to meet a good buddy of ours, Donald Schultz. He is working in the Zoological Department. So he’s going to show us around the hospital real quick. Donald works several days here at the VCA, he has a stethoscope, so, you know (DONALD) Official. Yeah, it’s… he’s no… (DONALD) So I’m a technician which is basically like a nurse for doctors. So he’s showing us around the hospital. Mel’s really more interested in the animal part. Donald also co-hosted Animal Intervention on Nat Geo Wild. He’s a reptile expert and has dedicated his life to helping animals. He had surgery? (DONALD) So he had back surgery. So we have a neurologist and she mainly sees wiener dogs and French bulldogs. Wow. Here, I’ll run it for you. (DONALD) We had a frog in there. Did you really? (DONALD) So that’s the frog. That’s one view of the frog. Oh my god, so the frog was done literally right there. (DONALD) Yeah. (AS CAT) I’m just gonna lay down and make it look like that’s what I’m trying to do. Is that like a monitor of some sort? (DONALD) Mmhm, it’s a tree monitor. It’s from Biak. It’s from biotch? (DONALD) Biak. But I mean, she’s, she’s like, normally monitors are really mean, she’s totally calm. (MEL) She hates me. (DONALD) She’s just smiling at you. Yeah, get up there. Get up there. Poop. Can you make it poop? Can you say anything to make it go poop? (DONALD) Go poop. You’re not going to find an animal hospital this big in anywhere else besides L.A. (AS DOG) Can you guys come hangout with me, I promise I won’t bite anything. Take it off. Thanks brother, appreciate it. (DONALD) Cheers man… see you guys. And finally a shout out to Donald, the VCU, and everyone out there who’s helping our furry, feathery, and scaly friends that are such an important part of our lives. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Cute Animal Rehab at VCA!

  1. Why aren't these longer? Donald needs his show back! My kids and I stills say"I'm highly allergic to it's venom" all the time( with bad accents).

  2. My little guinea pig gets acupuncture after every oral surgery she has (she doesn't chew correctly in her old age and so she gets her teeth ground down every few months) and that helps with the recovery so she doesn't have to have pain meds once she gets home so her appetite will bounce back more quickly.

    What a cool facility you've shown us!

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