Culture at Ivinson Memorial Hospital

I love working at Ivinson, just because – mostly
the people; I love how it’s small enough that you can know everyone. Ivinson Hospital is a really friendly hospital
in a very friendly community. I’d say the culture here is one where we actively
listen. We actively try to make a difference every
day in achieving our mission. Because we’re of the family atmosphere, we
get to know each other, and so we know our strengths and our weaknesses and we can accomplish
great things because of the closeness that we have as a team. We have an amazing culture at the hospital,
where people can be innovative and creative. It’s a chance to make an impact, and we’ve
got a wonderful set of employees. There’s always opportunities to make a difference. In my role here, we get to do a little bit
of everything. You’re not stuck in one part of the hospital. So you get to bounce around and you get to
know everybody. You get to take care of all different skill
levels of patients. I feel like the employees are really hard
working, very interested in patient care. I think that everyone should treat the patients
and the patient’s family like they’re their own. I’ve heard some of our therapists call it
the, “my dad rule.” It’s where, if it was your dad, how would
you want them to be taken care of? And so, I think we approach each of our patients
like they’re our family. I would say the culture of Ivinson is one
where everyone is inclusive, everyone contributes to the overall patient experience and you
can make the hospital, and your employment here, and your care here be what you want
it to be. The thing I enjoy most about Ivinson is the
ability influence things. There’s a much stronger connection to my co-workers. A lot of people come and fall in love with
Laramie, and then this is just a place to work, but then they fall in love with here
because of the community that we have here at Ivinson.

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