Culicchia Physicians To Provide Services at Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital in New Orleans

Culicchia Neurological is proud to be offering both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation at Cobalt the Culicchia staff in combination with the therapists and rehabilitation therapists at Cobalt are going to offer a very good environment for a high quality of rehabilitative care— physical, occupational and speech therapy for outpatients that may have neurological disorders, orthopedic issues, etc. and inpatients who may have suffered strokes, brain injuries, have more complicated Orthopedic issues that require inpatient rehabilitation and so forth. The rooms are twenty percent larger than required by Medicare It’s a brand new facility with all brand new gym components…. Zero Gravity machine… Here at Cobalt we have Zero-G gait and balance training system which allows patients of different levels of performance and diagnosis to begin walking and working on balance early on in the process of recovery. We are very proud to be the only hospital in Louisiana to have the Zero-G gait and balance training system. A good rehab unit is going to be able to provide services to patients that are going to get them from the hospital back to their home as quickly as possible and as comfortably as possible. At Cobalt, we can do that very comfortably.

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