Cuatro drags Elai out of the hospital | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Gotcha! Sir? Why were you following me,
Del Fiero? You’re crossing the line. Do you know I can have
you relieved from duty because of this? Who is the one doing
something wrong? Are you trying to
test my patience?! What?! Are you really that
disrespectful?! Why are you checking your phone
while I’m talking to you? “Alex is the spy. We need
to catch her right away.” Where is Noblejas, sir? Jessie! Ma? What are you doing here? I’m here to visit
Isabelle and Elai. Had I known you
were coming here, I could’ve hitched
a ride with you. I’m here on
official business. I’m here on
official business. We need to interview
Miss Isabelle and Elai. Elai, follow me. Sit here for a while. I’ll just check if
the doctor’s here. Elai, the doctor asked us
to wait here for a while. Alright. Don’t worry. I’ll do everything
in my power to make sure she
rots in jail. Isabelle, I got
you some food. Ma? Dear. I know who the shooter is. Dear… Jessie’s on her way here. She might see you. After we talk to
Miss Isabelle, let’s search the
entire hospital. We won’t stop until
we find Rhian. Okay, ma’am. Let’s go. Ma. Miss Isabelle… How are you feeling? I’m fine. Elai, I’ll just call someone,
okay? Alright. You’re the one who–

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