Critically Injured Dog Gets Life-Saving Treatment at CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital

– Hi, buddy. Hi, oh my gosh. You look so good. You do. You look great. – We had our dog, another family member got hit by a car, and
it was pretty severe. We thought that actually he had, was gone at that point and then he kinda came back to. – He had a few different things going on. His left eye and his nose, there were severe lacerations
around those areas. He had really severe
damage to his hard palate and his soft palate, so kind
of the roof of his mouth, was completely split open. – The first day he was here they did what’s called a trauma CT. So they basically sedated him
and put him through the CT just to see what we were dealing with. – Same on this side? – Yeah, just 5.6 MIGS. The second day we actually got
him under general anesthesia and he was under for about eight hours. The first couple hours was me
getting additional radiographs of his teeth, charting his
mouth, taking a bunch of photos. And then Dr. Hamil and I got started on starting with
reconstructing the soft tissues of the palate. It’s only just like mildly deviated. – We didn’t expect him to survive. And so for them to be able to look at him and immediately start
putting options together and telling us what it would entail, there was a part of it that was relieving. – It’s actually a really
awesome collaboration. It was way more like a
human hospital would flow as far as having different people come in and do different parts
and working together, which was really awesome. – Yay! Yay, you’re so happy. The biggest thing that we
discussed prior to surgery and what everyone’s goals were were to have Yeager get back
to a good quality of life, as far as being a pet and
being happy and healthy. I think that we’ve achieved those goals, so I’m very, very pleased
with how he’s recovered and how he’s healed. – [Lex] Just like anyone else, he just has a life-changing injury that he’s adapted to already, and I think all of us have
adapted to it as well. – He’s doing really good. He’s so happy, and he’s such a sweet dog, and he’s really comfortable, and he’d definitely taken
all of this in stride, and I don’t think anything can stop him. – Everyone that works
here is here for a reason. They give you the feeling it’s not just a face that they put on, but that they truly
care about not just you, but I think the animal first and foremost. They truly are here for the right reasons.

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