Creepy Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Exploration

Today we’re exploring an abandoned psychiatric building That has been shuttered since the mid 90s It was built in the 1800s as a poor house to care for patients that could not afford better health care It’s the only original building left on the campus. — Join us as we see what’s left inside… (Intro Music Playing) Here, there’re stairs over here– Ok — Do you want to go up first or do this floor first? We can check out this floor, but I think it’s highly destroyed. I’m glad I changed my shoes to my crappy ones- cuz it’s pretty mucky and gross in here. Look, it’s so wet- look at the ceiling –There’s a lot of humidity Shall, we go into the boiler room? There’re a lot of animal footprints down here… Oh– There’s a pipe resting on top of the door- it fell down I’ll stick my camera in It’s just a skinny hallway Gosh this hallway is destroyed Its nail sticking out of things hanging from the ceiling Tunnels Well there’s tunnels here — Alright we didn’t, want to enter any tunnels as almost all of the surrounding buildings are still in use today nope It’s pretty wet in this hallway fallout shelter This is a fallout shelter in here not a very big one though, oh, wow… The fallout shelter– –Symbol or the radiation symbol is like engraved onto this That could just be a coincidence though. That could be meant to look like a fan Brian, remember when you joked that these were toilet seats? They are I guess in the event of a nuclear disaster- This is where you shit. Got to keep it sanitary down in the fallout shelter That’s pretty interesting to me actually. Imagine just coming up here -having a squat with your friends during the nuclear apocalypse. I bet to you that somebody shat in here biohazard It looks not as destroyed in there — So it’s probably locked. Yeah- Look at the bolts on the bottom. –Yeah… That’s not going to open. There’s something cinder blocked off right there Okay, this is open. It’s just like beach fence (Sniffs) Those are sealed Those are just empty rooms though anyway Michael c’mere- what is this? I wonder if that light’s still on? It is a pretty orange light Could just be selling the light is coming through That’s just water dripping right? –Yeah Do you want to go investigate that light down there? –Yeah
–They could just be coming through something –It could be coming through the wood like that.
–Yeah It’s probably just getting colorcast from the wood. Wow- it’s like a little… octagon –This room had marble walls
–Yeah, it was probably used for like, a main entrance area –Yeah It probably had nice ceiling too, but that’s gone. Oh, there’s stuff in here Damn, this is where everything went This looks like a kitchen or something What the hell was this thing? Ohhhh It’s a tub and i think that thing would have lifted somebody off into the tub These are freezers the door is just in there Isn’t that one of those scales for infants? I don’t know if they would have had children here- this seemed like a children’s hospital, but you never know (reading) “ferriday” Don’t know, what was in here? And all the paper that, would go in it is on the floor There was a spa in here- a Kevo Parker Bath (It’s a real thing, Google it) may, be some type of hydrotherapy? This area is full of stuff also. you got pineapples on the wallpaper Rooster, squirrel, and a duck. Blood pressure test What if this just, like, latched on to me and then didn’t let me go? It’d be pretty spooky Oh, sweet- bathtubs This, is like, the same room from the other side but the tubs are actually still here Chairs just chillin’- medical chairs. Purple *PEW* *PEW*PEW* It’s a dead end but there’s some cool, stuff in here this is like a expert viewing panel There’s water spouts in here that I don’t like here’s half of an elevator car for some reason there’s something so unsettling- -about seeing an open elevator shaft- -and the elevator not where it’s supposed to be It just gives you like a bad feeling The windows are open on this floor Oh, whoa- this looks like a little lab or something. It smells like shit too. I don’t know, I can’t hear! This one? Oh shit. –they’re bees or-
–Look, they’re all over the windows –You think those are bees you said?
–I think so… *BZZZZ*watch out y’all we com’n for ya* We decided to find another way around the swarm –Okay, that’s like the third weave I’ve seen –yeah, that’s what I was filming over here- the weave! Another the one of these Okay, so hopefully the swarm doesn’t extend up to the next floor. I don’t hear anything right now, so we’re probably okay… –Just get quickly through here
–Shhhh! … I don’t hear the bugs anymore. That’s… a lot of mold. Yeah, the roof is just completely going here. *Heavy Breathing* The rooms in the lower floors didn’t have this titling… and then- at least not every single room. got, some cool-looking pastels in here A needle Humm? The future of this building is unknown, but, hopefully, it’s eventually saved. you

100 thoughts on “Creepy Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Exploration

  1. The Proper People
    hey dudes, i just sub'd to your channel cuz i love this kinda stuff, but tell me how do you find all these places? is there some kind of list on the net somewhere?

  2. I'm kinda sad you didn't do a Nicholas Cage "Wicker Man" routine while running from the swarm. 😉

  3. Those "Radiation Symbols" on the Joseph Incine Burner, are air flow vents. If it wasn't all rusted up, you'd be able to rotate it and you'd have three triangle shaped holes to let the air flow into the furnace. It has nothing to do with Radiations symbols or "looking like a fan" guys!! I thought Exploring With Josh was the only guy who made really stupid and uneducated statements??

  4. Other youtubers: 'omg look at this haunted asylum, we found a dead body'
    You guys: 'shit, bees!' 'We found weavessss gurlll'

  5. A 7:30; that is a whirlpool tub with a chair lift. You would use it for patients that couldn't stand well or walk. You would put the patient in the chair and then lift it above the tub, then lower them in. I've used one before. Very interesting videos.

  6. Many psychiatric hospitals were unsafe, underfunded and understaffed so when people became more sensitive to peoples quality of life they started shutting many of them down also people who worked at or stayed in these places left ASAP and never wanted to come back that's also why they're left so intact with a lot of stuff cause people wanted to forget about these places and didn't want to come back for any reason due to the horrors they either experienced or witnessed lol.

  7. Again, urban explorers with nothing but shorts and crappy tennis shoes. Invest in some JD miner's boots with steel soles. And some army surplus desert trousers.

  8. I get nervous for you guys when I see you wearing shorts and runners….Steel cap boots and work pants or jeans, the boots aren't that expensive but the safety factor is so much more improved.

  9. 8:37 is an outside sprayed red, likely MAZDA incandescent bulb, looks to be an early 25 watt A-19 shape, and to the left of it a nice, very likely Perkins rotary snap switch with a nickle plated brass cover, to this puts this apparatus no later than the late 1920's I would say, as tipless A shaped bulbs came along in 1919. Some really pristine early electrical items in there! The X ray viewing panel looks to be from the early days of fluorescent lighting, so likely contains some gems, maybe genuine MAZDA fluorescent lamps, and also nice early ballasts etc. It makes me drool to think what is inside! Looks like some of the rooms on the upper floors are 4 lamp preheat 4 foot units, on down tubes, also good stuff. Looks like a swarm of honeybees is looking for a new home. If those were wasps (yellow jackets) they would be on you instantly, as they are aggressive as hell. This has been a fear even in my own yard–running into a nest of hornets, since I can't walk and am in a wheelchair, running away is not an option. Anyway, cheers! By the way, the first wheelchair looked to be a Quickie Breezy.

  10. If only someone had put the wheel chair in the walk-in. Then you would really have a "Chair Just Chilling".
    Keep up the fun and cool videos.

  11. The tunnels you saw near the beginning of the video have been sealed off for quite some time. They lead to the buildings next door. The ones that look like a prison with the razor wire fences. One of those is abandoned, the other is active . The active one is a government research facility of some sort and they don't want anyone near it. I was stopped by security on two separate occasions on that side of the building and told to leave the property.

  12. It's good that you have respirators! When you breathe through them, you kinda sound like Darth Vader. "Luke, I'm your father!" LOL!

  13. Did you guys know the thing you were saying had a fallout symbol engraved on it on it was a cremation oven for cremating patients who died, this place is creepy

  14. At 3:00, in the door to the incinerator, what you think is a radiation symbol or a fan, is actually meant for adjusting the air getting into the fire.
    You would turn the outer disc (that has the two triangles at the bottom of it) so it’s openings meet the openings in the actual door, behind the top of the outer disc.
    As more of the openings are exposed, more air gets into the fire. That way you can adjust the heat of the fire by adjusting the amount of air that gets in to it. You can make it slow burning with less air etc.

  15. It pisses me off huge buildings like this and we still have homeless people and children when this building could provide shelter and bathrooms to use until they get back on their feet

  16. Thanks so much for all your efforts ..your vids really give me something else to look forward to.
    I've been on a couple old building adventures myself, but never got the chance to the type of sites in your vids.
    I envy that you guys have taken the opportunity to do this stuff on a mass scale.

  17. 1: how manny people suffering in that psychiatry clinic with their sadist narcist psychiatrist abused clients ?

  18. Wow. It's amazing hearing those bees buzzing, then they come right after them…… those bees are smart af

  19. What you thought was a radiation symbol on the the small door in the fall out shelter is actually an air vent to let air in to keep the fire burning either intencely with wider open vent or less intence with a small open vent.

  20. 9:00 when you've played so much skyrim this triggers you a little and you feel like you need to remember the pattern…

  21. I just get spooked seeing hospital equipment.. that too vintage ones are extremely creepy..

  22. Wonder if that fallout shelter door's message engraved into it is exclusive to this building or it could be found elsewhere.

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