Creepy Abandoned Mining Hospital

Hi, wonder hussy here in the beautiful Rocky
Mountains of Colorado okay I’m in the Red Mountain mining district sort of
between Telluride and Durango ash up in the mountains and back in the 1880s
there were six mining boom towns all through these mountains this region was
founded in the 1870s and produced four million ounces of gold 21 million ounces
of silver and 12 million tons of lead zinc and copper holy cow that’s a lot of
riches that they got out of these mountains now this Ida Rado mining
company is paying for this or has paid for this reclamation that they did here
I guess this whole area was tore up from the mining and so the Ida auto company
which I think it’s still in business graciously donated the time and funds to
restore these beautiful mountains and replant trees and grass and stuff and
also provide this interesting interpretive stuff so let’s poke around
and check it out okay so you can see where there’s still a lot of bear faces
on this mountain like this tree is growing back and grass growing back we
it’s still pretty scarred up but apparently this Ida rato mining company
I Dorado and was like a joint everyone I don’t Colorado or what but this mining
company that was founded in 39 so it’s not even that old they were responsible
for the cleanup or they did the cleanup it says here well it shows you a before
what it was like and then after and then it kind of tells you how they cleaned up
the you know the mess and it goes to remedy the problems on mine tailings
piles in the district were reclaimed by the Ida rato mining company even though
I Dorado was not involved with many of these historic when they had to put that
in there just you know we did it just to be cool man we didn’t even do this mess
and then it also says here many of the creeks and the Red Mountain mining
district are devoid of aquatic life okay so they guess the water is so poisonous
up here that fish can’t even live I know it said you’re not supposed to drink the
water anywhere around you’re like where I camped
not scary but according to them the reason they’re devoid of aquatic life is
due to the natural geologic setting and historic mining I like how they just
kind of pop that in there it’s due to the natural geologic active you and the
historic mining okay I believe you I adore a toe even though you weren’t
involved in any of this historic mining it’s cool that you went through the
effort to clean all this out and hopefully I don’t grow a third foot from
being up here camping overnight okay but what looks more interesting to me
actually than all that interpretive stuff is all these creepy old abandoned
houses up here I’m not sure I don’t look old enough to really be from the period
when this area had active mining because I was like they stopped in the early
nineteen hundred’s these houses not looking that old so what are they let’s
go find out I mean look how creepy this one is I love you can see it has like
creepy paintings on the windows painted curtains
oh I think they’re not actually windows look at that it’s just a plywood they
covered the windows with plywood and they painted them to look like this
curtain actually fooled me haha look at the historical site maybe the sign he’ll
tell us what it is look it doesn’t even say you can’t go in it just says seems a
lot of damage excavate or take items from any public
historic or first art building ruin site monument or object of antiquity awesome
because that’s kind of the m/l all that I always abide by in my explosions I try
to just leave everything exactly as it was how old do you guys think this house
is though it looks pretty old but I wouldn’t say 1800s or early nineteen
hundred’s old my first thought was that this was some kind of old mining village
like one of the boom towns but like I said the buildings don’t really look old
enough to me no but look at that there’s a storm
moving in so I got a hurry he’s Rocky Mountain storms are no joke
man if this storm hits while and exploring I might have to climb in one
of these creepy old houses for shelter yikes
look here’s the crawlspace underneath the building
yikes what if I had to shelter down there from the storm that would not be
good Wow look in there some kind of old
machinery what that wise I can’t get up there oh it is a little bored maybe I
can’t get up Wow okay look at this I don’t know what
kind of machine that is doesn’t look old enough to really be an old any kind of
old mining equipment and look at that thing behind it some creepy old medical
bed or table oh my god I swear to god that’s what that looks like okay y-you
guys there was something very creepy going on in here
booth diggers hats can tell you what that is vitamins and fluoride chewable tablets
but look at this terrifying medical table I don’t care how sick I am if
that’s the only table you have to lay me down on I’m gonna die I love movies are
the names of all the dudes to work here so I was panic our mandir is pee goes on
nickel team american guess that’s where they kept their I don’t know even they
kept in there your thing now look at this giant barrel of liquid heat more
those weird oh I see there it’s like clan cards or
something or some kind of weird old system of record-keeping update 1970
okay so 60 70s are right holy cannoli guys this is terrifying all this weird
washer looking things they’re not washers though they’re curves where
those look and not that is a ton of them everywhere on the floor oh it is I’m sorry my flashlight is so
burned out some creepy old piece of equipment that I can’t tell what it was
and there too oh wow it’s real dark in here bring a bigger flashlight next time
water sterilizers no some kind cleanup operation yeah maybe there’s a hole look
staircase take a look upstairs oh this is really spooky you guys and by the way
I am completely alone I’m traveling to Colorado meeting my sister in a couple
days but she’s not here yet but a loan some paperwork on the floor oh man it’s
just rooms full of junk sorry I my flashlights not bright enough but
there’s really nothing up here paperwork junk it’s all like covered rat poo hmm
funding for this project has been provided in part through a grant from
the State Historical fund good job guys morale papers pipes
oh yeah see this is a little light coming through there so the furnace used
to be dang spooky right this house is in such gross condition I don’t even think
I want to take shelter in your service offender zone because I don’t know
choice look Phylis too long though I’ll get even see it so dark sorry identification did a patient record of
it is medical yeah there was some kind of freaky doctor’s office in here
yikes ooh that is uh oh man you guys I wish it was lighter in here hopefully
you can see this when someone on this side there are these terrifying old
metal head boards against the wall there’s like maybe this used to be a
hospital ward yikes I’m it’s very small hospital ward
but all the furniture in here does look very old time medical discussable we
love them on bottom and it’s made out of metal oh man I feel like I’m in an up
spin and I’m staying at ion but hardware supplies oh well nothing more up here
but look here’s a good eater or if it is cabinet yikes so creepy old enamel it’s
not enamel it’s just painted wood anyways can’t get it open just records
everywhere on the floor not record all those medical records
dang all right let’s see that here is it’s freaking me out
Oh mommy look at one more thing I don’t know what that is oh it’s a toilet seat
cover holy creek and it’s covered in rat turds and some kind of really poison is
looking chemical well I see does it crawl space up there but this place is spooky at night now
we’re going back downstairs get out of this creepy haunted abandoned mining
hospital now looks like some history’s been in here since the old days I just
want to do one last pan around here it’s just such a creepy creepy old place so here’s the door to the lean-to must
have just been like a storage shed at one time there’s nothing in there no oh
well hold on there’s not nothing in there so one of those cool old washing
machine lid some of these we actually had to push a button to turn put the
setting in huh there’s an old-fashioned washer put just the top the bottom is
not there maybe that was some kind of hospital up here I’m not really sure
what’s going on with that building but we may look this building here let’s
check it out looks like it was maybe the back door
and the stairs have rotted away but look we can just step right up
oh by the way there’s no poisonous snakes on the rocky mountain side and
that’s where my boots even though I probably should because you know it’s
broken glass and because it grows stuff everywhere also I’m not sure about like
looks like there’s a lot of maybe rat poop
and all those hantavirus up here what in Mojave does it always have to worry
about hantavirus out here I don’t know what kind of disease this rodents carry
anyways here’s the mudroom or whatever that first room we came in not much in
here like some kind of work room house is wired for electricity so it can’t be
that old I don’t know that breaker looks pretty
old maybe 7d wish but oh look here’s a water heater well it looks pretty 70s
Montgomery Ward huh I don’t know well he’s happening with the wood flooring
looks pretty old but I don’t know okay now we’re coming into the second room
here okay let’s say with a kitchen because of the linoleum but lookit
there’s just tons of these banks of metal lockers everywhere blocking my
progress I can hardly get in here yeah there’s just lockers jammed
everywhere weird look there’s some more of those rat turds
oh my breath to think what was is why there’s a bank of what look I can’t even
get into the rest of the house so many lockers
oh wait look is a closet mm-hmm your get out my flashlights see what’s
in here my flashlight needs recharging well it’s just a closet you can kind of
see that there’s a slanted wall which indicates it’s under a staircase that
isn’t staircase it’s ears that these lockers are blocking me maybe I can go
around to the front and see if I can get in that front look at this old linoleum
that looks sixties or seventies that kind of space-age pattern huh
I’m kind of a kitchen but also a bunch of lockers interesting let’s go around
the front I mean look how weathered these boards are paint just flaking off
I’m frankly surprised that it’s in this good of condition considering that this
whole area is buried in snow every year you know like when I explore these
places in the desert they’re pretty well preserved because it’s so dry you know
it’s like a good environment to preserve things out here and I would expect the
weight of snow and rain every year to just completely destroy you
look here’s the front entrance such a cool building stairs are even still in
pretty good shape so this is some kind of little front cloakroom to get hung
three cloak for cloaks or three cloaks and a jokes oh wow
so here’s a main room that you came to join it was just now it’s just full of
lockers lockers lockers and more lockers oh why and then I mean that looks like
it could have been a chalkboard so maybe it was some kind of tiny little one-room
school that all they had from Fort Worth walkers well weird no what could a
series of stairs going up far out like how creepy the old stairs are I mean
they looked like they were covered in linoleum so that’s not that old-timey
let’s go up so there were the second floor so maybe it was a school and they
distort all their stuff down Saracen studied upstairs it doesn’t make sense it’s kind of like a bedroom up here the
ceiling is bowing slightly but not nearly as badly as you’d expect for a
building this old sitting up on top of us snowy mountain vest
oh look in here it’s a closet and it’s whitewashed newspapers so it looks like
they put newspaper up oh man I don’t know if you can even see this because
the light but it was like it’s the Denver Post you can kind of see the name
of it there but I can’t see a date and maybe over here the Denver Post first in
everything well apparently first and everything
except for printing what date it was oh wow it is some idiot left a coffee cup
in here come on mate and credit see do the whitewash some of the old headlines
Eastern sprinters will meet paddock that means dang how kind of her dates on any
internet I don’t know when this was I mean it look at one of you can see that
at a literal old-timey so it looks older than the 70s I think but definitely not
old enough to be like from the original mining days I mean the original mining
days the newspapers would have look way different
I don’t know that was interesting about but hey look in here this was a bathroom
so we know the place was plumbed which indicates it was fairly modern but one
of my fans tells me I should look inside toilet
tanks to figure out what your house is built so this is my big chance to do so
let’s check it out they don’t see any stamp in here though I did it once in
one of my other videos for the dunes motel outside Barstow and that total it
was stamp so this one doesn’t have any date stamped in it I don’t know what to
tell you you can use my flashlight there is nothing one thing stamped on there is
a weird little number 7 or whatever so this toilet offers us no clue but I’m
going to open it anyways you don’t see what’s in it
Wow yoikes so look there’s this that’s the lid the
toilet tank rivet with stamps on that all rights heavy there’s nothing on the
top and there’s nothing on but I don’t know man this you know you are sorry I
tried your trick but it didn’t work this time
let’s keep going this bathroom had two doors and went into that bedroom and it
goes into this other top bedroom it looks like there was some kind of
furnace here by golly I hope so because it is cold like I said it’s buried in
snow happier look at the window no more on top of this crazy mountain pass I
don’t even know what the elevation is here but probably eleven twelve thousand
feet it’s nuts I would have done more research on the area but there’s no cell
phones over here so I couldn’t get I couldn’t pull up Wikipedia sorry it’s
just a closet all right so the upstairs was basically just two bedrooms and a
bathroom huh a couple closets go back down the stairs and check out I think
there’s like a couple more buildings we can go look in maybe that’ll offer us a
college Oh what what’s going on here okay let’s walk over here so basically
but just to give you the layout we’re kind of in this little valley at the
side of the highway I mean there’s a major highway running that way home it’s
two lanes but the major highway to get over this path so not sure why there
would have been a tiny little town here it wasn’t marked on any of the maps
because it’s not one of the original six mining towns obviously it was built here
later why look at this little car used to be blue at one time some kind of
70s looking Oldsmobile maybe you tell what that is I mean I’ll add another fan
asked me to please shoot the front of the car in the back of the car you can
try to figure out what it is okay well this one is pretty badly mangled there’s
a front good luck figuring this out guys I mean it’s a little close-up detail of
the door handle and look inside that was the heater okay we caught thermostat
air-conditioning oh wait oh Broten it’s a Cadillac see and I know that I’m
pretty sure the Fleetwood right you guys told me was I right or was I wrong or
Brougham excuse me not a problem I pronounce that BR ough am I think it’s a
Cadillac reason I know that about the Brougham is I almost bought one myself
once I wanted a big ole fashioned boat car but I ended up getting a Lincoln
Town Car at 86 Town Car oh my god it was eighteen and a
half feet long it handled like a waterbed it was beautiful I had it
painted pepto-bismol pink with a white top and white interior and I had a lot
of adventures in that car wouldn’t get a good car for me now though because he
can’t really get very many off-road places with it but at the time when I
first moved to Vegas I enjoyed it all locked anyways enough yakking for me
here’s the next house huh I mean if the first one was some kind of hospital and
the second one was some kind of school oh well that’s oh look at this and it
looks like it was just a regular house no weird equipment in this one walls
were all painted really nice colors nice high ceilings do you remember back
in the day when they made nice high ceilings not only 5/3 so a little Julie
doesn’t bother me that I can imagine about its tall I’d be obtaining these
new houses hey look you’re just used to be a closet you can see there used to be
a it’s been not cut where they used to be able a rod but and they like nails in
there – DOS CB just hang for sure Faro whoa look at this creepy tableau in
this room oh man okay I’m going to guess this was some
kind of a gas heater that Bedok I’m eating obviously gets cold here and I
didn’t see any kind of fireplace or anything in this one but look it’s like
there’s a cable running out the window she’s going to land on the ground
wonder where it plugged into originally and then like that I don’t know to me
that old heater looks super old-timey but maybe it’s from the 70s what do I
know I mean this chair here doesn’t look that old that chair looks my
grandparents had a set like that in their kitchen it was no no maybe 80 ish
like I feel like that kind of wicker is kind of a tea more than 70 I don’t know
though huh I mean the electrical outlets are all non grounded by gives you same
fluid to the age okay low this looks like it was a bathroom by the toilet was
that’s where the tub was and that’s where the sink was not anymore
and in here this is like going on to back here’s like a big workroom with
some sort I look and I had a big closet maybe the master bedroom because there’s
a plating cons it to it and they’re really ghetto unfinished particle board
but sliding closet doors well there’s another chair in here that’s it another
chair from that set Wow what and then here looks like there was some kind of
collapse back towards your covered porch or patio or something
well look we can just walk right in the door looks like it’s holding up
collapsed roof so I don’t want to put the Medoro just go right through the
door there’s no gloves in it anywhere is one more house up on the hill look at
that storm it is moving in we got to hurry okay before I go in the main house
they look another little Shack out in front a little storage shack or utility
Shack I don’t know so weird little work tables for opening I had like a call sheet
that’s up big I’m not much in here oh wait a minute
did I say not much in here because what I meant to say was somebody lost their
panties in here Claire doesn’t want to go read the tag that says smart and sexy
okay you tell me how smart and sexy it is some lose your panties in an
abandoned mining Shack at the top of a mountaintop in the Rocky Mountains from
Jews now these panties have been destroyed look at that somebody pulled
them clean off probably with your teeth yuck I do have rubber gloves I have a
rubber glove with me that another fan gave me but I just didn’t put it on
souse too lazy anyways yeah panties were gross
okay this is the last creepy old house we’re going to go on guys see what’s in
this one okay here’s the first door I see paths
going around the side but I’m going to go upstair first let’s see if we can
step up not a steep step yeah I can make it though hold on splinter okay another water heater and linoleum
tile so definitely kind of seventies laminate don’t look at this door it’s
all settled waiting’s in there oh look at that
shag carpet so definitely not that old empty box yeah not much this looks like
it was a closet like the world’s most shallow closet earlier for anything and
they are day okay so shag carpeting annoying this door at this house is
definitely from the 70s and then here’s the kitchen to the right of what we
first came in wow this was a nice kitchen back in the day
good job storage underneath beautiful view
understanding at the window is that and we can write up of that mountain which
has been scarred and plundered look at that Wow hit its old stove so cool yeah
how much about I was like the baking site I guess put your blows of bread in
there no so old like the name of its not even on there anymore oh look this
electrical is grounded in this building so this was schwanke bad fall line
remember that maybe they even had a dial-up internet connection oh look
there’s hardly any artifacts in here because yeah I’m sure a lot of people
come in what something oh it’s just a piece of mail I was just take it
hairline take it well look Lisa happened Brock
she went from Pittsburgh to San Francisco on May 22nd of 2016 a little
over a year ago economy seat middle seat man poor Lisa I’m interesting I wonder
if maybe just somebody was poking around here and fell out of their pocket you’ll
door oh I say this was like the front door we didn’t come in the front cuz
it’s too hard to climb up but when you came in the front here’s a little
vestibule ok 1 2 and then you enter it into this room which is covered in a
really delightful green and yellow shag carpeting and so you had your kitchen
over there you had that 70s bedroom out there it
looks like this is another seventies bedroom I mean look at this furnace yeah
it’s total seventies look if it the thermostat upside down places
jerry-rigged from the get-go no wonder it didn’t last
holy moley said it was too much the same shallow little closet creepy oh here was
the bathroom hey check it out this here’s another toilet maybe we can see
the data in this one no look oh my god you guys look gross as
I drop my son’s life is in the toilet should I take them out or just leave
them there huh I’ll let you guess what I’m going to do
anyways I was just going to say that the day ish I can’t read it there’s just
certainly some wines I don’t know what the dude is talking about I don’t see
any date in anything to us but this was definitely the bathroom oh look and then
back here oh this must have been the shower it’s a separate room oh it’s a
whole run charge of you can see this it’s very close quarters but it’s
visually just a notch cut in the wall and the it’s a shower itself is a room a
whole room I’ve never seen a shower like this so I guess it was just all lined in
tile at one time now it’s just can you covered in garbage like there was a
little towel rack in there I’ll look for your robe well maybe the whole thing was
in child is that part interesting but look at all this garbage on the ground
what was this budget tapes and records oh wow
must have been an old record store back in the knew and they sold records at
stores or I guess they still do all up hello well I some hippy dippy old radio
station k BPI FM 106 anybody ever listen to that natural foods art gallery when I
six stone evident must be one of those little colorado hippy mountain town
radio stations i don’t know that’s what they listen to here then look over there
and what you can see that but a mousetrap huh there’s no way it worked
you good holy cow you guys I do not know what was going on here but one more room
to go ahead we have one more room that could answer all our questions about
this place and here it is it’s the Blue Room well they had a baseboard heater
shag carpet just like the other ones a much bigger closet look at that
the master suite clearly well I’ve got a skylight and easy access to crawl space okay so looks just like it was a master
bedroom and they were trying to kill a rat in here too unsuccessfully ha
here’s the view look it up the road see that car cruising along this beautiful
winding mountain pass gorgeous road and then look you can see there that’s where
all those six ghost towns were or mining towns you know Alberti and red mountain
and all of them so where we are now on the other side of the road is clearly
wasn’t one of those old towns and it’s not old enough to happen that anyway so
we know that but hmm what happened in this area anyways yeah what happened
here boy howdy I don’t know I’d be hard-pressed to figure it out
I mean definitely is building our old enough those videos of mining days and
we established by looking at the flooring and the carpeting and the what
few artifacts we could find that people had been there in the 70s I’m not going
to count that plane ticket and the beer hands because they were clearly left by
other explorers so as far as like the people that lived here I’m going to
guess it was late seventies early 80s maybe that’s when this aya Dorado
Company started to do the reclamation cleanup I mean they sounded like they
were a little bit sour about doing it from it almost kind of a vibe I got from
reading those information placards so maybe they were like and we got a call
damn EPA says we gotta clean up this hilltop or maybe the EPA didn’t force
them to if they felt it would put them in good standing with the EPA if they
cleaned up the hilltop well then we’re going to send their top brass out to do
it that’s for sure you know that goes bossman never goes out to do the dirty
work they always send the poor grunts so the Kleist sent you know poor old Jimmy
Dickens this young kid with a mullet beer-drinking dude who you know he kind
of would screw up at work show up legs you’d like to go out and party at the
Roadhouse right so you’d be late to work and he was late one too many times so
they sent him up here to exile run this cleanup operation right so he
drove his prize Cadillac bro I’m up here okay that was his car which he loved
that car man he would spend he was one of those guys with a mullet and one of
those like real weasely little mustaches he would spend all weekend cleaning and
waxing that thing that was his true love that car
well they got banished up here where you know he get snowed on about 50 feet
every winter car wasn’t much used to it’s not like you go cruising down these
windy mountain roads and go out drink anywhere so he had to party up here you
know with the other employees that they banished up here to help with the
cleanup and it’s probably a really actually a really dirty cleanup
operation right like the mining waste whatever they had to clean up was
probably it’s super radioactive or cancer is river and that’s a medical
stuff in there I mean they were constantly getting sick right next thing
you know poor Jimmy Dickens isn’t driving his Brougham anywhere that’s why
it’s sitting there and it’s well it looks like he got it into a wreck
actually so maybe that’s what happened Jimmy Dickens was up here running the
operation he’s like I can’t wait to get out of here get back down to Durango
where he had a gal waiting for him right so he’s just going to wait his time out
here and get the mountain cleaned up and then go right he needed the job he
needed work kind of put gas in the tank and someone to village sake is maybe he
wanted to get married to the galley left and Fuzzle so he was step that was part
of the reason he took the job like he was saving up money and they’re probably
paying them pretty well to be up here but the other guys that were up here
working doing the actual cleanup they probably used those lockers to store
their hazmat suits right the playhead where hazmat suits for the cleanup
operation and then when they got exposed to chemicals anyways on top of it and
then they had to go into that creepy medical facility to get treated
but meanwhile Jimmy Dickens was just hanging out within the records and tapes
that he bought at that record store and a hippie bag maybe that was his house
back there with the shag carpet and well he just was waiting out a time to like
he’d go back into one day he decided he was going to go visit his girlfriend in
Durango anyways but even though he wasn’t supposed to leave up here so we
went to Durango he met up with her just make sure she wasn’t cheating around on
him they had a little uh what’d he call that when uh prisoners get a overnight
visit a conjugal visit he had a conjugal visit with his gal down and uh Durango
and then he drove back up here and he was he wanted to get back hubby before
the boss knew that he had gone away because he wasn’t supposed to leave just
as he was pulling in with icy night and his beloved Brougham skidded on the road
smashed down into the mess that it’s in today and guess what little Jimmy
Dickens ended up in that creepy abandoned hospital facility just like
all the other employees he said he’d never end up in there but he did after
all maybe he was crippled no you know what I bet he was I bet he just got
banged up in the accident but then when they put him in that creepy medical
facility it was like so much cancerous chemical like just soaked into the beds
and the walls and everything that he got sicker and ended up probably dying who
knows I don’t know I mean it’s a beautiful area now you know they’ve done
all the reclamation but even still like under like under the very ground I’m
walking on they’re probably all kinds of horrible stuff going on I mean we need
minerals like this camera I’m shooting with I wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t for
all these weird rare earth minerals I mean these weren’t even rare earth
minerals just silver and stuff but like that one sign said the Industrial
Revolution would never have happened without mining so kind of gotta take the
good with the bad I guess so the good being this camera run the fact that I’m
able to make this video okay well maybe that wouldn’t be good depending on your
opinion of my videos but in the bad is you know ending up in this creepy
abandoned mining hospital with your wrecked Cadillac maybe you could even
see it out the window while he was laying in his hospital bed
oh there she is if I can only get up once I get out at this hospital I’ll fix
her back up I’ll get her running again I’ll make it
to Durango in time for the wedding he was obviously delusional because that
car is not going anywhere ever and I guess it hasn’t been moved in about 40
years so little Jimmy Dickens whatever happened to you I hope it worked out I
hope you didn’t die on that creepy Hospital man what a strange place

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  2. Many, many homes that were built during the construction boom immediately after WWII had circuit breakers installed as original equipment. So their use isn't a good indicator of age. Many homes were fused because that was, wait for it, cheaper.

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  4. At the 6 minute mark or so,that horizontal drum is most likely an autoclave. Think of a pressure cooker for sterilizing reusable scalpels,forceps,and even certain cloth products. Back when hypodermics were glass barreled and only the pointy end was single use.

  5. That big barrel was an auto clave, for cleaning I looked it up and it was called the Red mountain Minning camp, there were saloon's and a jail at one time

  6. The old toilet tanks had the date stamped on the back. The tank lids usually will have the date on the back too. The part that sits against the wall. Those buildings were circa late 1700's & 1800's. The toilets were added later & so was the electrical. If I had to guess the year of the breaker box, it would be 1930's-1940's. Design & style normally give signs of the year they were manufactured. Often, the old buildings had a date carved into the foundation boards. The dirt would rot them out quickly & the buildings would start to sag. Some have a date in the corner that can be found by pulling up the flooring in the corner closest to the front door. The drainage must be good in that location because those buildings are holding up pretty well!
    That last building was remodeled in the late 60's-mid 70's. The carpet is sculptured. Short sculptured shag. It was pricier than the regular shag carpeting! The car was a Grand Torino.

  7. Maybe the chick who lost her ticket was also the one who lost her panties in the shed lol thats why she lost her ticket

  8. Something you might find interesting……. Deep Blue Mystery Mineral Inside An Abandoned Mine In Nevada

  9. For identifying vehicles…… Get the serial number from the dash on the drivers side…. It will be stamped in steel so even if it burns the number should still be there
    Some vehicles will have a serial number drivers side on the B pillar.. Can check the drivers side door too
    Thanks for sharing your tours and discoveries ! ! !

  10. When was the last time you had a tetanus shot? Walking around in all the crappy places you do, you could easily hurt your foot on something that will give you this horrible ailment. PLEASE Protect your feet when walking around in abandoned buildings

  11. Have u ever tried to do a vid with other people like omargosh or Patty from gteam paranormal i would love to see a vid with u guys i think u wouldnt b as scared lol

  12. Someone got a grant to restore the place. They took all the lockers from the other buildings and stored in the one to make room, Must have ran out of funds and couldn't get anymore so they quit.

  13. …..Like me , you are attracted to the textures of life gone by . Like you , I'm pretty good at identifying objects with me specialized in auto parts/years . Solo is good but wish i could share with a like minded sweetheart .
    2 years following this channel , thanks for your time and professionalism .
    Stay Safe !

  14. KBPI was the "Blowtorch of the Rockies". They are still on the air, at a different frequency. They brought all of the cool bands to Denver. And Budget was a semi-national chain of record stores. If my memory serves me correctly, they also had a selection of "smoking accessories". Love your channel.

  15. You need to invest in A high power flashlight. I have A slyde Brand light. It would light up the whole room. Love your videos .

  16. Be careful the Colorado cops only get 90 days for raping girls but Eric Brandt got 90 days for writing on a sidewalk with chalk arrested by the same raping cop…

  17. Phillip was Frank's lesser known brother, an associate of FBI agent D. B. Cooper. He was reported missing in the early 1980's while on a case out west. FYI.

  18. You pulled those glasses out of the toilet and almost touched your face 😮.and playing around with dirty underwear ! Girl you gotta be careful that stuff is nasty 🤢. Or like they say in Vegas dat nasty.

  19. Storytime with Sarah. lol.
    P.S. around '71 Ford LTD (Brougham). Probably with 390 engine. I could tell Ford from the heater controls.

  20. I think I could smell the black mold in a couple of those rooms you were in. And you were handling that toilet lid that was in that bathroom. Sometimes you mention the Hantavirus but the black mold might be another thing to wear a mask around. Great video, stay well.

  21. You should be a kind spirit ans send Lisa's panty's back to her. I bet she has been wondering where the hell she left them and they were her favorites. Seeing she went to San Francisco it is easy to see how this just might happen. liberals. always getting into trouble and silly things like losing there panty's. I bet there's some needles around as well if you look hard enough.

  22. All you Young Liberal Feminist females today dead set on having a legal right to kill all your own babies and destroy any males life that crosses or pisses you off is what is very CREEPY. What has happened to this once great country is very CREEPY
    The Devil owns – operates & controls everything in the Demonic states of fraud and corruption.. Criminals defending and protecting criminals since 1776.. A happy n healthy society is NOT a profitable society for those who own and control all the medical stocks n bonds

  23. My wife and I take road trips in western U.S. and find your videos interesting and informative. That being said, your overuse of a particular word becomes a wee bit annoying. But, we'll keep watching. Here's a link to an online thesaurus that will give you some other words to use. I'll leave it to you to find substitute words for "yikes".

  24. Sarah please go to Geek and pick out a Tac led light that uses a 18650 battery or 3 AAA batteries. And you will need a charger for the 18650. You can also go to eBay for the stuff. Search around. I must have 6 of those flashlights stored around our ranch here in northern Arizona. You were only 1 hour away from me when you visited 2 Guns off of I-40. Will have to see it and I been past it a dozen times.

  25. I though that Little Jimmy Dickens lived in Nashville, Tenn. Have seen him live in concert with Brenda Lee.

  26. Hello my dear I love you Channel I love your energy your spontaneity and your cuteness but you made a comment in this video that the current owners of the money company were graciously and generosity were mitigating mitigating the environmental damage has previously done. These mining companies have a fiduciary responsibility to clean up after themselves and to restore the environment back to its natural state prior to mining. They're not doing this out of generosity they're doing it out of federal mandated laws. If they had a choice they would strip the hills Baron and leave them and move on to the next area to strip Baron which is spin a historical behavior of money companies so do not give them credit for bring gratuitously and generously restoring the environments that they stripped clean to begin with. They only just a little bit of Education we had to twist the arms to a breaking point of the executive officers of these mining companies in order to get them to start restoring the environment to a somewhat familiar environment prior to their mining operations

    Bye love you Channel keep it up just don't give people credit that's not do. Have you ever checked out Picacho State Park in California just north of Winter Haven East of Yuma Arizona it was a gold mining town that was one of the richest in California train this whole mid-1800s.

    Take care be safe remember always in 2 wheel drive then four-wheel drive then four-wheel drive low ……

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  29. The car you called a Cadillac is actually a Mercury Marquis Brougham probably from some time in the late 70's. Definitely a land yacht. Would have driven very similar to your pink Lincoln. I for one miss the luxury cars of yesteryear.

  30. Brave WH….walked in mouse poo and sharp objects with flip flops, touched soiled panties and objects, retrieved sunglasses in foul toilet, inhailed foul infectious fumes….clearly you will survive the appocalypse.

  31. I pick at the permafrost for tiny aquamarine crystals with hand tools. please don't everyone assume mining is like this anymore. That level of mining requires miles of red tape worms these days. It's enough red tape and a struggle to use a shovel, pick, and prybar, on my claims, which are safe pits no larger than 10' deep and the same width. Rockhounds or ohv motororists should please stop taking down markers. That's how people die. Those posts are there for a good reason and are always replaced anyway.

  32. Who was that hot chick standing by your car? Whew! Knocked me down…. : P
    I looked up the radio station. Here it is:

  33. LISA PAPENBROCK, D.C. practices at 4627 FIFTH AVENUE, PITTSBURGH, PA 15213. Chiropractors diagnose and treat common spinal misalignments that can occur from lifestyle or injuries causing pain, discomfort and degenerative conditions.

  34. Some poor women must have been raped or something there. Looks like they were ripped off. Why cant people be kind to one another. In such a beautiful place too. How sad.

  35. What's really cool is that if you go into Silverton, you can rent 4Wheelers and zoom through all the mining trails up in the mountains there. It's a heck of a lot of fun. They give you rain coats for the inevitable rain you will encounter.

  36. After Carbide…..not that old if the guy is right about the charging rack for electrical lit helmets.💡💡💡💡💡Last operated…….

  37. Looks like stainless steel water treatment device. Not all that old but creepy! Good location for “THE SHINING II”!!

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