Creepy Abandoned Military Hospital with Everything Left Behind – Urbex Lost Places Slovakia

A former military hospital protected by security. It wasn’t easy to get in here unnoticed. Although this huge building complex has been vacant for some years now there is still a vast number of medical equipment inside. To our astonishment even the electricity was working in some parts of the medical center. In other parts of the house vandalism already gained the upper hand. That’s probably the reason why security is patrolling on the premises now. A security which we even got to know at the end of our exploration. The year 2018 is right around the corner. Just in time we’re releasing our very first Broken Window Theory calendar with our favorite shots from the most epic urban explorations. From now on the calendar is available in our Redbubble fan shop. Over there you can get our BWT stickers too! Or you can simply support us on Patreon. Here you can get the calendar and the stickers as a reward for your pledges. But keep in mind: The calendar is only available for a limited time. So make sure to get one soon. But first: Have fun with our latest episode. Meanwhile, it’s the fourth and final day of our urbex road trip in August. Together with the urbex crew Hidden Treasures we visited several abandoned sites around Austria. For our last mutual exploration we travelled to the bordering country. It was our very first time in Slovakia. None of us knew what was awaiting us in this abandoned hospital. “The lights are on!” – The lights are on…” “WTF!” We were surprised that the power was still on in some parts of the building. “WTF…!” “Apart from the graffiti this room looks awesome.” The hospital has only been abandoned for a couple of years yet. But the technical devices here are partly antiquated. That’s why the whole facility moved to a more modern building. The old hospital was left to rot. “This was used by an eye doctor!” “You had to sit down here…“ “…and keep your face in this position. But I can’t do this with the GoPro.” – “Of course you can.” “You had to keep your face here and this thing was adjusted.” “And the doctor used another device…” “…to take a look in your eyes.” “He checked whether they’re okay or not.” “But this is an older model.” A wide range of different departments can be found in this huge hospital. There even is an old dental surgery. We knew that there was a security firm guarding the former hospital. So we moved quietly and with care. Only the sound of cameras broke the silence from time to time. Of course we didn’t want to get caught. After all, none of us spoke the language of the country. “This building is protected by an electronic system, connected with the police!” “Three, four, five, six, …” – “There‘s another car, too.” Although the whole area was fenced off, there was a variety of cars parking right next to the building. Of course, we didn’t want to get spotted by the vehicle owners. *counting the cars* “Eight cars…” “..which I can see from here.” “The elevator is working!“ “The elevator is working.“ “What…!?” “Four floors.” – „But the elevator is working.” “That is out of the ordinary.” *coughs* “What’s wrong?” “Go in there.” “Oh, what’s the matter with the air in there!?” – “I have no idea.” “It even brings tears to my eyes.” It’s strange to see what was left behind in this hospital even though looters rifled through the building multiple times. “That’s all Windows XP.” “Including Keys.” “There is even some other version.” “Here are TVs.” “That’s a TV wall mount.” “Then there are…“ “There’s another wall mount.“ – “Yes. Over here we even have a printer.” “There’s another one.“ – “Another printer.“ “Here are all the telephones.” “Over there are the docking stations for…” “…the cordless phones.” “WTF!?” “A pistol bullet!” “Show me; hold it up to the light.” “Turn it a bit.” During our exploration we made several odd discoveries. We even found fresh drops of blood. But we have no idea what this was all about. “Here are syringes…“ “Syringes!?” “There are syringes inside of it…“ We made a very special discovery at the end of our exploration. At an entrance of the hospital there was a police office. Not from the Slovakian but from the Czech police. Maybe it’s a relic from the time of the Cold War, from back when there was the Czechoslovakia. We managed to finish our exploration unseen. But when we wanted to leave the area we bumped right into a security guard. “Can you speak English?” Despite the language barrier we were able to explain the reason why we were inside the hospital in the first place. “Tourists?“ – “Exactly, photographers.“ We were lucky because the security guys were indulgent. Thanks for watching the final episode of our latest urbex road trips series. During our four-day stay in Vienna we had many thrilling adventures and explored awesome abandoned places together with our new Austrian friends. Thanks again to the urbex crew Hidden Treasures for your hospitality. We had a great time with you guys. Unfortunately, we won’t release any new series soon. But don’t worry. In the last few months we have visited a great number of abandoned sites. In the following weeks we will upload plenty of sick episodes. Our urbex adventure isn’t over yet! We are very grateful that a lot of you guys already checked out our Patreon campaign and our brand new merchandise. Thank you so much! And everyone else: Please check out our pages and consider supporting our heart project Broken Window Theory. Till then, see you next time!

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  1. This is the final episode of our latest urbex road trips series! Feel free to visit us on Redbubble:
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  2. Finally the waiting it's over!!!! nice to see new stuff from you guys!!! that new intro, it's awesome!!! great edition work, hugs from México!!!

  3. when you said you had no trips planned you scared me that you wouldnt upload no more. dont scare me like that bois

  4. Liebe!
    Aber warum sind die Versandkosten so hoch für den Kalender?! (mehr als 10€…) Würde den echt gerne bestellen.

  5. Tolles Urbexvideo wie immer, BWT. Danke. Die Location ist einfach nur genial (medizinisches Equipment, Windows XP-CDs mit Key, etc.) Viele Grüße an euch und Hidden Treasures und einen schönen Sonntagabend.

  6. Fantastic episode, as always! Just want to let you know that the spreadshirt shop link in the description gives an error page. I don't know if that's because I'm clicking it from the US or not, but I get a "page not found" when I give it a click. The Redbubble link you posted in the comments works though.

  7. Ich möchte einfach mal Danke sagen!
    Danke für die vielen Videos mit der super Qualität. Danke für das entdecken von Orten, die man sonst nicht zu Gesicht bekommen würde. Danke auch dafür, dass ihr jetzt Merch habt (zwei Sachen habe ich schon bestellt ;).
    Hoffentlich kommen auch in Zukunft weiter solche super Videos:)

  8. 👍👍👍Top Video Jungs!👍👍👍
    Macht weiter so und immer schön die Arbeit Aufrecht halten, Nur zur Info
    ☡Schaut auch mal bei mir rein ☡
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  10. The filmography is beautiful, the content is phenomenal and the content is AMAZING! You deserve so much more recognition!

  11. That was awesome! Any chance of exploring some abandoned brutalist architecture? That would be soooo awesome!! Thanks for the great videos!

  12. Really enjoyed that, so interesting one wonders why they did leave things. Some is old but some still useful I guess they were tired of moving lol.

  13. Cuba could use that old equipment… And I am sure other poor countries could also, but Cuba is still using equipment from the years 1930's-1959. Love your videos and glad you will continue, scared me their for a second.

  14. Gorgeous cinematography. You guys have an eye for film and professionalism that I wish more urbex crews had. Fantastic work.

  15. Die Hülse ist von einer Schreckschusswaff, das sieht man der abgerundeten Formgebung der Öffnung. Und das Blut ist als Kunstblut erkennbar weil in der Trocknung das typische Rostbraun der abgestorbenen roten Blutkörperchen fehlt.

  16. When dead Animals are shown I stop watching, no need to show these poor creatures on your videos to get views if you are good so please stop.

  17. The police station is really weird, before we separated there was one czechoslovakian police. The sign is the new czech one, it makes no sense to me. Btw love your videos, can’t wait to see which places you explore next.

  18. Hope, you liked it 🙂 we were trapped by those "guards" too. Just watching a part, where you entered a "Czech police reception". We were wondering, what does it mean, as well. Then I just found out, they were shooting a co-production (Czech & Slovak) krimi-like series in here. It's called "Inspector Max" (and sure, it's total bull*hit)

  19. Hi Guys, this CZ Police logo is a relict after film makers from Prague:
    Bratislava, November 23 (TASR) – The former military hospital in Bratislava has become a crime scene in Prague. The 13-piece criminal series, Inspector Max, starring Juraj Kukura, plays the role of a prolific criminologist in the premises.
    During communist era police in Czechoslovakia was called Veřejná Bezpečnost (something like Public Security 😉
    Anyway really cool episode!

  20. Thank you for your marvelous work. I only found you a few days ago but I have watched everything I have been able to find. I like the fact that not only are you very respectful of the properties you investigate but your cinematography and your editing are of a very high standard. Greetings and thanks from Australia.

  21. This LOOKS BETTER than slovakian hospitals that are still in use – honesty. Slovakian hospitals look like there had been an apocalypse.

  22. 0:01 You would never guess what a tricky language to learn Czech and/or Slovak is (that's what I've been told, anyway) by watching this. One can understand that header almost perfectly without even knowing a single word in that language!

  23. That was a bad day for someone to be shot in an abandoned hospital. It would have been time to leave after seeing that for me, great channel rock on!

  24. I love your cinematography soooooooooooo much, I wonder how long it takes for you to edit it? ♥♥♥ Thank you for the German Subtitle. I'm learning German Language now. I really really appreciate it. Ich komme aus den Philippinen und Ich hoffe, dass ich nachstes Jahr nach Deutschland fliegen koennte… Welche Stadt lebst du?

  25. Your version of this place is mutch more interristing and powerfull like the Ivan Donoval´s version. Thank you for makng this video 😀

  26. Your videos seem well planned, researched and professional but if I could give you one piece of advice to help keep your videos appearing that way, please stop using the word fuck and other harsh words and sayings.
    Otherwise, your video's are some of the best urbex videos on YouTube.

  27. I find it interesting (tragic?) that countries other than the USA are just as wasteful when closing facilities. Although it's possible you don't have the displaced population of what we've always thought of as The Greatest Country in the World… Also, I suppose, a hospital couldn't be re-purposed as housing, though I would think spaces could be cleansed. Nice exploration, BWT.

  28. Irgendwie fühlt es sich komisch an als Deutscher Videos von Deutschen auf englisch anzuschauen 🤣🤣❤

  29. An old equipment wasn't the reason for moving to new building, because (unfortunately) a lot of this equipment is still in use in Slovak hospitals.

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