Creepy abandoned Hospital on an Island

For this episode we are on Ikeshima Island, an island that was bought in 1930 for coal mining. They started exploiting in 1959 and due many accidents it finally closed in 2001. 2500 employees lost their job and only 200 inhabitants remain on the island, so there are a lot of abandonments. The few remaining residents are slowly waking up. Life slowly starts so we go down before we get seen. It’s the forerunner of Battleship Island. They hope the island will be very popular aswell. Battleship or Hashima island is also a coal mining island. Back then it was one of the most densely populated places in the world. It became abandoned in 1974. It’s one of the most known abandoned places in the world and it became UNESCO heritage in 2015. It was also the setting for the James Bond movie Skyfall. The advantage of Ikeshima is that the mine closed in 2001 instead of 1974, so the buildings are in a better shape. I think we are the only tourists today. Also the touristic mine is closed, so maybe we can check it also. -I’m sure we are the only one that do touristic activities today. Touristic activities….Beautiful here. A narrow street.
-Here’s a cat. Chill out. Cat’s everywhere.
-It’s cat island. We’re going to eat in the only restaurant of the island. I think it was here. More cats. So here’s the only restaurant. No English menu, so we just ordered something Looking good. Arigato (Thank you) Looking very good and it’s only… 09:00 AM Enjoy your meal. We’re in an abandoned hospital. While getting in we were bitten by many mosquitos, they are still chasing us. We haven’t seen anything yet, we only know there’s a cool operation room and a morgue, so let’s explore. Everything is still intact. Immediately a nice room. A row of dentist chairs. How cool is this. Pulling teeth on the assembly line. 4 dentist chairs. Nice decay, it’s empty for a while now. Nothing vandalised, you only see this in Japan. Japanese people have respect for abandoned places.
-For everything. A calendar, i’m curious for how long it’s abandoned.
-1997. July, august.
-20 years already. Check this. Bits.
-It won’t open. You can see the tooth prints. O, there’s more. Jesus, a lot of material. They did some serious work here.
-You want your teeth pimped? Crazy it’s all still lying here. That one hasn’t been opened recently.
-20 years. This was for all the miners.
-Yup. Next?
-First room, awesome. That promises a lot for the rest. Test tubes? I think they mixed medicines in this machine. It rotates really quick.
-I guess so. It turns superfast. Dj Fre. This reminds me of Taiwan, look at the ceiling. Everything made from wood. Hospitals are really different from ours. They are small and made with a lot of wood. A really old computer. Probably one of the first. At least 20 years old. It turned yellow because of the sun. Watch out Bob, even more radiation.
-We had radiation enough this trip. Where’s the CT scanner?
-It’s probably gone. Behind that glass they made the pictures. It’s gone, you can see where it was standing. Here’s the entrance. Here’s everything grey and dark and outside it’s sun, see and beach. There are insects here. Some kind of cockroaches, he’s not the only one, he took his family along. We have to check where we sleep tonight. We won’t be happy if these critters are crawling on us. Especially this spider.
-Isleep with my mouth open.
The bad news is that it molted, so it became bigger. Check that gecko.
-Funny. Pretty big one, it’s a zoo here. A pleasant to sleep here. A big centipede. Many big critters here. We stil have to find the operation room.
-I think we will see it soon. It’s a bit staged. It looks like a treatment room Nice, exploring on a tropical island. The fluids are still inside. No clue what it is. Salsocane. What do we have here.
-Wow. I think this is one of the coolest operation rooms i’ve ever been to. You don’t want to be treated in this horror hospital. A really nice room. We didn’t visit any hospital in Fukushima, so it’s nice to see one now. The operation lights have mold on them. It’s pretty damn hot in here. Normally there are some pots, where they put in organs and waste. Ah, they are here. Guess it’s empty.
-I hope sow. They put leftovers from surgery inside. If you didn’t survive… They could lay you on this table. It’s a morgue.
-With an autopsion table. I let it hang there. I like the operation room the most. Check upstairs? Loads of medical equipment. Maybe because it’s located on an island. It takes a while to get it here. It’s so silent here. You hear nothing.
-We also didn’t see people, just a few tourists. Tourists? I guess fishermen. When we explore at the age of 80.
We can use it as a tripod. I heard somebody talk.There’s an active hospital close. Not good. People talking (turn up the volume) We have to be silent. I don’t know if you guys hear it but we hear a guy laughing and talking. It sounds very close. Let’s check. We left our equipment downstairs, not smart. Let’s check the rest of the building. Two persons room. Here it was a little busier. Here’s the active part.
-I see 2 cars. But the sound didn’t come from that side.
-No. Check those incubators, watch out for those parked cars, i don’t know if there’s somebody inside. This hospital could be a museum. This island wants to be as popular as Battleship island and make it a tourist attraction. Maybe that’s why they don’t empty it. A good possibility after this episode. The end of the hospital. There’s the active part. It was connected. Toothprints. Archive. All medical files are stored here. Unfortunately we can’t read it. Nicely bound.
-With bandage. Different. We’re going to make some droneshots now and after that we meet a Japanese explorer who comes exploring with us. Gonna be cool. The cats like the drone. Nice with those reflections. We’re in an abandoned coal mine.
-Too much decayed, it’s falling apart. It’s crazy how rusty it is. This are the offices of the coal mines.. Pretty big building. A lot of accountancy work was done here. Some kind of schedule here.
-Yeah, i see 31 days. I’m dying…so hot. We found a date.
2010..impossible. 7 years ago. 1 year before Fukushima…strange, look at the decay. I wonder where the moisture comes from. Check those stairs. It just breaks and we go upstairs here. Wish me luck.
-Good job. Let’s see if it can hold an European guy.
-If it holds you, it will hold me aswell. We have a nice view. But…. 1 problem… The platform rusted away almost completely.

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  19. To all the tourists who visit after this video, do so, spend money and help the island, but remember why you're visiting. Because its in such a pristine shape. Don't vandalize it. Tempting as it is to leave ones mark on a titan of time, you leave a greater echo in your respect than in your ego. In these halls are the whispers of all who came before them, and if this videos isn't proof of what that whisper can become, then what truly is the value of your own mark on it? You are far greater than you know, be a part of this world while you can and know why it's so wonderful to explore. Respect these lands and the shoes you fill to see them.

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