Creepy Abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital Asylum! 곤지암 荒廢 昆池岩精神病院 鬼病院

Well this is gonna be an ultimate test
to my bravery competency because I always thought
that you know I’m actually not really that gutsy, but you actually need a lotta
guys to do good business– like there’s so many things that you have to man up yourself
and this is not exactly like 100% of the reason why I do it, but I kind of
wanted to put it to test for the longest time. So if I have the balls to do what
I’m about to do next, I will have balls to do even more braver things in terms
of expanding my business or something down the road. Yeah you’ll see, I’m not
going to tell you what it is… Apoiler alert!!! Not so sure let’s ask Mr. Dog
… hi Mr. Dog how are you hi I’m he’s your dog …. ** silly jibberish** ahhhhh …. no he saids no… Ah there’s another one here there’s another one no they don’t like me. He
said you’re not supposed to go there he said you’re not supposed to go there
they don’t like me… it’s gonna get a bit dark by the time we get there it’s gonna be creepy as hell Ah lettme in~~~ Lettme in~~ Whoa, look at the map of Korea~~ So not too bad~ We are somewhere around here, so we have to go hereeeeeeee almost there…. almost there… almost there…. one more final blue line and we’re there!
But we were looking at some pictures that people posted on Instagram just
what is it? 15 hours ago, right? there’s security up at the front… I
don’t think we can actually go in Fingers crossed~~~~ alright it looks like
we’re in the middle of nowhere already, so that’s where they put Psychiatric
hospitals…. Wow Korea is actually a lot bigger than I thought Alright…. almost there~ Oh there we are! She said this place is not
even on Google map. I think it’s probably became like such a nuisance they applied
for it to be waived from the Google map Look at this map….
nothing nothing nothing and nothing Alright, we are on foot: 1.6 kilometers it
is and so they say the thing is…. the restaurants here seem to be like half-ass abandoned too Saw this on the train! what is it? The Kingdom Hall’s Jehovah’s
Witnesses Wow, and the number is 14- in Cantonese that rhymes with “Dead for sure” the population here is like zero … oh yeah more sakuras… so nice! I can start to hear my own footsteps, so
that means I guess we’re getting close to it… I guess… Not sure yet.
Still got a long way to go I bet we can’t go through the main door
so it’ll be fun. Oh, we’re there! instead of going through the neighbors we’re gonna go through the huge Mountain here– which getting found is
harder. I think we found some chestnuts~ Getting in here is the hardest part We made it! This is it! We’re just gonna sit and watch and see
there’s anyone patrolling, because there’s CCTV up at the front,
not sure if there’s somebody guarding it coz a lot of the abandoned places in Hong Kong has been guarded so donno, just gonna keep an eye out Right now right behind me is the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, and there’s Wendy she finally made it, she survived she
survived… should have seen her her screaming like a bit*h… oh okay so here it is we’re not going down there we
didn’t actually take the direct route because we’re afraid that somebody
actually lives by and that will run into dogs and stuff. Because in Hong Kong
the abandoned places have patrols so here I know they have CCTV up at the front
as you just saw… so we’re just gonna keep an eye out and see there’s people
patrolling for now … so yeah just take a look so two hours until sunset, so still got time! Alright we’re here! There’s a little hut there, I think we’re at the back door! Super cool! Wendy if we have to stay here
overnight would you do it? (Not gonna do it) It was raining yesterday– we’re so lucky just
stopped raining today. I don’t know what those green things up there are. It’s
probably covered up trees or something (Are doors slamming?) It’s windy here too… ** is it?**
I can hear water dripping… let’s put on
a face mask alright Wendy wants to go through the front door
I’m not so sure, because we still have an hour until until sunset do you
want to go up there No? Are you sure? okay let’s just go to the main place first… go go go~ What, people have been drinking beer here? What da? Can hear water dripping Yeah you’re right this place is quitescary Go up or down? Shall we go in there? Why are such a new shirt here? That’s so weird, Wendy this is a really new shirt … Who was here? That’s weird Do you think it’s from the movie people? Let’s do it! I don’t think this is the main entrance ** but it actually is** ** that wire mesh**
I think it’s sort of movie took it down for the movie that’s why Oh check that out, so much graffiti There’s a hole right there~ ** No need to wait till night, the day time is scary enough enough for me** Over there~ Canto: Look in front of you~ Looks like where’s the wally, that shirt~ Well… people like to have sex here I can tell
you that already could use some better drawings though )*%*&%@)(@^*!!!! Is it me or does this place look kinda creepy??? Let’s go in~ Really, not wearing a mask?? Everything’s gone~ Did you just hear that? definitely definitely footsteps….
definitely footsteps there’s people walking upstairs! this is one of the steps came from…
it was from upstairs Canto: Did you find it scary? just look oh I see a book…. it’s not scary up here there’s like nothing wanna go inside here? Let’s go take a look There’s nothing here, it’s a shed If you don’t go, then I go There’s like an old sewing machine here My mom used to have one of those oh look at the… futons… this was where the footsteps were That’s where the sound came from didn’t it? nothing there Okay la….. shi-ra-mi-da la…. (she keeps apologizing to who knows who) Come! don’t be such a pussy Wendy come on! It’s not like we’re doing anything here (ummm just sneaking in some place lol) Come on ! yeah the door’s knocked over %(%&^*&(^&(E%&*()!!!! It’s the springs from the bed, it’s been
burned Wendy… this place was on fire before See? No, downstairs. The sound come from
HERE Look, everything’s still in there Should we open the door? this place is abandoned since when?? 1996 right?
all right just be careful, because this stuff can fall from the ceiling Wendy… Do you want to go up here? This takes you to the
rooftop Thank you (wow how did I become so calm?) (Were we from this floor?) NO!!! This takes you to the rooftop, want to go? Let’s go! Whoa~~ these stairs~~ Let’s go ~~ it’s supposed to be quite nice up there Everyone takes a picture from up here this place is all gutted We made it! It’s great! (sigh in relief) Let’s take a look what’s in the shed…. oh it’s so wet here yeah I mean it is a creepy place…
seriously I mean during the day, even this place looks like creepy as f**k… So when we leave right? Are we gonna leave at the main entrance? yeah yeah that’s weird definitely footsteps!
you know when you can hear people walking on high heels
we felt we heard that like consecutive like maybe 10 12 times… that’s why we
took the other route up oh my gosh… … technology… (her phone froze) Look…someone brought coffee here to enjoy (weird) It’s the wind **comforting myself… the wind stopped a while back** thank you for having us wait I want to
say this how old how old is this newspaper thank you Okay that was fun…. wait wait wait wait
please wait… Wendy doesn’t like it here (really? Just her?) Canto: Hold my gimbal ** ouch… my knee bruised for 5 weeks from this bang** We’re getting out of here in Light speed Wendy doesn’t like this placefor some strange reason do you want to go around to the front? Quite a scary place isn’t it? yeah this place is hella scary during the day,
see the thing is the doors actually like bang all the time despite there’s like no wind (it stopped a while back) and actually you know what? The footsteps I think I caught it on my camera turn your light off… turn off your light
(Chinglish kicking in due to freaking out) Canto: It’s safer leaving from this side, compared to the front Ok, let’s go! We’re gonna leave the hard way Holy sh*t!!! okay we hear somebody coming so we got
to get going thank you for having us Gonjiam
Psychiatric Hospital … Our only job is… there’s only one mission left: How not to get
caught!!! wow…… it’s good, it’s a good hike I bet my butt’s gonna hurt tonight… Wendy’s
like scared outta her pants We gotta watch that movie tonight~
We really have to. You know last time me and Henry and a bunch of people went exploring it wasn’t scary enough inside so I played some really scary music in
there… this time we didn’t need it so we’re good… we’re good but anyway… we made it back to the other
side so we’re good what an accomplishment! So we actually
went over this mountain… yeah right behind us… there’s a lot of thorns ! Crazy…
But yeah.. two girls, one pair of gloves two headlights, two gimbals … we’re
good we survived Wendy. I almost listened to you… Oh we almost got nothing we almost got no footage… She’s like “nooo”, but I’m like “but we’re here!!” It’s not that bad ** easy for me to say now** but seriously we did hear footsteps, and it’s
got to be a person who ever like there’s a beggar or somebody living in there or
maybe there’s another exploration person (it’s not a human being) You think it’s not human beings? (She said there’s no one in there) Are you sure? (sure!)… Anyway it was good so
whatever it was or I mean if you know anybody who’s been in there tell me if
they’ve actually heard the footsteps too but other than that if we got caught
right now, we don’t have to think about stupid excuses. We can just be two hikers
who got lost (we’re here for hiking) yeah okay… it was great yeah… scenery I
love Korea yeah scenic…. oh sakura… Canto: there’s still a satellite dish at the next door neighbours, see? Crazy!! Wow, this is the place I was talking about…. and it says there’s CCTV and stuff So I guess the easiest way’s to crawl through here, but obviously that’s the easiest way to get caught as well. Actually people can climb thru here…
There’s the hole here… so we saw two guys that was trying to go in and
like in the white car over there and he’s like “how was it?” He didn’t believe
that we went in there, and then and I’m like it’s really scary inside we herd
like people’s footsteps. And then he said oh you can’t go inside.. ” we can’t go
inside” I’m like why is it because you’re Korean? He’s like no it’s because it’s
prohibited. I just burst out laughing and I was like oh yeah they’re
prohibited for everybody, yeah it doesn’t it doesn’t really make a difference.
Ah suddenly I got all naive and I was like wait this place is open to tourists
but not to locals? But yeah he said the movie’s really scary. Actually it’s really it’s really scary in
there? What’s it what’s the footsteps? coming from? I got to look back at the
footage and see we can record those footsteps. One thing I learned about
today is: Rules are meant to be broken! Yeah I think for most of my life I’ve
been a pretty law abiding citizen, like even when I first came back from Canada
if the if the light like in the middle of the night if there’s nobody on the
street, and it doesn’t turn green I just will not cross the road. I will not
just jaywalk, but after being in Asia for long enough I realized… you
know what? Some rules you don’t have to stupidly like abide to it– not
because nobody’s watching, it’s just because it’s so stupid! Like are you gonna wait at night for 15 minutes just so you can cross
with a green light? Anyway, rules are meant to be broken sometimes
you have to abide to it, but you know if you’re going if you’re going to like
abandoned places chances are you’re probably trespassing or maybe it’s not trespassing I don’t even know how that’s defined- but
the thing is… I mean if you’re there already freakin’ just take some footage
it’s really good. Like I mean if looking back I I’m not sure if my footage is of
quality, but it’s definitely good stuff Yeah I can’t wait until I see it….
We’re right it took up like most of today. See me and Wendy have travelled
like a few times together, and we realized that we have a lot of similarities but
we do have our differences. We have a chicken!! But you know what we have a
few speculations about what happened in there. Either maybe there’s
paranormals that’s one, or two maybe there’s homeless people who’s going in
there to do drugs which probably does not make sense because if you’re a
homeless person that probably makes you even more homeless. But the place is so
ran down is gonna be like I don’t know like dirt and asbestos in there so
probably not a good place for homeless people unless they want to feel more
homeless… and then the other speculation is that you know there it’s really like
PEOPLE, but I don’t think I don’t think it’s become like the hot tourist spot
yet, so yeah… even when we left like there’s nobody. Actually we
went in through the other door and we don’t hear people anymore, so I’ll have to see where that sound came from Scary AF!!!

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