CPMC Mission Bernal Campus | Hospital Tour

Mission Bernal campus, we want to provide
the best-quality care we can imagine. But we also want patients
to be wowed by the care that we’re delivering. So everything from the
colors of the walls, to the artwork that we chose,
to the size of the rooms, the family areas–
all those things were really well-thought out. First floor is our cafeteria
and really, our support areas. Second floor– we have
our emergency department. And we also have our imaging. JOANNE MASONGSONG:
This layout out was designed to enhance patient
care by treating patients more quickly and efficiently. The ED is located
conveniently adjacent to our radiology department. This will allow for efficient
scanning and evaluation of our patients. We wanted to
accommodate patients from all walks of life, from
our pediatric population, all the way to our
geriatric population. SHANNON THOMAS: Up
in the third floor, we have our operating rooms. We have five state-of-the-art
operating rooms. If you go up to
the fourth floor, we have a 10-bed ICU and
a 20-bed telemetry unit. One of the new units
that we’re opening up is the “acute care
for the elderly” unit. It will be on the fifth floor. We’re the first Sutter hospital
to open up an “acute care for the elderly” unit. JACQUELINE WOOTERS: The
ACE unit at Mission Bernal is for the care of patients who
are 65 and older, with a very comprehensive medical staff
from our geriatrician, geriatric pharmacist, to all the nurses
and ancillary staff who have been through
a special program in the care of the elderly. SHANNON THOMAS: The sixth
floor will be predominantly, a surgical unit. So we know that will have quite
a bit of orthopedic surgery here, and then some
general surgery as well. And then the seventh floor is
our OB, Family Birth Center. ANNA ALTSHULER: Birth is
an exciting, emotional, and meaningful event. So we want to celebrate
it, and champion it. And so the design
is very much that. HANNAH EPSTEIN: It’s really nice
because it’s all in one place now. Our six labor-and-delivery
rooms, 16 postpartum rooms, two obstetric ORs, and
our well-baby nursery all in one place, all
on the seventh floor. ANNA ALTSHULER: Every
patient has her own room, both for labor and
for postpartum. They’re extremely spacious. Every room has a gorgeous view. Every laboring room has a
tub, which is nice and deep, and perfect for experiencing
the discomforts of labor. KAREN MAKELY: We train and
drill all of our nursing staff and all of our doctors,
in pregnancy situations and in delivery
situations, to make sure that we’re always
prepared and ready, should a real emergency arise. I came to this
neighborhood 20 years ago. And I’ve watched
this community grow to be a multicultural,
diverse population. And what I love about
Mission Bernal campus is that it is state of
the art and beautiful. And it continues to honor
that diverse culture. It is the neighborhood. It reflects our community. SHANNON THOMAS:
Mission Bernal campus is right in the middle of city. We’re in a neighborhood. So you’re kind of
bringing people together by having this
beautiful hospital right in the middle of the city,
where people have easy access to extraordinary care.

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