Courtney Hogendorn, MD, UW Health Rehabilitation Medicine

I draw on a vast experience and I’ve seen
a lot of different patients over time so when I see patients now there’s very
little i haven’t seen before and I can give those reassurances A common question that’s asked of
me is “Is this normal to have this?” No it isn’t normal. You’re recovering
from something. We see it and somebody who has had a stroke or brain injury or
spinal cord injury we see this and it’s typical for someone
going through what you’re going through to experience what you’re experiencing.
You first meet folks and there they are medically stable but they’re coming to us
for the first day and you want to insure them that we’re capable and we’re
professional and you get them reassurances of our professionalism but
also what the course is going to be here that the relationship you develop
with the patient in this setting is pretty intense in a developed over the
time that you hear this is not a 15 minutes interaction with somebody it’s on
average couple weeks here and a lot of folks state a month or longer here but you know it was rewarding about this
you take folks who are coming off something bad happen to them if you’re
seeing me at the bedside something bad has happened to you but
was so rewarding but I think inpatient rehab if you take folks who aren’t doing
very well and in very short order week two weeks four weeks we’ve greatly
had impact on their lives and improve them and hopefully gotten into the
outpatient setting to their homes and their families again

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