7 thoughts on “Couple Says They Faced ‘Living Hell’ After Clinic Mixed Up Embryos | TODAY

  1. When we use science to create their will be mistakes. No systems will be full proof as humans make mistakes , why do we need agencies or governments to constantly regulate companies and people’s desires to unattainable standards !

  2. Laws need to be changed ASAP. My heart goes out to all parents involved. That's one beautiful baby though ❤️

  3. That woman who carried twins that weren't hers to full term is going to get a big payday for sure. The other women actually got their kids without having to go through labor- not as bad as thinking you have twins then losing both of them.

  4. They need cameras everywhere, it’s the nurses, they are evil jealous witches, they do this constantly usually with newborn babies in the hospital

  5. it wasn't meant to be!!!!!!!!!!! she not woman enough!!!! he not man enough!!!! if they were! they would not need to go to a clinic!!!!!!!! find a hobby!!!!!!!!!!

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