Cough – Home Remedies by Dr. Manaan Gandhi

Namaskar, I am Dr. Manaan Gandhi and today I will speak to you about Cough Cough is a problem that plagues youngsters as well as adults and occurs due to various reasons We have learnt through ads that incase of a long standing cough problem, then get yourself tested for TB I agree with this as its true and its something that should not be avoided In other cases, use these home remedies for a cough There are two types of cough. Wet (Productive) and Dry (non-productive) In case you suffer from a wet cough, then follow this home remedy Take Sunthi (dry ginger powder) and mix it with ghee and jaggery and make small balls of the mixture Suckle atleast 3 such balls a day. After doing this you will find that the Phlegm will either come out or will leave the chest region Remember to spit out whatever phlegm enters the mouth In case of a dry cough, then follow this home remedy Take Haldi and sugar in equal quantity and roast this in cow’s ghee On roasting, you will find that the Haldi sticks onto the crystals of sugar This medicine is also known as Haridra Khand You can take this Haridra Khand 2 to 3 tsps a day depending on the severity of the cough In case you are confused and cannot diagnose which category your cough falls into, or if the coughs alternate Then try this great home remedy which can be used in all types of cough Take Sitopaladi powder and Yastimadhu powder (both from ayurvedic stores) and mix them in equal quantity Make a homogenous powder after mixing the two and take this with honey thrice a day to four times a day Remember to not drink water for 30 minutes after taking this This will reduce your cough and cure any inflammation in the throat In case of doubts, questions etc, you can contact me as mentioned here I am Dr. Manaan Gandhi. Thank You.

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