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hello friends, welcome to our channel Fish Doctor india. as you are aware we are in the critical phase of combating Corono virus ( covid 19) corono virus is slowly spreading in our country ( india) state and central governments take various initiates to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Under these circumstances, i kindly request each everyone of you not to go outside to purchase fish food, fishes, medicines etc. let us extend our support to save our fellow indians as our pm said, let us maintain the social distancing to prevent this virus ok friends, in this video, let us know few tips to take care of our pet fish during this national lock down period (24.03.2020 to 14.04.2020) let us see how to feed our fishes during this emergency time, how to maintain water quality and how to manage sick fishes. watch the full video without skipping to understand all the tips given in this video. Due to this lock down all non essential product sales and services are stopped. NO courier/parcel service is working . even big giants like amazon and flipkart also stopped sending non essential items First let us how to manage food to our pet fish during this period getting ornamental fish food is difficult . some of you might have kept sufficient food to tackle 21 days, and some may not have. normally many of you may feed your fishes either 2 or 3 times per day. now at this crisis phase, what we have to do is , we have to feed half of the normal quantity what we feed everytime suppose if you feed 4 pellets per time, reduce to 2 pellets per time let us not keep our fish in hungry. if the fish stomach is half filled, that is more than sufficient when you feed one pellet, give sufficient time to the fish to bite and swallow. donot put all the foods together why i stress is, we have to maintain water quality during this crisis period. if water is spoiled, there are more chances to get the disease. to avoid disease, we have to give minimal food that too without much wastage even you can give the next food after 2 minutes of giving first pellet food. through this we can save fish food and also maintain water quality if your fish food is going to be exhausted soon, you can feed your fish alternate days with minimal quantity. due to lockdown your movement is restricted to get fish food from your friend or relative or shops fish may look weak. but we can maintain them healthier. some of you may rear fishes like Flower horn, Arowana, oscar etc. even your fish food is exhausted, you can purchase prawns from the local fish market . clean well. cut into small pieces. put them in hot water and feed to your fishes if you have discus fish , you can prepare beef heart mixture and feed them. it is one of alternate to Tetrabits. some may rear guppies, mollies, sword etc. suppose fish food is exhausted, you can purchase rusk from the super market and feed them. soak the rusk in little water and feed to your fishes. donot feed too much. Rusk helps to maintain fish energy requirements to some extent if you have fish babies, you can try with hatchable brine shrimp. suppose brine shrimp eggs are not available, you can feed the boiled egg yolk . these provide nutrition to the new born babies. even babies get little energy it will help them to survive. some of you may have shortage of breeder food. for them you can feed low protein food or half cooked prawns some may give live feeder fish for arowana fish get prawns from fish market or from super market, cut into small pieces, sterilise them and feed to your fishes. feed very limited quantity let the breeding process may get delayed. but donot allow the fish to starve next what we are going to see is about the management of sick fish during this difficult times we can divide the sick fish into two categories 1. multiple sick fish 2. one or two sick fish if many fishes are sick, remove all gravels, disinfect the tank with cloth dipped in hot water then fill fresh conditioned water, add 2 to 3 tea spoons of rock salt and add the relevant medicines as per dosage keep one heater if your area is chill suppose if no medicine available with you , we have to do treatment with salt only. some may suggest you to get medicines from medical shop and use it. but without knowing the condition of fish, recommending medicines are not suitable. so, what i suggest you is rely on salt with alternate day 50% water change. suppose if the fish shows interest in taking food, feed them, because energy is must for treating sick fish if fish is not eating, remove fish food immediately without polluting water. if a single fish is sick , separate it and keep it in a bucket or tub. provide good filtration with sponge filter and salt treatment. if we maintain water quality, chances of getting disease is very minimal. so, give minimal food to fishes to avoid disease poor water quality may sometime spike ammonia and nitrite levels. if we maintain good water quality, and too crystal clear water, chances of getting disease is less Garlic, turmeric and neem leaves can also be used to cure some of the disease. please do more research about these things in google and do it accordingly. learn about dosage and concentration to be used. without proper knowledge please donot use them next is maintenance of good crystal clear water quality Do 25% to 30% water change every week. remove bottom water along with fish faeces and uneaten food. give limited food and use aged water for filling the tank. no need of changing full water. next is fish in your office. you are unable to bring it to house, there are two options available to you. First u can use of Holiday food. freeze dried worm inside the holiday food will be acting as food after few day. the outer calcium material keeps water clear. the second method is , you can rely upon automatic food dispensers. load food pellets in dispenser and adjust to drop two to three pellets at a time. adjust dispenser setting to 25% of normal intake of your fishes. This is to prevent water cloudiness and disease to fishes This is a simple tip to save fishes during lock down period. corona virus is a dangerous virus threatening the world. first we have to protect ourself from this and then we have to save our pet fish also Follow the tips. we can definitely win this deadly virus. if you like this video, put a like and subscribe to our channel. thank you for watching

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