Corella Place takes a fresh approach to offender rehabilitation

Corella Place is a residential
transitional facility that’s situated on the grounds of the Ararat Correctional Precinct. The residents have finished their custodial
sentences and are now under supervision orders which are imposed by the courts. Corella Place is for sexual offenders
who are deemed too high risk to be in the community or who have no suitable accommodation
to reside in. So what we are doing in Corella is trying
to either lower their risk or to teach them ways to mitigate their own risk so that they
can safely transition back into the community. The key part to Corella Place is that it’s focused on identified individuals moving through a staged, supervised
community reintegration, with elements of clinical intervention to ensure that when
these individuals do reintegrate into the community, they are doing so in a safe manner. A big part of what we do is working
on [the residents’] motivation and trying to increase that. So we may see someone who has no sort of future
goals, no plans, no realistic life plan moving forward. Then from working with their specialist case
manager, principal practitioner and the rest of the staff at Corella Place, we see them
slowly develop motivation to get out of bed in the morning, maybe undergo some training,
some education and make a better life for themselves. Corella is quite a complex environment
working with unique individuals. However there are unique opportunities inside
Corella for professional development, leadership development and, in particular, teamwork. Some of the current opportunities
that we have available at Corella Place are Principal Practitioners. So they oversee the dynamic case management
in the facility. They oversee a specialist team of specialist
case managers. We also have some of those positions that
are available, and we have a number of specialist case worker positions available. The work is definitely worthwhile. It’s really interesting, the challenges
we face day to day. Even though it’s small progress, the massive
effect it can have on a person’s rehabilitation is quite fulfilling. There is also a wider opportunity
when working within the post-sentence branch across other opportunities and Corella itself. In particular with advancement and promotion. It’s up to the person where you
want to move. So if you want to come to the operational
team, if you want to move to case management [that’s up to you]. Then again there are other streams like advanced
case manager, there is a professional practice team. So there are a lot of different areas where
you can move within the department. We are a very close-knit team at Corella
Place. Ararat is a small town so we see each other outside of work. There are a lot of wineries and great restaurants
and food. And Ballarat’s not very far away,
so if you do want to go shopping or enjoy the nightlife, you’ve got that option as
well. If you’re looking for a challenging
and rewarding career with lots of opportunities Corella is a great place to start.

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