CoolSculpting for Reducing Unwanted Fat | Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic | Vancouver BC

I’m experiencing CoolSculpting at Anti-Aging.
我在Anti-Aging体验冷冻溶脂 From the consultation, I learned that it is a non surgical way to contour certain
从咨询中我了解到这是一种非手术方式塑身疗程 areas of the body by freezing stubborn fat.
通过冷冻身体局部的脂肪 Over time, the body will naturally processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells.
逐渐地 身体会自然地处理脂肪并消除死细胞 During this procedure, I felt some mild pinching on the targeted area.
在这个过程中 被治疗的区域能感到一些轻微的挤压 It’s my goal to keep a slim body,
我的目标是保持苗条的身材 and CoolSculpting can help me achieve that effectively and easily.

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